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I have written and open sourced a software program that takes as input GPS tracks from .gpx files, and generates web page reports. The report includes


Screenshot of a web report from an example gpx file
Software generated web report screenshot


$ gps2HtmlReport --help

gps2HtmlReport [OPTIONS]
   A Haskell utility to generate HTML page reports of GPS Tracks and Track
   overlays on OpenStreetMap tiles

Common flags:
  -i --imageonly  Generates only an image of the track overlay on an
                  OpenStreetMap layer
  -a --archive    Produce tar archive for web and image files
     --hashnames  Create reports in hashed directory names
  -h --help       Display help message
  -v --version    Print version information
  -V --Verbose    Loud verbosity
  -q --quiet      Quiet verbosity


  • Open Street Map image
    • Overlaying the GPS track on the relevant OSM tiles
    • Track color is representative of relative journey elevation
  • Journey statistics
    • Distance travelled, and journey time
    • Elevation throughout the route, including minimum and maximum
    • Mean and maximum speed
  • Graphs plotting...
    • Speed and average speed over time
    • Elevation over time
    • Distance over time


A user first of all needs to install the Haskell Platform, and a few additional system packages - GraphcsMagick and Cairo . For exmaple, on an RPM-based Linux machine, as root:

yum install haskell-platform GraphicsMagick cairo gtk2hs-buildtools

The recommended way to install the gps2HtmlReport program, is to grab it via hackage:

cabal update
cabal install gps2htmlReport

Or to install the version in the github repository:

git clone git://
cd Gps2HtmlReport
cabal update
cabal configure
cabal install

Note: I don't have access to a Apple Mac OSX or a Microsoft Windows machine. However, I'd welcome someone to edit this wiki page with details of how to install the Haskell platform, cairo, and graphicsmagick. Thank you!

Source Code

"Open source is the only right way to do software" - Linus Torvals, 2007

The Haskell source code for the gps2htmlreport software is open and available on GitHub:

I am happy for people to offer:

  • New features
    • Offer code to add functionality, charts, statistics, and performance
    • A web page frontend that allows users to upload .gpx files to a webpage that generates them a report on-the-fly (without the need to install the software themselves).
  • Patches
    • Patches to bugs that they discover when using the software