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Gurgaon, Haryana mapping progress page


Mapping Status

Only major streets have been mapped around. City is devided in two prime areas. The north of NH8 and the sound. North has been same for more than 25 years while South gurgaon started suddenly been build from farm lands just last about 15 years. Its expansion on the south is occuring every few months therefore google or any sattelite images have always been behind by more than a year.

Sector Layout Boards Collection

This is an experiment. Will be storing all the gurgaon sector layout pictures here. Layout maps are usually are painted boards near entrance or gates to sectors. Such layout boards sometimes are to scale and most often cannot be used for street mapping. The best known feature in such boards is house numbers and possible street numbers. Such board are found around all HUDA sectors and occasionally colonies too. JOSM/PicLayer plugin usually helps a lot in these cases.