High Speed 2

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High Speed 2
High Speed 2 Phase 1
Phase 2 of HS2 to Leeds and Manchester

High Speed 2 (HS2) is the proposed high speed inter city rail line connection London to Birmingham and onwards on a western leg via Crewe to Manchester with connectivity to the WCML for services to Scotland and an eastern leg to Leeds via the east midlands. Further information can be obtained from https://www.gov.uk/transport/hs2

HS2 Phase 1 Construction (enabling works currently) are underway.


The project is split into 2 phases, though there are actually four separate parts.

Phase 1: relation 1986960 - London to Birmingham.

Phase 2a: relation 6748946 - Birmingham to Crewe.

Phase 2b western leg: relation 6775224 - Crewe to Manchester

Phase 2b eastern leg: relation 6775258 - Birmingham to Leeds

the proposed alignments have been added by User:Blackadder using OGL shapefile data published by Government/HS2. The meta data available in each shapefile for each section/phase differs. Metadata was loosely converted to OSM tag schema. An example way close to the M25 is way 147163510.

Phase 1 enabling works are underway currently. Main contract for the construction of Phase 1 is due to commence early in 2020.

The main contracts for Phase 1 are as below. This will help identify those areas which are under HS2 or main contractor management:

  • Area South
    • S1: Euston Tunnels and Approaches – SCS JV (Skanska Construction UKLtd, Costain Ltd, STRABAG AG)
    • S2: Northolt Tunnels – SCS JV (Skanska Construction UK Ltd, Costain Ltd, STRABAG AG)
  • Area Central
    • C1: Chiltern Tunnels and Colne Valley Viaduct – Align JV (Bouygues Travaux Publics, VolkerFitzpatrick, Sir Robert McAlpine)
    • C2: North Portal Chiltern Tunnels to Brackley – CEK JV (Carillion Construction Ltd, Eiffage Genie Civil SA, Kier Infrastructure and Overseas Ltd)
    • C3: Brackley to South Portal of Long Itchington Wood Green Tunnel – CEK JV (Carillion Construction Ltd, Eiffage Genie Civil SA, Kier Infrastructure and Overseas Ltd)
  • Area North
    • N1: Long Itchington Wood Green Tunnel to Delta Junction and Birmingham Spur – BBV JV (Balfour Beatty Group Ltd, VINCI Construction Grands Projets, VINCI Construction UK Ltd, VINCI Construction Terrassement)
    • N2: Delta Junction to WCML Tie-In – BBV JV (Balfour Beatty Group Ltd, VINCI Construction Grands Projets, VINCI Construction UK Ltd, VINCI Construction Terrassement)

Proposed Stations

  • Euston - Upgrade and enlargement of existing station
  • Old Oak Common - In Action, west London with interconnection with Great Western Main Line
  • Birmingham Interchange - Near the NEC/Birmingham Airport, Solihull, West Midlands
  • Curzon Street, Birmingham - Terminus station adjacent to existing Moor Street Station
  • Crewe (Phase 2a) - temporarily terminating in Crewe (proposed revamped Crewe Hub station project)
  • Manchester Airport (Phase 2b West)
  • Manchester Piccadilly (Phase 2b West)
  • East Midlands Hub (Phase 2b East) - between Nottingham and Derby
  • Leeds New Lane (Phase 2b East)

Proposed Depots (RSD's & IMD's) tbc

  • Claydon Junction, Calvert IMD
  • Washwood Heath RSD, Birmingham
  • North Crewe RSD (Winsford, Phase 2b)
  • Staveley (Phase 2b east)
  • Leeds - Aire Valley (Phase 2b east)

M25 sliproads

2 sliproads way 614107214 and way 614107215 were added off the M25 at Chalfont to assist construction traffic.

Wikipedia route description with OSM features: London to Birmingham

The following description is taken from Wikipedia annotated with OSM objects. Please retain the wording as-is:

From way the London end the route will enter a way twin-bore tunnel at the Mornington Street bridge at Euston Station's throat. After continuing way through the underground station at Old Oak Common, an 8-mile (13 km) way tunnel follows (+ a cutting beside the Acton-Northholt line?) until way West Ruislip, where trains way emerge to run on the surface . From here way the line way crosses the Colne Valley on a major viaduct, and at the M25 passes way into a 9.8-mile (15.8 km) way tunnel below the Chiltern Hills to emerge near South Heath, north-west of Amersham.

Then the route will run way roughly parallel to the existing A413 road and London to Aylesbury Line corridor, passing to the west of Wendover in what HS2 call a way 'green tunnel'. This is a cut-and-cover tunnel which has soil spread over the final construction, to enable it to be used for agriculture or amenity.

After passing way west of Aylesbury, the route will run along way the corridor of the former Great Central Main Line, joining the former line north of Quainton Road to travel through rural North Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire way up to Mixbury, south of Brackley from where will way cross the A43 and open countryside through South Northamptonshire and Warwickshire.

North of a bored tunnel under Long Itchington Wood, the route will pass though way rural areas between Kenilworth and Coventry and way cross the A46 (and M42 - Jez) to enter the West Midlands.

Birmingham Interchange station will be on the outskirts of Solihull, close to the strategic road network including the M42, M6, M6 toll and A45;

the route will feature bridge crossings of all these roads.

North of the station, a way triangular junction (known as the 'delta junction') west of Coleshill will link the HS2 Birmingham city centre spur with the way line continuing north, from which Phase 2a and 2b will be developed.

The northern limit for Phase 1 will be a connection onto the WCML north of Lichfield. This part of the line would be operative with compatible high-speed trains moving onto the classic track WCML while the western leg of Phase 2 is being built.

The city centre spur will be routed along the Water Orton rail corridor, the Birmingham to Derby line through Castle Bromwich and in a tunnel past Bromford.

How to help

You can help by adding construction areas to OSM (and the relevant relation if appropriate) as and when they appear on the ground. Also retag existing buildings in OSM when they are demolished (don't delete the original outline) The new M25 HS2 sliproads could do with a clean up to their proper alignments when some form of access or aerial imagery is available.