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Hoursome screenshot.png
Author: MorbZ
License: Proprietary (free of charge)
Platform: iOS 7.x
Status: Broken
Version: 1.0 (2013-12-05)
Languages: English and German

Display and edit opening hours

The app seems to be discontinued! Obviously it is not available in the iTunes App Store any more!

Hoursome shows you at a glance whether shops, bars, restaurants, ... are open in your area or when they will open. Since the app relies on OpenStreetMap data, 180,000 places around the world are already registered. Each user of the app is called to enter missing opening hours or update existing ones via an intuitive table. So no one needs to get out in the rain, just to find out that the supermarket is closed.

The raw data of opening hours distributed by users of the app can be found here. These need to be added manually to the OSM database until an automatic import is established.

Translations are needed for any language than German or English. Please visit the poeditor project if you can help translating. I added a few languages but if yours is not available please contact hoursome (at) morbz.net and I will add it.


Hoursome screenshot.png Hoursome screenshot2.png Hoursome screenshot3.png

manually import

  • weekly
Datum File Bemerkung / Quelle Status / Mapper
1.12.2013 [1] - -
8.12.2013 [2] - -
15.12.2013 [3] - -
22.12.2013 [4] - -
  • daily