Humanitarian OSM Team/Board Responsibilities

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Board Members of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team have legal requirements from our registration and articles of association; as well as the practical duties we've taken on ourselves with the organization. It's a honor to serve, and definitely takes commitment and responsibility.

The expected time commitment for a Board Member is 5 hours a month. We have a monthly meeting by Skype or IRC. We also communicate by email frequently throughout the month which require prompt response. As opportunity arises, we have had in person meetings in the past, often connected to OSM conferences.

Official Duties

to be inserted from articles of association, etc

Practical Duties

Recent issues Board members have dealt with include:

  • Issues of governance and registration.
  • Various policy issues.
  • Participation is the drafting of a strategic plan.
  • Oversight of projects, staff, and finances.
  • Formation and chairing of HOT working groups.

These all are taken on in consultation and cooperation with HOT membership and staff.