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Humanitarian OSM Team Board elections 2018

Board Election Results

The newly elected Board Members are Trudy Hope and Natalie Sidibe

Votes total: 89

Vote for Board:

  • Trudy Hope: 58 Votes
  • Natalie Sidibe: 53 Votes
  • Matt Gibb: 43 Votes
  • Abstain: 7 Votes

Trudy Hope and Natalie Sidibe are joining Ahasanul Hoque, Melanie Eckle and Pete Masters on the Board. Dale Kunce and Kuo-Yu Chuang are stepping down at this time.

Previous Board of Directors

The current HOT Board of Directors are: Dale Kunce (President), Ahasanul Hoque (Vice President), Melanie Eckle (Secretary), Kuo-Yu Chuang (AKA Slayer) (Treasurer) and Pete Masters (Member at Large). See 'our board' page on the HOT site for descriptions. Board Meeting Minutes can be reviewed here

Nominations for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Board of Directors

This election, two seats are up for election, both with a 2 year term. These seats are currently occupied by Dale Kunce and Slayer.

The nomination period for the Board of Directors closes at the end of 19th April, 2018 (23:59 UTC). The election of the Board will be via ballot which voting members should receive by 30th April, 2018. Contact the Chair or election committee if you do not receive your ballot. The ballot must be submitted by 23:59 UTC on 7th May, 2018 and election results will be read and ratified at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the HOT voting members (date to be determined).

The nomination period opens at 00:01 UTC 9th April 2018.

Candidate Name Nominator /
Why are they an excellent choice? Notes
Trudy Hope Rebecca Firth Zambia Namitala Gertrude (Trudy Hope) has led OSM Zambia for the last 2 years, and grown the community to over 400 people who have contributed to mapping. Trudy has advocated for HOT and OSM throughout Zambia, and wants to join the HOT Board for two key reasons. Firstly, to grow gender inclusion and get more women involved in HOT and OSM to increase diversity in the community. Secondly, to increase the presence of HOT in every country in Africa, to make OSM the strongest and most trusted map in Africa.

Personally, I have worked with Trudy through the HOT Microgrants and Device Grants program. It's inspiring to see how successful her trainings are, and her ability to engage local government to be engaged in OSM. Trudy is very resourceful, and using devices and training from these mini grants. She is now working with Lusaka Sanitation Program  which involves different donors like GIZ, World Bank being implemented for Lusaka City Council and Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company to create an up to date sanitation map of Lusaka. Through being part of the Board, Trudy also hopes to learn more about working with a larger organisation and taking a formal leadership role. 

OSM diary link
Natalie Sidibe Janet Chapman Mali Nathalie Sidibe is a Human Resources Manager and  was very involved in activism when she discovered OpenStreetMap in  December 2014 and then cofounded the OpenStreetMap Mali Community.

Since that year she’s been personally committed to OpenStreetMap by planning , organising and facilitating training, Data collection, leading field mapping projects  in Mali and developing partnerships with Mali Universities,  local and international organizations.

With the projet Espace OpenStreetMap Francophone, she’s been participating and  co-facilitating training in West Africa since June, 2015.

Natalie is now leading a mapping project in Mali called CarteInnov, initiated and financed by Organisation International de la francohonie  in 14 fourteen  French Speaking  Countries.

Click here to visualize this map : /

She has also created a website for women involved in OpenStreetMap and ICT in order they could post articles about their activities and share with the world:

OSM diary link
Matt Gibb Dan Joseph USA / Washington, D.C. Matt Gibb is active in OpenStreetMap and HOT. He understands on-the-ground community work necessary to add detail to the map; while working at American Red Cross he travelled to support mapping efforts in Liberia, Haiti, Colombia, and Zimbabwe. He also understands remote-mapping from working with the US State Department to get access to satellite imagery and organizing projects on the tasking manager. He has been a tireless advocate of data quality through actions such as promoting #ValidationFriday with an endless supply of pun-loaded tweets and training a team of validation volunteers. Not satisfied to quietly trace buildings in the corner, although he has made an impressive number of edits, he wants to both improve the data and strengthen the community. Matt brings a wealth of experience, ideas, and motivation; he would make an excellent addition to the HOT board. OSM diary link

Chair Election Results

The newly elected Chair is Joseph Reeves

Votes total: 89

Vote for Chair:

  • Joseph Reeves: 76
  • Abstain: 13

Previous Chairperson for the Voting Members

The previous Chairperson is Mikel Maron. Membership Meeting Minutes can be reviewed Humanitarian_OSM_Team/Meetings#Meetings_of_the_Voting_Membership

Nominations for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Chair

We elect one person for the Chair for the Voting Members. The nomination and the election of the Chair will follow the schedule of the Board as detailed above.

The nomination period opens at 23:59 UTC 9 April 2018.

Candidate Name Nominator /
Why are they an excellent choice? Notes
Joseph Reeves Russell Deffner British / Britain Joseph has been a HOT voting member since nearly the beginning. I am happy to see his statement of interest in being elected chairperson. As a solid supporter of our mission through many difficult years, I think Joseph will enjoy the additional interaction (and responsibility) as facilitator of member business. Therefore I, Russell Deffner, offer my expression of support for Joseph Reeves as Chair for the Voting Members of HOT. OSM diary link

Past Elections

See the main page of HOT Board Elections for information on past elections.