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GpsMid software

A mid software is a software that follows the MIDP specification and is implemented by Sun library under the name of JSR-118. The MIDP 2.0 reference implementation (RI) and technology compatibility kit (TCK) can be licensed today for commercial use through Sun's Java Partner Engineering group.

Java environment compiler

To compile most Java software packages (including GpsMID) you'll need:

  • Java JDK 6 () [1]
  • J2ME Polish (65 Mo ) [2]
  • eclipse () [3] and EclipseME plugin () [4] to help develop J2ME MIDlets
  • cvs ()[], git subversion tool () []
  • Sun Java Wireless Toolkit - WTK (38Mo) [5]
  • ant () [6] and Antenna () [7] for Wireless Java
  • proguard () [8]
  • JNLP WebStart technology that is use by Sun download manager ()[9]
  • Eclipse Mobile Tool for Java (8Mo)

cvs chekout for Gpsmid and Osm2GpsMid

 cvs login
 cvs -z3 co -P GpsMid
 cvs -z3 co -P Osm2GpsMid

It's best to follow the instructions on how to install Eclipse MIDlet IDE and plugin.

GpsMid jar structure


  • jsr179 contain class file
  • gps contain class file
  • importexport contain class file
  • GpsMidAmst-Amsterdam-0.5.09 contain png,amr,class, binary map file ( *.d) d

GpsMid pngfilesok.jpg