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The HOT toolbox was launched in 2019 as part of the Open Cities Africa project (funded by the World Bank).

The goal of the HOT Toolbox is to provide open access to HOT's knowledge, experience and resources around running mapping projects, covering project design, data collection (remote and local mapping), data cleaning and quality, data export and the creation of map products and assets.

Current status

The toolbox is currently maintained by HOT and is available in English and French. Contributions can be made through github (with HOT staff responsible for approving / incorporating).

Spanish is planned be added as a third language in the next phase of development alongside a transifex integration to support further localisation. This phase of development will happen in 2021 as part of the Open Cities Latin America project.


In 2018, the toolbox was built as an internal HOT resource to better manage and share knowledge around mapping and using OpenStreetMap data for development and humanitarian purposes. As demand for advice, guidance and resources from other groups (including OSM communities and governments) grew, HOT decided to build an open version. The World Bank agreed to invest in this initiative as part of the Open Cities Africa project, but the toolbox was written to meet the needs and requirements of a diverse range of groups, not just those involved in the project.

The original plan was to integrate transifex to support greater localisation, but there have been technical issues. The integration will be completed as part of the next phase of development.

Other versions

Also in existence are: