Humanitarian OSM Team/Haiti Strategy And Proposal/Mission 1

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22-March - 11-April


  • Map Action and ECHO for the funding of this HOT mission.
  • Map Action for acting as the institutional vehicle of HOT in this first deploy in Haiti and its wide support (travel, insurance, outreach).
  • CNIGS, IOM, OCHA and WFP for support in-country.

Scope and activities

See scope and activities from the Missions Commonalities page for details and presentations on

  • overall scope of this cycle of missions
  • training
  • surveying
  • outreach

Support documents

The HOT Package is comprehensive of inter alia

  • Humanitarian Data Model (HDM)
  • HDM-aligned questionnaires to conduct field surveys
  • HDM-aligned JOSM presets to guide editing sessions
  • Humanitarian field guide series to surveying, editing and using osm in GIS.


  • Port Au Prince: outreach and training in the UN Logistics Base (LogBase) towards internationals (UN & NGOs), nationals (CNIGS, CNSA) and Civil Society (Forum Communautaire de Cite Soleil & INURED).
  • Secondary hubs (Jacmel and Leogane): outreach, training and surveying with IOM

Preparation items

Preparation items



we got more than a commitment now with Haitian (grass root communities, individuals & CNIGS) i think we have at hand what we wanted building HOT: a NMA operating based on openness articulating its open SDI to OSM and its both local & international community in a respectful manner to carry out work in its mandate (base map) and in disaster response


  • International: most of the GISers posted here will be rotated out of country and with them the institutional memory of the op, we will bridge in and make of the CNIGS the reference-
  • CNIGS: keep supporting them and rolling in in editing and map production the OS Geo Stack + facilitate any tools development
  • grass root: train train train with support of all good will actors
  • If we can keep 2 OSM persons in this mission: I can expose OSM volunteers to this operation and grow our network of deployable people
  • this long term presence will make us fully cognizant of all operational needs of each phase of work from preparedness to emergency to development with plans to get those 3 sets of actors operating in a coordinated manner and we wil keep builidng the toolset of OSM (our HOT SDI) with volunteer workforce boosted when possible by funded projects aligned to our Strat & Plan proposal

Equipment list

Handy equipment list for next time