Hamilton Mapping Party

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Hamilton Mapping Weekend

We're putting Hamilton (map), Ontario, Canada on the Map!


September 19 through 20, 2008


Date Time Description
Friday, September 19 7:00PM to 9:00PM * Orientation and discussions.
Saturday, September 20 11:00AM to 9:00PM * Mapping and Editing There will be an opportunity to discuss mapping techniques Saturday morning.
The room will be available to those participating throughout the day to allow editing and a place to meet.
Sunday, September 21 There may be an opportunity for an informal meeting to continue mapping in Hamilton and area. Plans for this will be discussed on Saturday.

We'll have an Introduction to OpenStreetMap presentation for new mappers. There will be a mapping session Saturday and possibly another on Sunday. And we'll find some time for socializing as well.


We are proud to announce that we will be hosted at the SkyDragon Centre (http://www.skydragon.org/html/about.html) along with their in-house cafe Bread & Roses. They are located at 27 King William Street (http://openstreetmap.org/?lat=43.25743&lon=-79.86482&zoom=17) in downtown Hamilton. There is onstreet parking in front of the venue as well as a parking lot immediately across from it.

The SkyDragon Centre has graciously provided access to their Internet connection as well as there being a number of open Wireless networks, provided by the SkyDragon Centre and by the City of Hamilton among others, for use of the participants of this event. We are going to be able to use both wired and wireless networks to upload and edit our maps.

The in-house Bread & Roses cafe (http://www.skydragon.org/images/B&R.JPG) offers a selection of high quality foods and beverages for our pleasures.

Introduction to OpenStreetMap

The Introduction to OSM presentation will cover the basics of OpenStreetMap as well as how to collect data for the Hamilton Mapping Weekend. We will discuss best practices for our mapping activities and discuss problems and possible solutions. It is suitable for those new to OSM as well as those with more experience and should be of interest to all with an interest any of the following topics GPS, mapping, GIS, Free / Libre Open Source Software, neighborhoods, Geo Caching.

A small kit will be available to all participants to facilitate their mapping activities.

Mapping plan

There will be something for everyone and you'll be able to map things that interest you. Most of the planning involves mentioning what you plan to do so that we don't have too much overlap and duplication.

Pedestrians, Joggers and Cyclists

Lots to do. Exercise trails, McMaster campus, cycle lanes and more! For those that are interested in creating a detailed map for the downtown core there will also be plenty of opportunities to do so with this weekend.


Lots to see and do. With the location of the SkyDragon Centre in downtown Hamilton there is plenty of opportunities to go anywhere within the city and the surrounding area.

People interested in coming