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Let's start dividing up the planet into different areas for testbed projects. Ideally, this will include a variety of locations (e.g. cities, battlegrounds, etc.) at a variety of scales (local, regional, (small?) national, etc.) across a variety of times. I've included some ideas & suggested areas below - please feel free to sign up for whatever is of interest & please make sure your suggestion doesn't overlap with any other listed ideas (until we find a way to filter on time : ) ).

Also, if you don't feel like mucking about with the silly wiki table stuff below, just send a note to the historic@openstreetmap.org list staking your claim. Someone will take care of getting it up here.

Project Name Area Current Country Timeframe Area link Project Lead
Early Seattle and Washington Territory Seattle, WA United States 1878 http://hosm.gwhat.org/tbd jeffmeyer
Pompeii before the eruption Pompeii, Campagna Italia ~70 - -
Persepolis Persepolis, Iran جمهوری اسلامی ايران (Iran) tbd - -
Etemenanki/Temple of Marduk/Tower of Babylon Babylon العراق (Iraq) 600-200BCE - -
Early Edo, prior to great fire Tokyo 日本国 (Japan) 1650 - -
Delhi and the Moghul Empire Delhi India 1700 - -
Moscow at the time of Daniel Moscow Российская Федерация (Russia) 1300 - -
Ethiopia at the time of Empress Eleni Amhara or Shewa? ኢትዮጵያ (Ethiopia) 1500 - -
17th Century Shanghai Shanghai 中国 (China) 1600s - -
Great War Western world Northern France/Belgium 1913-1920 - Rob Warren
Your idea your place your country your timeframe your bbox your name : )