Google Summer of Code/2018/GTFS to OSM Staging

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Data from public transport operators becomes available, either as GTFS format, or as dumps from their internal DB structure.


  • Convert the data and read it into PostGIS.
  • Do the same for the OSM data related to public transport for the area of operation
  • Compare at stop level
  • Compare at line level with our route_master relations
  • Our route relations describe itinerary variations, i.e. for a given bus line the buses may follow different routes depending on day of week, time of day or period in the year.
  • The number of such variations tends to vary over time + stops are added, abolished and replaced/moved.
  • So we need to find a way to find the correspondence between sequences of stops of those variations and our route relations.
  • Then report to the user when changes occur
  • At the same time our route relations tend to 'deteriorate', so it's also good to tell users about 'broken' relations.