Hampton Court Palace

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Hampton Court Palace is a building, gardens, and park at 51.403, -0.336

New tags used

  • sport = real_tennis
  • leisure = maze
  • wikipedia = ...
  • building = palace
  • landuse = garden
  • landuse = stables
  • cover = trees, vines, roses (for covered paths), could use for other things like roads with buildings on top, covered bridges, etc.?

Existing tags

  • natural = water for ornamental lakes

Maybe need

  • line of trees
  • fence (material=cast iron, height=3m) and various types of gate (including fences across waterways)
  • path surface=gravel
  • various types of garden
  • covered walkways (rose-walk etc.)
  • "payment required to visit" areas
  • Ornamental fountains - not really "leisure" or "amenity", more of a decoration

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