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Combining OpenStreetMap-Data with local wikis (opening times)

Proposal for a Google Summer of Code 2008 project

The purpose of this project is to associate the openstreetmap data with data from external sources, the example that should be worked on are opening times of shops, restaurants and everything else that has opening times.

The idea is to have a map that shows open and closed facilities in different colors (e. g. open ones in a light color, closed ones in grey), for tasks like finding an open restaurant nearby.

The following tasks should be completed within the SoC:

  • Defining a syntax how to associate an entry in a local/town wiki with an element (node or building) in openstreetmap.
  • Defining a semantic syntax to include opening times in a wiki.
  • Implementing a plugin or template for the MediaWiki software that displays the opening time data and, optionally, include a slippy map with the associated object.
  • Find a way to extract the data from the wiki.
  • Implement an openstreetmap slippymap which shows a time-dependent overlay to visually show open and closed facilities.

Optional, incomplete thoughts:

  • Does it make sense to implement a colored visualization to show the remaining opening time?
  • Can events with a fixed starting time (or just a fixed time) be included in this system? Examples would be cinema programs, one-time events, but also things like the times where a postbox get's cleared.

I am operating a local wiki in my hometown (Murrhardt), so I have some place to implement tests, but I'd also try to cooperate in this issue with other local wikis in my area (Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, both have quite big townwikis). The goal should be that the whole system can easily be implemented from other local wiki or similar projects that collect suitable metadata.