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Helsingborg, Skåne län

latitude: 56.046, longitude: 12.694
Browse map of Helsingborg 56°02′45.60″ N, 12°41′38.40″ E
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Helsingborg is a city in Skåne län at latitude 56°02′45.60″ North, longitude 12°41′38.40″ East.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

Helsingborg municipality is mapped with the help of imagery provided by the municipality.

City borders has also been provided in 34204647 (Visualise). This upload was discussed on the Swedish IRC channel before upload.


Colour and symbol legend

The status of each map region is indicated by a symbol, which describes the type of feature, and a colour, which indicates the completeness of that feature in a map region.


The status is displayed using a template Template:State

progress - 1/2/3/4/NA

Meaning of symbols

  • State Labelled.svg - Street names are labelled. This means that the map can be used to find an address - Key: l
  • State Housenumbers.svg - All housenumbers are present - Key: h
  • State Foot.svg - All footways are present - Key: fo
  • State Wheelchair.svg - All wheelchair access is present - Key: d
  • State Bike.svg - All cycleways, and field and forest roads suitable for bicycles are present - Key: b
  • State Car.svg - Roads for car traffic are present. One way streets and pedestrian streets are present. This means that the map can be used for car navigation - Key: c
  • State Transport.svg - All public transports are present (including name of the bus stop/station names) - Key: tr
    • State Stop.svg - All stop/station/harbour names are present - Key: ha
    • State Bus.svg - All bus lines are present (including name of the bus stop names) - Key: bu
    • State Trolleybus.svg - All trolley/guided bus lines are present (including name of the station names) - Key: ty
    • State Tram.svg - All tram lines are present (including name of the tram station names) - Key: tm
    • State Train.svg - All fast railway lines transports are present (including name of the train station names) - Key: tn
      • State U-Bahn.svg - All U-Bahn (subway in Germany) lines are present (including name of the station names) - Key: u
      • State S-Bahn.svg - All S-Bahn (regional commuter train in Germany) lines are present (including name of the station names) - Key: s
      • State Steamtrain.svg - All steam railway lines transports are present (including name of the train station names) - Key: st
    • State Ship.svg - All ship lines are present (including name of the harbour station names) - Key: sh
  • State Public.svg - All public institutions are present (Churches, sports facilities, venues, schools, hospitals, city hall) - Key: p
    • State emergency.svg - All emergency services (hospitals...) are present - Key: em
  • State Fuel.svg - All petrol stations are present - Key: fu
  • State Restaurant.svg - All restaurants and hotels are present - Key: r
  • State Tourist.svg - All tourist attractions are present - Key: t
  • State Nature.svg - All natural resources are mapped (e.g Water, Lakes and Woodland) - Key: n

Meaning of colours

Background colour Meaning Use for navigation To do value
State .svg The map needs checking, status unknown Availability unknown Please check (None)
State 0.svg The map contains no or little data Not to be used Please complete 0
State 1.svg The map contains partial data Limited usability Please complete 1
State 2.svg The map is largely complete (please describe missing data) Use with restrictions Please complete (missing data, streets etc.) 2
State 3.svg The map is complete (in the opinion of a mapper) Suitable for use Please check and correct any errors 3
State 4.svg The map is complete (verified by 2 mappers) ; please indicate Date when checked) Suitable for use Please update as needed 4
State X.svg This attribute does not exist in the mapped area (e.g. no petrol stations) Suitable for use Please update as needed X
The English translation is Editable here.

City Area/village Status Remarks Mapped by / Checked by
Helsingborg inner city Labelled Car Bike Foot Public Fuel Hotel Restaurant Tourist Water 
Helsingborg ... Labelled Car Bike Foot Public Fuel Hotel Restaurant Tourist Water 

Rivers, lakes, canals

  • ...

Neigbourhood cities

  • ...

Mapper meetings

  • ...

House number import

As the municipality has released lot of their data as open data, the house numbers will soon be imported into OSM. This import will be done slowly by User:Grillo (Main OSM account) with an import account. The municipality has been divided in small parts and each part will be gone through with as much care as possible. Current mapping will be retained if it's superior or the same as municipality data. Here is an example of the process. The first edit uploads the numbers as is and the second edit includes them in buildings, entrances and so on, if possible through aerial imagery. Consensus for this project has been sought in the local community (mailing list and Facebook group) and so far the interest has been positive.


Data from the Adress.MAPADDRESSPOINT.geojson included inte the zip file at https://oppna.helsingborg.se/datakallor/Baskarta/

  • download date 2017-01-01
  • sha1sum 93170fd3e305d4976457cd65fe4be4d7132ad03b

tags used

  • ADDRESSAREA_resolved => addr:street
  • POSTCODE => addr:postcode
  • CITY => addr:city