Greenville SC City Parking Areas Import

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Greenville SC City Parking Areas import


This page is intended to document plans for an upcoming import of parking areas from the city of Greenville SC.

The plan is to follow the import checklist:

  • Identify data to import
  • Translate and tag the data
  • Do the work: Import/merge the data
  • QA the data


  • Identify and add parking areas not already in OSM
  • Add detail such as parking islands to parking areas already in OSM


This work will take place within one month after a 2 week review period.


GIS data has been received from the city GIS office with permission to use in OSM. See details at

Type of license: Public domain, and also an email has been obtained from the GIS office granting permission for OpenStreetMap to use the data.

Import Type

This is a one-time import, done with JOSM. As new parking areas are constructed in the future, those borders and parking islands may be used also.

Data Merge Workflow

Conversion script / data is at The tool was used to create parking lot objects. The data was then run through the JOSM 'Simplify Way' tool to create data accuracy typical of OSM hand edits.

Team Approach

The dedicated accounts to be used for the import are named GreenvilleSCCityImport1 and GreenvilleSCCityImport2, and GreenvilleSCCityImport3. Three local mappers have expressed an interest in helping with the import.

The project will be coordinated to work on different areas of the city via the OSM US Tasking Manager

  • Download the square of interest
  • Open the file GreenvilleCityParkingLots.osm - goes into a new layer
  • If the parking lot does not exist, copy it from the source layer and Paste at Source Position into the OSM layer. Resolve any conflicts with buildings and water features. Note: if the new source parking lot is a multipolygon, be sure to select the entire multipolygon via the Relation window, rather than the individual ways.
  • The parking lot will likely require some change to resemble an OSM hand edit - for example, the parking lot will normally not include the service driveway to the main road.
  • Existing lots: add 'parking islands': select the islands in the GIS layer, and Paste at Source position into OSM layer. If the existing parking is not multipolygon convert to multipolygon. Then add the islands to the multipolygon as inner members and tag them as leisure=garden.