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Welcome on the wiki project page of Guinea!

This is the wiki of Guinea, a Country in the west of Africa. On this wiki you can find back all the information on the progress of the map of Guinea and the projects going onǃ

Map of Guinea


Web Sites

Admin Levels in Guinea

The admin divisions in Guinea are organised as follows:

  • admin_level = 2 are the country borders
  • admin_level = 4 are the Régions
  • admin_level = 6 are the Préfectures
  • admin_level = 8 are the Sous-Préfectures and Communes
  • admin_level = 10 are the Neighbourhoods or Quartiers

Ebola Response

In March 2014 the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) was activated to map in Guinea in response to the Ebola outbreak. More information on this you can find back on the 2014 West Africa Ebola Response wiki page.

Boundary mapping in Conakry and N'Zérékoré


During the autumn of 2013, the ngo Coginta discussed extensively with local authorities, and concluded that there were no existing maps of the neighbourhood boundaries. In order to map these neighbourhoods, the people of Coginta asked every major to walk the perimeter of his neighbourhood with them. The results are next traces, which will be uploaded under the guidance of mappers of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). For questions or more information, please get in touch with Jorieke.

How to map boundaries

Step 1: Load the GPS-trace in JOSM

Step 2: Verify if there is already boundary data on OpenStreetMap in the area you are working. If yes, download this data and integrate the new data in the existing data.

Step 3: Draw in JOSM over the GPS-trace, start at every intersection a new segment of the way.

Step 4: Give each segment three tags:

Step 5: Select all the segments which are part of the same neighbourhood. Each administrative unit should be a closed way.

Step 6: Add to all the selected segments a relation by clicking on add relation in the relation window.

Step 7: Add in the 'tags and members' tab the following tags :

Step 8: Move now all the ways in the 'selection' box to the 'Role' box, add 'outer' before each of your ways and click ok.

NB: The preferred option is to create new ways detached from existing objects such as roads, rivers, …

Data table Conakry

Commune Quartier Link GPS trace Who's working on it? Done? Notes
Ratoma Dar Es Salam 1 Dar Es Salam 1 to do
Ratoma Dar Es Salam 2 Dar Es Salam 2 to do
Matam Matam Lido Matam Lido to do


Download OSM data extract for Guinea from Cloudmade.