Google Summer of Code/2015/JOSM raster layers filters

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The plugin documentation is here: JOSM/Plugins/RasterFilters


We already have transparency settings for layers and it would be extremly helpful to have unsharp mask filter, brightnes/contrast, saturation and so on. There is plenty of java implementations for such filters for bitmaps.


Dmitry Kiselev

Development Roadmap

  1. Environment setup. (JOSM builded from your own codebase compiles and work properly.)
  2. Image manipulating. What to choose existed image manipulating lib or create our own.
  3. Implement one hardcoded filter (desaturate for instance)
  4. Test filter chain
  5. Performance and caching
  6. Prototype GUI
  7. Implement GUI
  8. Save/Load filters presets
  9. Create filters base (Implement most popular filters)
    • Saturation (desaturation)
    • Brightness/contrast
    • Unsharp mask
    • Color band (mute, cut)
  10. Add user defined filters functionality (groovy scripts or some other scripts who could be ambedded into Java application)
  11. Create repository for user filters (like styles or presets repository)
  12. Implement layers composition and filters among layers composition


  • Dushyant Sabharwal
  • Vadim Varnavsky
  • Rishi Mittal
  • Harvey Sama
  • Andre Pereira