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The student projects that have been accepted to take part in the 2021 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) are listed below, along with the OSM mentor(s) assigned to the student.

Student name Mentors Project title and description OSM project Documentation of project progress Completed
Vuong Ho Simon Poole, Rebecca Schmidt Opening hours tag evaluator Diary entries: Greetings, First period update, Final report
Yash Srivastava mtmail, lonvia Interface for reporting search bugs for Nominatim

We'd like to have an interface where people can report search results that they think to be wrong.

Nominatim Diary entries: Getting started, Phase 1, Final report.
Antonin Jolivat lonvia, mtmail QA Reports Extraction Tool

Nominatim contains OSM data in a processed form that allows to discover a lot of inconsistencies. The goal of this project would be to identify possible sources of inconsistencies and write and automatic extraction tool that exports the possible errors to a json file suitable for Osmoscope.

Nominatim Diary entries: Starting journey, Update, Final report.
Zohaib Ansari Simon Poole, Rebecca Schmidt Element History Widget

This will be a standalone library to display multiple versions of any selected OSM element and allow comparison between the different versions.

Diary entries: Plans, Progress so far, Final Report



Overview of OSM's projects on the GSoC website