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GSoC 2012 - Accepted Student Projects

The student projects that have been accepted to take part in the year 2012 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) are listed below, along with the OSM mentor assigned to the student.

The project title is a link to the project wiki page which contain more information on the project.

Student Name Mentor Name(s) Project Title
Jan Schejbal Marcus Wolschon Improvements to Vespucci
Ádám István Velkei Derick Rethans Anomaly Detection Engine
Nikhil Upadhye Kai Krueger Video Based Speed Limit and Road Sign Detector plugin for JOSM
Hermann Kraus Dane Springmeyer Improve support for non-latin languages in Mapnik text rendering
Aleksandra Milanovic Kate Chapman OSM widget constructor
Michael Daines Darafei Praliaskouski Data Tile Service
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