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There has been a fund raising idea to hire out GPS units, now the question is how can this be done?

See GPS Units for Loan

People that can hire out GPS:es

  • User:Emj A GPS mouse (puck), connecting via USB. Donate €10 to OSM and lend it for 2 months.


  • this is a business in itself
  • how can you trust people with your gear? - hold a refundable deposit
  • probably only people with GPSes will contribute


  • money
  • and easy way for people to contribute
    • just hire a GPS, and you can:
      • collect tracks
      • contribute money to the projects


Assume GPS lasts for 2 years, costs £80, and is out on hire 20% of the time. Price for hiring it out would be £4 per week to break even.

Deposit would obviously be £80.