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Board of Directors

The HOT Board of Directors (Board) is elected from, and by, HOT's Voting Members. The Board's authority, responsibilities and duties are described in HOT's Bylaws.

The list of current and past Board Directors is available at the Board Members page.

Board Elections

Information about Board Elections is available at the Board Elections page.

Meetings of the Board of Directors

The Board meets on a regular, mostly monthly, basis and HOT Voting Members are most welcome to attend. The Board Meeting agenda and join details are in the HOT Membership Calendar (only accessible by Voting Members).

Meeting Minutes

The Board Meeting Minutes are uploaded to the Board Meeting Minutes page after the meeting. Board Meeting Minutes are also available as PDF files on HOT's Google Drive.

Board Documents

HOT Board Procedures

The HOT Board Procedures describe Board duties, Board positions, Board meetings, Collaboration and Communication. The document is available here.

HOT Board Primer

The HOT Board Primer is a document for Board Members and includes links to reference material, describes the different Board positions and their responsibilities and has a Frequently Asked Questions section. The document is available here.

Open HOT Board Meetings - HOT Voting Membership guide

The monthly open HOT Board Meetings are open to the Membership as observers. The guide explains when the Board Meetings are held, how the open meetings work and what to consider when attending the meetings. The guide is available here.

Board Annual Reports

Board Presidents' Reports