Greenville SC City Parks Import

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Greenville SC City Parks import


This page is intended to document plans for an upcoming import of park boundaries from the city of Greenville SC.

The plan is to follow the import checklist:

  • Identify data to import
  • Translate and tag the data
  • Do the work: Import/merge the data
  • QA the data


  • Identify and add parks not already in OSM
  • Improve boundaries of parks already in OSM


This work will take place within one month after a 2 week review period.


GIS data has been received from the city GIS office with permission to use in OSM. There are 50 named park boundaries. See details at

Type of license: Public domain, and also an email has been obtained from the GIS office granting permission for OpenStreetMap to use the data.

Import Type

This is a one-time import, done with JOSM. As new parks are constructed in the future, those borders may be used also.

Data Merge Workflow

Conversion script / data is at The tool was used to create named park boundaries. All parks were assigned tags leisure=park.

Team Approach

The dedicated accounts to be used for the import are named GreenvilleSCCityImport1 and GreenvilleSCCityImport2, and GreenvilleSCCityImport3. Three local mappers have expressed an interest in helping with the import.

The project will be coordinated to work on different parks / areas of the city using the OSM US Slack, section local-southcarolina.

  • Use JOSM to perform the import procedure.
  • Select the Greenville County imagery as background.
  • Download a section of OSM around one of the city parks.
  • Open the file Parks.OSM. (Will appear in a new layer)
  • If the park does not exist in OSM: Copy the park from the Parks layer and use Paste at Source Position in OSM.
  • For existing parks:
    • Inspect the boundaries of the OSM park - if it is already stitched to other features such as land use, use the background Parks layer as a guide to fine tune the park boundary.
    • If the park boundary is not stitched to other features, the "Replace Geometry" method (From UtilsPlugin2) can be used to apply new geometry to the existing park boundary.
  • Before uploading, resolve any overlaps with other objects such as buildings and land use
  • Can then move to another park without re-opening the Parks.osm data file