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The Green Chain Walk is a local walking route linking open spaces in South East London. These open spaces form a "green chain" in South East London. The route has many options, and is not a simple single route.

A new section, or extension, from Crystal Palace Park to Nunhead Cemetery opened on the 26th September 2010

The Route

The route is split into 11 sections

1 (Thamesmead to Lesnes Abbey
2 (Erith to Bostall Woods
3 (Bostall Woods to Oxleas Meadows
4 (Charlton Park to Bostall Woods or Oxleas Meadows)
5 (Thames Barrier to Oxleas Meadows)
6 (Oxleas Woods to Mottingham)
7 (Shepherdleas Wood to Middle Park, Eltham)
8 (Mottingham to Beckenham Place Park
9 (Mottingham or Chislehurst to Beckenham Place Park)
10 (Beckenham Place Park to Crystal Palace Park)
11 (Crystal Palace to Nunhead Cemetery) (Opened 26th September 2010)

The Relation

Its is a lwn (local walking network)

The green chain walk is relation relation 214454

With the route being split into several sections there is the potential to have each section of the route as a separate relation with the current relation being a Super-Relation (a relation made up of relations)


Official Green Chain Walk Site - [1]

Walk London, Green Chain Walk - [2]