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In 2014, Hartford, Connecticut started to release the city's GIS data under CC BY 3.0. The plan is to begin importing data from the city's Open Data Portal, starting with building outlines.

Import Plan Outline


Import useful data from Hartford's GIS portal, and, if possible, incorporate future updates to the data sets.


Fall 2017 to Spring 2018

  • Import building footprints and address points

Import Data


Building footprints: http://gisdata.hartford.gov/datasets/280e6d809c004862b247d3d328b349a3_41

Address points: http://gisdata.hartford.gov/datasets/ec9fca89e46c4a6592b71d1b830561f7_8

Data source site: http://gisdata.hartford.gov
Data license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed Importing will not begin until cc-by waiver has been obtained
Type of license (if applicable): CC-BY 3.0

Import Type

One-time with JOSM

Data Preparation

Existing buildings will be compared and replaced if the imported footprint is superior and relevant tags will be migrated to imported buildings.

Tagging Plans

Street addresses will be standardized into OSM addr:street and addr:housenumber tags. Buildings will be tagged using building=yes

Changeset Tags

source=City of Hartford

Data Transformation

  1. Data will be converted from .shp to .osm files
  2. .osm files will be broken down into tiles
  3. Each tile of OSM data will be manually merged with existing data

Data Merge Workflow

Team Approach

Solo. I'll be reaching out to see if I can gather help using the US tasking manager.


Imported buildings will be verified using Bing aerial imagery.


Converting shapefiles with JOSM, simplifying, verifying data in JOSM with existing areas and imagery, uploading, reverting with JOSM revert script if there are problems


Manual comparison