HOT Research Topics

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  • Understanding contributor experiences, e.g., engaging and sustaining new members
  • Training and education of contributors: e.g., in what ways can this be improved?
  • Trace the impact of a mapathon
  • Evaluating/understanding local community models and community growth
  • Impact of UX on mapping activities
  • HOT organizational study
  • Quality control during emergency situations
  • Legal issues in OSM: data & usage, collection in conflict situations
  • Impact of the map on the lives of affected communities
  • Understanding contributor progressions: how active are they? How quickly do they get up to speed? Etc (“business intelligence”)
  • Policy recommendations: “lessons learned” for government agencies
  • Validation and reputation mapping - Could HOT use the blockchain to improve the experience and credibility?
  • Compare HOT with other open source projects. How have we evolved? what is different? How has HOT influenced the whole OSM project?
  • HOT as a Digital Humanitarian project. Leading up to the World Humanitarian Summit, How has HOT contribution changed since Haiti and how might HOT learn from the consultations?
  • How to better connect with communities around the globe?
  • Geovisualization: mapping contributor information
  • Geoinformation: measuring and evaluating geotagged content or entities
  • Geolocation: measuring and evaluating accuracy of place names
  • Crowdsourcing (or Volunteered Geographic Information - VGI): measuring and evaluating the merit and/or quality of collaboratively derived content such as geoinformation and geolocation
  • Credibility: is VGI data trustworthy and accurate?
  • Folksomies: examining the implications of "bottom-up" community derived and driven labeling or tagging systems
  • Community based research/participatory design: implementing and evaluating techniques that utilize knowledge of local experts who are not necessarily training in research methods or design
  • Volunteer Mapping Collaboration: mechanism to support the co-production of new knowledge, knowledge-building and progressive discourse (e.g. threaded message forum embedded in map)
  • Decision making: how VGI content is used to aid decision makers/policy and/or in what ways can this be improved?
  • Crisis mapping/disaster management
  • Machine learning: using automated techniques for mapping of aerial imagery
  • Open data in the context of HOT

If you want to study HOT then please also refer to our guide for HOT Academic Partnerships.