Great Lakes

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Great Lakes, North America

latitude: 44.7, longitude: -83.7
Browse map of Great Lakes 44°42′00.00″ N, 83°42′00.00″ W
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Great Lakes
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Great Lakes is a lake in North America at latitude 44°42′00.00″ North, longitude 83°42′00.00″ West.


The Great Lakes are a series of five interconnected freshwater lakes represented together by Relation 1124369 – a "super-relation". The individual lakes are also single multipolygon relations, as noted below. (Caution: Each one of these relations is very large!)

The shorelines of the Great Lakes were tagged with natural=coastline. There has been some back-and-forth editing on Lake Ontario, but as of 2016 these shorelines are no longer tagged with natural=coastline.

Wider-area bicycle routes, infrastructure and cycle_network=* membership

There is emergence of two related regional bicycle routes: the Lake Michigan Circle Tour and its alternates (as LMCT and LMCT-Alt), tagged as regional routes (network=rcn). Other Great Lakes Circle Tour routes for cyclists (Superior, Huron, Ontario, Erie) may enter OSM, this was a topic that emerged in mid-2019. However, there now (2021-Q1) remain no route data available. Arguments / reasoning might be offered that these be tagged as regional (network=rcn), quasi-national (network=ncn) or international (network=icn) as they enter, Discussion is welcome.