Google Summer of Code/2018/PT Assistant Plugin

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Fix bug where routes are overwritten with stops and ways from unrelated routes

  • It has come to my attention some routes are erroneously overwritten with completely different routes that are also present in the same dataset.

When detecting a problem with oneway traffic flow, look further

  • If this happens on the ways of a roundabout, or the ways on one side of a dual carriageway, propose to go around the roundabout the other way, or use the other 'leg' of the dual carrriageway. This kind of fix proposal should go in a separate category, as the way to fix it differs from what is done now for issues with oneway traffic (opening a relation editor with the 'offending' ways selected).

Proper detection of public_transport:version

  • Some routes are erroneously tagged as version 2. Applying fixes on such routes breaks them completely. So detection on what they contain (stops for both directions? ways for both directions?) Suggest to retag to public_transport:version=1, or to convert them (later on when that becomes possible)

Edge selecting Map Mode

  • Improve on the existing functionality, by making it possible to add and remove ways by making use of Shift and Ctrl in combination with left mouse button.

Add functionality for foot, bicycle and horse route relations

  • At the moment interruptions are detected in foot, bicycle and horse route relations. For bicycle route relations it also makes sense to detect when the route goes against oneway traffic flow.
  • help with moving bicycle route relations to highway=cycleway ways, where they are mapped separately. Usually the highway=* has a bicycle=use_sidepath in that case.

Roundabout splitter

  • The roundabout splitter works nicely for public transport route relations of version 2 at the moment
  • It doesn't do well for PT v1 and it doesn't work properly for bicycle and foot route relations.

Route creator

  • For a route relation which only contains platforms/stops, make it possible to detect nearby ways and connect those. At the moment the focus of the plugin is fixing existing itineraries, which is great as a foundation for creating new ones. When data from the operators is available, this will translate in sequences of stops for each variation.

Specialised version of the Relation Editor

  • "Fork" a specialised version of the Relation Editor, which gets invoked when pressing the fix button in the validator, or possibly always when editing route relations.
    • Or hook into the existing Relation Editor and display the additional functionality as soon as a route relation is detected --Michael Z. (talk) 22:23, 4 May 2017 (UTC)
  • Make sure this can be merged into core, when it become stable enough
  • This RE should assist in getting the route relation cleaned up (stops/platforms in correct order/long string of ways from beginning to end)
  • Move stops/platforms to the beginning
  • Reorder stops/platforms so they make a logical sequence if the ways in the route are continuous/ordered (the functionality was coded in 2017)
  • Add stops/platforms to the route (with user interaction)
  • Show how many issues the validator found with this route
  • Find all ways next to platforms
  • Help make the route continuous (ways) by making suggestions taking care of oneway traffic.
  • Give an indication of v1 or v2 and make it easy to (re)tag to v1 or v2 (+ removal of forward/backward on ways when going from v1 to v2)

Route Master relation change management

  • If the route is known (the ways are mapped), allow the user to add platforms/stop_positions automatically (interactively)

Transfer details of stop to platform node

  • At the moment there is a tool button to transfer details from the stop_position node or the platform way to a platform node. To use it, one first needs to add a node, then select the stop_position node/platform way and then press the button. Maybe we can think of a way to make this more convenient. (Comparable to Ctrl-d (duplicate node) functionality)
  • The route relations are not updated at the moment. Propose to do that. (remove one node, add the other and open RE with new node selected)

Smaller improvements

  • If a route can be made continuous by adding a string of suitable ways, with no ambiguity and without going against oneway traffic flow for the mode of transport, propose that as a fix to be reviewed, to the mapper.
  • Detect that the same stop is in the sequence more than once (with no other stops in between), fix by removing the duplicates.
  • There seems to be a bug in the functionality to reorder the stops. It should take into account right hand or left hand traffic (MapCSS can do this, so it must be available to JOSM) and only add stops once to the route relations in case of 'spoons' (the itinerary uses the same sequence of ways to go to a loop as it does in reverse to come back to the main route)
  • Compare route_ref on the stops with the list of ref tags in the route relations (functionality exists already to compile that list). The user can either modify route_ref based on the routes in OSM, or they will know that not all routes are mapped yet for that stop. Maybe information level, instead of warning.

Wizard to set up JOSM environment

  • suggest to change properties.recently-added-tags to 10 or 12
  • suggest to add public_transport MapCSS style
  • suggest to add toolbar buttons for PT_Assistant specific tools and some convenient search expressions
  • suggest to add Overpass API queries to the download dialog history (and show how to use them)

Suggested demo of coding ability

  • Setup development environment and extend PT_Assistant plugin with a map mode that can make a double split of a way and which then asks whether to turn this into a bus_bay, a bridge or a tunnel.