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Herne Bay, Kent

latitude: 51.37, longitude: 1.12
Browse map of Herne Bay 51°22′12.00″ N, 1°07′12.00″ E
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Herne Bay
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Herne Bay is a town in Kent at latitude 51°22′12.00″ North, longitude 1°07′12.00″ East.


Herne Bay is Seaside Town on the coast of Kent, Herne Bay has a population of around 35,000.1 This small town is located on the coast of the Thames Estuary, and is now again becoming a popular seaside destination.


Very little of Herne Bay has been mapped so far, Some of the main roads, the High Street and the seafront have been recorded using GPS and then converted into ways and appropriately tagged. A few of the smaller residential street have also been mapped, but there is still many more streets to be done. Also most of the amenities still need marking and adding.


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