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Some ideas for work to be done on Hounslow

1. http://www.itoworld.com/product/data/osm_analysis/area?name=Hounslow lists differences with OS map. Note do not take it for granted that the Ordnance Survey is the right version - some of their spellings are wrong, for example. The differences need to be checked in place. Apostrophes are a particular problem: the council dropped them on their signs, but the OS seems to assume they should always be singular (eg Quaker's Lane, not Quakers' Lane)

2. Building work finished recently. Some of this shows on the ito map above. Examples:

  • Hotel building in Syon Park
  • New estate round Lewin Terrace in Bedfont
  • Must be more... please add

3. Cycling street quality audit?

4. Historical monuments and blue plaques. Great trees.