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HotSpot Navigator
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Author: Oleg Chubarev
License: Proprietary (15$)
Platforms: Java ME, BlackBerry OS, and Symbian
Status: Broken
Version: 0.5.2 (2011-04-25)
Language: English
Programming language: Java

FON Wi-Fi Spots over OSM tiles



HotSpot Navigator is an application for Java ME-enabled mobile phones for finding nearest free Wi-Fi access points. It can shows OpenStreetMap tiles, tracks and Wi-Fi spots.


  • Navigation features:
    • Mark and navigation to waypoints with categories;
    • Track recording and loading;
    • Track analysing features: date and time, speed, altitude;
    • Distance measurement;
    • Off-line tiles cache;
  • Wi-Fi finding features:
    • Parse barbelo/kismet log;


Free beta versions available for downloading.

Official support site -


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