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This page is a work in progress! The content is likely incomplete, inaccurate or empty.

The Department of Homeland Security maintains a database of a wide variety of domestic American foundation-level geospatial data. The purpose of this page is to document information on importing this data to OpenStreetMap.

Community Support

Support for import by State
State Region Support
Alabama Statewide Full support
West Virginia Statewide Full support

Import Data


Data Source Site: https://hifld-geoplatform.opendata.arcgis.com/

Data License: Public Domain

Import Type

The idea is for individual datasets to be imported on a state scale if large in size, or at a nationwide scale all at once if the dataset is below around 2,000 objects in size.

Data Preparation

Example changeset source usage

Tagging Plans

On an individual dataset basis, the useful tags should be determined and documented separately.

Changeset Tags

You should include a link to the about page on the HIFLD of the dataset you are importing in the source of your changeset.

Data Transformation

Be sure to remove the unneeded tags from every object in the data you are importing either in QGIS or JOSM.

Data Merge Workflow


As mentioned in other parts of this wiki page, data should be imported on statewide or on a county/citywide basis by local mappers or other mappers with the support of the local mapping community.


Tags to remove

Unless it is in the table of tags to convert to OSM, please delete any other tags on databased objects


When you are finished reviewing the data, follow these steps when uploading.

  • 1: add the link to the dataset information page in your source comment.
  • 2: cite the wiki page corresponding to the dataset you are importing's documentation
  • 3: mention the name of the dataset you are importing in the changeset comment, for example: 'Importing HIFLD Cellular Database'.

Data Categories

As of now each data category is documented on a table with a hyperlink to the HIFLD page under the name, A quality rating discerned from a sampling of the data compared to if the location exists in reality, notes about the import including if the import is small enough that it should be taken on all at once on a nationwide scale, and a status column to measure the progress of importing any given dataset.

The goal is to have a wiki page created for each category with instructions written for importing each dataset.


Dataset size is determined with the following method:

Download the dataset and open in QGIS. run the vector processing tool “delete duplicate geometries.” the new count after duplicate geometries are removed are documented in the wiki.

Later when I get more familiar with conflation scripts, I might recount dataset size after it has been conflated with existing OSM data.


Quality is assessed using the following method:

create a random extract of 100 objects from the dataset in QGIS, examine each object individually and determine if a mapper could reasonably assign the object to a real object for OpenStreetMap. If I couldn't find a corresponding object near the point, it would count as a point against the dataset.

Status values:

Not Documented- Database only recorded with quality and notes, no instructions about conflation or tag interpretation written

Not Started- Documentation written, Import has not been started.

In Progress- Documentation written, Import has been started.

Complete- Import complete.


Main article: HIFLD/United States Poultry Import

This category has 1 suitable dataset.


Main article: HIFLD/Chemicals

This category has 4 suitable datasets.


Main article: HIFLD/Commercial

This category has 2 suitable datasets.


Main article: HIFLD/Communications

This category has 6 suitable datasets.


Main article: HIFLD/Education

This category has 4 suitable datasets.


Main article: HIFLD/Emergency

This category has 4 suitable datasets.


Main article: HIFLD/Energy

This category has 12 suitable datasets.


Main article: HIFLD/Finance

This category has 5 suitable datasets.


Main article: HIFLD/Government

This category has 3 suitable datasets.

Law Enforcement

Name Quality Notes Status
FBI Field Office Locations Excellent Good for imoport. Import Nationwide. Not Documented
Local Law Enforcement Locations Excellent Good for reviewing existing police data. Not Documented

Mail Shipping

Name Quality Notes Status
DHL Facilites Good Be sure to review type. Good for import. Not Documented
UPS Facilities Good Dropboxes. Good for import Not Documented
FedEx Facilites Good Dropboxes. Good for import Not Documented
Shipping Facilites Good Good for import. Not Documented

Public Health

Name Quality Notes Status
Nursing Homes Good Good for import. Not Documented
Public Health Departments Excellent Good for import. Not Documented
Veterans Health Administration Facilities Excellent Good for import/review. Not Documented
Pharmacies Archive Excellent Good for adding big brand data, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, etc. Not Documented

Public Venues

Name Quality Notes Status
Cruise Line Terminals Good Good for import/review. import nationwide. Not Documented
Fairgrounds Good Good for import. Not Documented

Air Transportation

Name Quality Notes Status
Aircraft Landing Facilities Excellent Good for finding helipads. Not Documented

Ground Transportation

Name Quality Notes Status
Weigh In Motion Stations Moderate Good for import. Not Documented
IPCD Good Good for finding Greyhound stations. may be useful in areas serviced by other agencies. Not Documented
National Bridge Inventory Excellent Don't directly import. use to add bridges in underserved areas Not Documented
Trails Good Trail lines are not as accurate as generally expected from OSM data, but the names, etc. as well as location are critically useful for armchair validation. Not Documented

Marine Transportation

Name Quality Notes Status
Buoys Good Good for import. includes shape information, for inland navigable rivers Not Documented
Ferry Terminals Good Good for import. Not Documented
NAVAID Locations Excellent Good for import. Not Documented
Navigation Lights Good Good for micromapping. Not Documented
Bridge Areas Excellent Good for micromapping. Not Documented
Crane Locations Excellent Good for finding unmapped cranes inland Not Documented
Daymark Locations Moderate Seems okay for importing. I'm not familiar with mapping objects like these though Not Documented
Lock Traffic Signals Good Seems okay for importing. Import nationwide Not Documented
Notice Marks Good '' Not Documented
Special Purpose Buoys Good Seems okay for importing. Not Documented

External Links

https://hifld-geoplatform.opendata.arcgis.com/ - browse site

https://services1.arcgis.com/Hp6G80Pky0om7QvQ/ArcGIS/rest/services - ArcGIS database

https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/imports/2022-October/006970.html Discussion