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HOT chat on March 28th


quick attempt at chatting about the USIP proposal, but the conversation dried up

IRC log

[18:01:15] <PierZen> hot chat?
[18:02:01] thomas_kandler [] has joined #hot
[18:04:07] <PierZen> what are the topics tonight?
[18:04:43] <wonderchook> hey PierZen
[18:04:47] <wonderchook> I listed 2 possible ones
[18:04:53] <PierZen> hi.
[18:04:59] <wonderchook> one was further brain storming on the USIP proposals
[18:05:04] <wonderchook> and the other was....
[18:06:50] <wonderchook> oh yeah the upcoming server read-only mode
[18:07:10] <PierZen> other people around?
[18:07:37] <thomas_kandler> oh yeah. me.
[18:08:35] <wonderchook> hi thomas_kandler I tried reading your paper, but then realized I wasn't really up to reading that much German;)
[18:08:38] <wonderchook> but I can do an interview
[18:09:38] <thomas_kandler> ha! well, it's every try to fight the german language is very honorable. ;) and i am very happy to hear that.
[18:10:03] Schuyler [] has quit IRC: Remote host closed the connection
[18:10:04] <thomas_kandler> as well as i am struggling with english...
[18:10:07] Schuyler [] has joined #hot
[18:10:47] <thomas_kandler> but just to make no mistake: wonderchook = kate?
[18:10:58] <wonderchook> yes
[18:10:59] <wonderchook> that is me
[18:11:47] aude|away [] is now known as aude
[18:12:57] maning [] has joined #hot
[18:13:29] <thomas_kandler> fine. i am glad to fall on open ears. :)
[18:13:30] <aude> hi!
[18:13:34] <wonderchook> hey aude!
[18:13:51] <aude> USIP project would be great!
[18:16:15] <wonderchook> yeah, so I think to make a proposal successful is we need to have a local group who we know well enough to engage now
[18:17:10] <wonderchook> since the proposal is due next week I believe
[18:17:51] <wonderchook> yes it is due April 6th
[18:18:19] edvac [] has quit IRC: Quit: Abandonando
[18:19:09] <thomas_kandler> i am out. please excuse my short visit; i'd love to hang out in #hot but it's 1.20am and i am supposed to show up to work tomorrow. just wanted to check in. have a nice night. :) (@wonderchook: i'll be in touch with you. thanks again. :)
[18:19:17] thomas_kandler [] has quit IRC: Quit: CGI:IRC
[18:20:34] <maning> morning.
[18:21:16] <wonderchook> hey maning
[18:21:48] <maning> just lurking before my bike commute.
[18:22:30] <wonderchook> so, I think the best thing to do with the USIP stuff is to create a Google doc for each topic that seems worthy and see where we get
[18:22:47] <wonderchook> I don't think we should work in a wiki only because we can download to a word doc easily from Google and submit
[18:57:00] maning [] has quit IRC: Remote host closed the connection
[18:58:12] <AndrewBuck> hello, just happened to see the chat and thought I would jump in.  I have an item to add to the agenda too.  It is in regards to the HOT project in Tamale.
[18:58:37] <AndrewBuck> although we can start with the other issues first of course.  :0
[18:58:41] <AndrewBuck> :)
[19:00:04] <AndrewBuck> Oh, just looked at the timestamps and see the conversation ended about 1/2 hour ago.  Maybe I am too late.