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IRC Chat Log HOT Community Chat 2015-May-19.

15:25:21 <russdeffner> heatherleson - can you post the agenda/hackpad here, please?
15:25:30 <KristenEgermeier>
15:25:48 <russdeffner> thanks Kristen :)
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15:26:02 <KristenEgermeier> No prob :)
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15:26:56 <russdeffner> how's the weather in CA this morning
15:27:12 <russdeffner> in CO we're calling it 'May-bruary'
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15:27:26 <russdeffner> snowing since last night
15:27:44 <KristenEgermeier> Haha! Yeah, it's cold here- great for running, but I miss the sun. We need the rain though.
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15:29:05 <heatherleson> thansks!
15:29:09 <heatherleson> hi everyone
15:29:18 <heatherleson> Russdeffner - it is +39 in Doha
15:29:24 <heatherleson> come visit
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15:30:06 <russdeffner> oh, I don't mind the snow - keeps the fires at bay; just hope this wet heavy snow doesn't cut my power :)
15:30:11 <mataharimhairi> hello
15:30:25 <Tyler_Radford> Good morning from New York, all
15:30:41 <heatherleson> HI Tyler, hello from Doha.
15:30:58 <heatherleson> who is here for the chat?
15:31:03 <russdeffner> me
15:31:07 <Ka2iz> Hi all
15:31:09 <hyances> Good morning from Cartagena, Colombia!
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15:31:27 <sev_hotosm3> Good afternoon from Dakar, Senegal
15:31:34 <vtcraghead> Burlington, VT USA presente.
15:31:42 <sejohnson> Good morning from WashingtonDC
15:31:42 <althio_> Tea time in Paris, France
15:31:44 <KristenEgermeier> Los Angeles, CA here
15:31:50 <heatherleson> beautiful!
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15:32:01 <heatherleson> can you add your names to the attendees?
15:32:10 <heatherleson>
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15:33:18 <edvac> Weather is nice in Memphis, TN. Sunny and warm. And lots of blues and other live music all around ;)
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15:33:57 <Tyler_Radford> If you're joining for the HOT Community Chat, welcome! We're just getting started - please feel free to add questions/agenda items
15:34:12 <heatherleson> and add your name to attendees please : )
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15:34:54 <MisterBass> Hi Tyler
15:35:09 <MisterBass> ok @Hearther I am adding my name
15:35:12 <Bazo> hi Bass
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15:35:27 <heatherleson> hey bass!
15:35:28 <MisterBass> Hi Bazo
15:35:29 <Tyler_Radford> Hi MisterBass welcome
15:35:49 <Bazo> hi everyone
15:36:12 <Bazo> i think that it's time to now
15:36:33 * xamanu_ greeting from from Nicaragua
15:36:36 <IknowJoseph> I'm on the list :)
15:37:29 <heatherleson> Hey Joseph
15:37:40 <stellar0645> Sunny breakfast in Sidney, BC!
15:37:55 <heatherleson> ok so we have north america, central america, africa, asia, europe. Hurray.
15:38:08 <heatherleson> i count as asia (but we are missing many who are sleeping)
15:38:32 <althio_> Sidney?
15:38:49 <stellar0645> = Springfield Harrison
15:38:55 <althio_> BC? not familiar with the codes
15:39:19 <heatherleson> British Columbia. Where I was born. Hey Spring
15:39:26 <heatherleson> canada
15:39:30 <Bazo> BC= Before Christ (smileys)
15:39:32 <stellar0645> Sorry, British Columbia, Canada
15:39:36 <Tyler_Radford> Welcome all, if you recently joined, please add your name and any topics for discussion
15:39:41 <Ka2iz> Uk
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15:41:06 <hyances> Ka2iz, please your name?
15:41:07 <stellar0645> Old, but not that old!
15:41:38 <heatherleson> Bazo, MisterBass = please also add your name. So happy to see new and familiar names here. welcome all
15:42:12 <katjaulbert> Good evening from Berlin :)
15:42:14 <stellar0645> Hi Heather!
15:43:14 <MisterBass> Tkx @heather, Name is on the list now
15:43:22 <russdeffner> ok, maybe one last call for adding yourself and agenda items here:
15:43:42 <MisterBass> Tkx @heather, My Name is on the list now
15:43:43 <Bazo> Heather how can i add my name?
15:44:30 <russdeffner> Bazo - do you not use hackpad? you can sign-in with a Facebook account
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15:44:55 <russdeffner> but it seems you are added
15:45:03 <heatherleson> thanks Russ
15:45:03 <Tyler_Radford> It's great to have everyone here and welcome to this HOT "Community Chat". We have with us a number of long-time HOT community members, new faces, and several HOT Board members (Blake, Heather, and Severin)
15:45:08 <hyances> Or google one, just fololw thi link. I already add your name
15:45:10 * aude waves :)
15:45:19 <heatherleson> hey Aude!
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15:45:23 <Bazo> @Thank Russ
15:46:03 <Tyler_Radford> We want to use the time to answer questions around HOT, the Nepal activation, and anything else. A few of you have added items to the agenda.
15:46:26 <Tyler_Radford> Before we start with those, Heather or any of the Board members, would you like to add anything?
15:46:36 <heatherleson> Hey Tyler - does everyone know you? Take a bow : )
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15:47:15 <heatherleson> We are sure glad to have you as our Interim ED.what a time to join - activation, summit etc
15:47:41 <Tyler_Radford> [Taking a bow], thanks, Heather, I'm very happy to be here.
15:47:42 * heatherleson that is all I wanted to add - Welcome Tyler
15:48:13 <xamanu_> ED = Executive Director (might not be clear for everybody, at least it wasn't for me :p )
15:48:31 <heatherleson> thanks, xamanu_
15:48:39 <Tyler_Radford> If anyone has questions for me, feel free to ask any time. Else, let's start with the agenda items. russdeffner has a few things to share
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15:49:03 <russdeffner> oh, on the spot just like that :)
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15:49:21 <Tyler_Radford> Yes! Thank you Russ
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15:49:44 <russdeffner> I mainly just wanted to be here if there were community questions regarding any of these things...
15:49:50 <aude> Tyler_Radford: are you working at the HOT desk in DC or remotely? (suppose we all are remote)
15:49:58 <heatherleson> I am happy to answer questions too
15:49:58 <aude> just curious where you are based
15:50:25 <Tyler_Radford> I'm mostly based in New York City, but plan to be in Washington DC on occasion, and will also be at State of the Map US in New York
15:50:31 <russdeffner> ... membership, activation stuff, our Mongolia team
15:50:32 <aude> ok, cool :)
15:51:16 <harry-wood> Hi everyone
15:51:20 <heatherleson> Hi Harry
15:51:30 <heatherleson> Hey Tyler, maybe tell us about the tanzania project?
15:52:00 <Bazo> Hey Tyler, maybe tell us about the tanzania project? = same question for me
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15:52:11 <harry-wood> The Nepal activation… nearly has 5000 people editing
15:52:19 <heatherleson> just wow
15:52:22 <harry-wood> That's a lot of people
15:52:36 <harry-wood> That's near 10 times the number of people who joined in with Haiti mapping
15:52:36 <Tyler_Radford> Harry thanks for sharing
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15:52:55 <harry-wood> not surprisingly it's felt a bit chaotic at times
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15:53:05 <MisterBass> russdeffner: I have a question: Do we have a activities planing document for 2015 ? ( Something different from activation and projects that comes to hot)
15:53:33 * aude curious about upcoming projects
15:53:35 <russdeffner> MisterBass - as in like an organization strategic plan?
15:53:45 <aude> sure nepal will be ongoing though
15:54:09 <Tyler_Radford> As Heather mentioned HOT also has active projects in Indonesia, Malawi, Mongolia, and Tanzania in addition to Nepal, as well as a number of technical projects
15:54:47 <russdeffner> ... or more a report of things currently in progress?
15:55:08 <aude> Tyler_Radford: which ones of those need missing maps help?
15:55:11 <russdeffner> just want to clarify what you are looking for Bass
15:55:36 <aude> (we'll be organizing missing maps here in Berlin next month)
15:55:46 <harry-wood> aude by "missing maps help" I guess you mean remote mapping efforts
15:55:52 <aude> harry-wood: yes
15:56:00 <Tyler_Radford> aude We have requests specifically from Tanzania, due to flooding in Dar es Salaam. thanks for asking
15:56:06 <heatherleson> Misterbass - the strategic plan goes until july or sept of 2015
15:56:18 <aude> Tyler_Radford: thanks
15:56:19 * pierzen from Montreal was a bit delayed. Hi all
15:56:27 <heatherleson> we do, however, need to build a community working group plan, as with all working groups.
15:56:30 <heatherleson> hi PIerre!
15:56:39 *** cristiano (~Adium@ has joined #hot
15:56:46 <Bazo> hi Pierre
15:56:47 <heatherleson> Can everyone give a round of applause for Pierre - what great leadership in the nepal response : )
15:56:50 <russdeffner> and one thing I am happy to say is that Tyler has done wonders already for collecting and organizing all the projects
15:56:59 <vtcraghead> yeah! great work pierre!
15:57:05 <russdeffner> I think a report/newsletter is much more doable than it was
15:57:12 <Bazo> yeah great work
15:57:25 <heatherleson> can someone help with notes on the hack pad below the agenda?
15:57:33 <heatherleson>
15:57:36 <Bazo> and i can't forget JGC and Blake
15:57:40 <hyances> clap! clap! clap! clap!
15:57:42 <MisterBass> ok russdeffner , Yes I meant a strategic plan. I will have a look at it after (Sorry for missing it)
15:57:44 <russdeffner> pierzen rocks!
15:57:50 <heatherleson> yes, please JGC, Blake, nama
15:57:52 <Tyler_Radford> You can see all our projects here: Although we are working to more clearly indicate what's current, and what's a past project
15:58:09 <hyances> GRate work Pierre and JGC!
15:58:14 <Tyler_Radford> There's also a possible need for Missing Maps (remote mapping) support for the Central African Republic
15:58:24 <russdeffner> heartherleson - the IRC log is auto-collected, so we can also fill gaps in notes later
15:58:33 <sejohnson> @heatherleason what sorts of things would go into a community working group plan?
15:58:49 <russdeffner> all of HOT community rocks!
15:59:12 <heatherleson> russ - sounds great
15:59:26 <heatherleson> Well, Harry and I with some others wrote a terms of reference.
15:59:28 <heatherleson> sec
15:59:47 <russdeffner> also Tyler_Radford - Felix is doing fantastic having volunteered to be 'lead tech' for website
15:59:57 <harry-wood>
15:59:59 <russdeffner> much more 'immediate' enhancements coming out today
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16:00:02 <heatherleson> this could be something for us to review with the next meeting.
16:00:08 <russdeffner> and more in near future
16:00:17 <sejohnson> thx @harry-wood
16:00:19 <heatherleson> this is really a big meet and greet but really to welcome new folks too
16:00:37 <mataharimhairi> yes, Felix is doing a great job with the HOT website
16:00:59 <Tyler_Radford> Yes, russdeffner, Felix has been wonderful and we want to continue to make our website more intuitive with easy-to-find info
16:01:00 <heatherleson> thanks felix
16:01:00 <russdeffner> should have our 'tech projects' like LearnOSM, TM, etc. in a section on the Projects Page soon
16:01:02 <mataharimhairi> getting all our information up to date on the projects
16:01:31 <heatherleson> great
16:01:32 <mataharimhairi> perhaps even having a section with our strategic plan for the future would be good for everyone
16:01:49 <mataharimhairi> as well as ongoing activities with HOT
16:02:02 <russdeffner> on that note, if you are a voting member, staff, etc. you have or can have a profile on the website
16:02:03 <mataharimhairi> other than activations
16:02:08 <heatherleson> here are all those docs -
16:02:30 <harry-wood> Yes russdeffner I think that's a good community-building thing people can help with
16:02:37 <harry-wood> (if you're a voting member)
16:02:41 <heatherleson> and policies -
16:02:45 <sejohnson> good to know about those profiles, thx
16:03:00 <sejohnson> ...and policies
16:03:21 <russdeffner> if you need help with profiles, etc. email either me or Felix and we'll get you set up
16:03:28 <heatherleson> i think that we had some great help during the nepal response with guest bloggers. I think this access should include them
16:03:28 <MisterBass> ok heatherleson
16:03:36 <russdeffner> will be sending email to membership, staff, management later today with more instructions
16:03:55 <KristenEgermeier> Thanks Russ
16:03:56 <mataharimhairi> very good indeed heatherleson
16:03:59 <mataharimhairi> thank you!
16:03:59 <heatherleson> misterbass - I am sure that the strategy was sent to the whole community to review. ::looking::
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16:04:12 <russdeffner> yes, maybe not a full 'profile' on the website, but access to make updates
16:04:35 <mataharimhairi> those spaces and policy links should be on the HOT website somewhere
16:04:40 <mataharimhairi> under the WG section
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16:05:03 <pierzen> Would be good that people let's Nama and me revise Blogs before sending to assure that the contents stick to what's going on in the activation
16:05:10 *** Jorieke ( has joined #hot
16:05:22 <sejohnson> @mataharimhairi agree, consolidating some of this stuff would be good
16:05:33 <Bazo> @Pierre goog idea
16:05:38 <heatherleson> here is the public strategy document that we coedited (looking for the final ) =
16:05:47 <russdeffner> there will definitely be some points that Felix, myself and the Tech WG will need 'approval' from ED/Board; will get around to those once 'immediate'/easy enhancements are finished
16:06:13 <Tyler_Radford> On the agenda, we also had some items around community empowerment and local OSM communities. Would anyone like to discuss those points?
16:06:23 <heatherleson> i added it, can I start?
16:07:08 <Tyler_Radford> Please heatherleson
16:07:38 <heatherleson> One of the big things on the strategy and from the membership chats has been that HOT needs to support local communities more. This has been very much proven during the nepal response and others.
16:07:53 <Bazo> I think it is important to have in the blog the information from the right people on the situation in Nepal
16:07:56 <heatherleson> Right now we are trying to get funding to do more. (Tyler and I have been grant writing)
16:08:39 <hyances> OK, what about microgrants for local entrenght
16:08:42 <heatherleson> I am running a session at State of the Map US - so I will be soon sending around a document asking for all of us to add ideas and implementation steps. Lesssons etc.
16:08:49 <hyances> *strenght
16:09:02 <heatherleson> hyances - exactly. Kate wrote a draft for us to start from
16:09:13 <hyances> Grate1
16:09:15 <heatherleson> But mainly, we want to hear from you. What do you think we can do
16:09:48 <Bazo> @ Tyler Tyler, I am interested in this
16:10:31 <hyances> Well, I think to develop local communities we need some resoursec. like transport, by example. So can sustain workshops with local communities during a needed period of time
16:11:14 <Tyler_Radford> hyances could you tell us more about how you are working with OSM community in Colombia?
16:11:32 <xamanu_> I see language barrier as one of the biggest problems here. Therefore I'd like to see a strategy (maybe ressources) to get information out in more languages.
16:11:35 <Tyler_Radford> Maybe there are others here with similar needs from other countries. So it would help to know more
16:11:36 <pierzen> OSM is a global community with various cultural communities. The french space community did a lot with our African colleagues. We have to harmonize HOT actions with Regional / Cultural other OSMC groups.
16:11:45 <hyances> Create relationships with universities for logistics an potential new mappers that work toguether with grass roots members
16:11:53 *** lossyrob ( has joined #hot
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16:12:26 <hyances> OK, now I'm working in two directions: 1) (grass roots) community outreach
16:12:29 <xamanu_> At least in Nicaragua it is difficult to motivate people to participate in something the can not read/understand.
16:13:07 <xamanu_> and English only is a problem
16:13:09 <hyances> 2) Universities, research centers and local authorities
16:13:23 <Tyler_Radford> xamanu_ we agree, we're working with MapGive to translate training videos into French, Spanish, and other languages
16:13:29 <Jorieke> and giving the opportunity to the mappers to go on by them selve after a HOT/missing maps team left the country: this means some hardwere, but most difficult in my experience budget for an internetconnection
16:13:39 <hyances> Pluse languages Open Philosophy is hard to understand
16:13:53 *** stellar0645 (9a05ceb5@ has joined #hot
16:14:00 <Bazo> @Xamanu i have a same matter
16:14:23 <heatherleson> i work in Qatar. the conversations I have had include 1. need resources in Arabic 2. tools may need to adjust to use arabic too
16:14:36 <hyances> Engange grass roots is dificult too; but our local partnet (Techo) is dealing with that.
16:14:39 <xamanu_> Tyler_Radford This is great. But to get people really on board it has to be broader (website content, learnOSM, teachOSM, ...). Non-english-spearker are not just mapping-monkeys!
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16:14:55 <xamanu_> :)
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16:15:50 <Tyler_Radford> xamanu_ Great points. We need to look broadly at all that we are doing, and how to make it more useful to more audiences. Training, tech tools, communications, etc.
16:15:54 <russdeffner> having minor power issues due to snow storm here, may get lost here
16:16:04 *** tquadrat (3eb25204@ has joined #hot
16:16:35 <Jorieke> And what about really mapping with local communities: by this I mean the non-tech, even non educated people living in communities we map?
16:16:36 <hyances> There are differet levels of knowledge, so in grass roots there is a lot of people without a complete level of primary school
16:16:39 <russdeffner> so, I would also just add that due to the recent feedback, as we build out the activation process and curriculum, we are making local involvement more explicit
16:16:54 <althio_> I will send an update for LearnOSM, ideas for translation, and other work in progress
16:17:27 <hyances> But we need that this people participate and acquire knowledge to create new data for maps, or better, use the map for his own development process
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16:17:41 <Tyler_Radford> hyances and Jorieke thank you for the details
16:17:44 <Bazo> @ thank althio
16:17:47 *** robertsoden ( has joined #hot
16:17:56 *** Ka2iz (027a0f60@ has joined #hot
16:18:15 <Tyler_Radford> What do you think HOT can provide that would be useful to local communities? It sounds like funding/micro grants for one (internet connection, transportation,..etc.). What else?
16:18:32 <hyances> So, I think a good approach is a mix with universirties and young NGO's (like Techo)
16:18:38 <Tyler_Radford> Funding has been a challenge for us, but we want to bring these things to the attention of donors
16:18:48 <sejohnson> definitely universities and schools
16:18:48 <heatherleson> local language, local culture, local traditions, local leaders - this is likely a best path forward
16:18:57 <hyances> There are more levels involved: Local Leaders and authorities.
16:19:21 <sejohnson> don't overlook youth orgs, too, like boy/girls scouts.
16:19:29 <harry-wood> We get more local communities to "do a Lubumbashi"
16:19:34 <hyances> So, we as members can write draft proposals for funding.
16:19:43 <russdeffner> I think we also provide open source tools and knowledge
16:20:05 <russdeffner> so indirectly we 'provide' things that local OSM communities can just grab and go
16:20:23 <hyances> Yes Russell, thats the wonder: the possibilitie to transfer knowledge!
16:20:54 <heatherleson> I think faith-based organizations too.
16:20:54 <Jorieke> maybe developping a system where a so called western mapping community, guides a 'non-western' local community?
16:21:05 <russdeffner> by the way, sorry to interupt, hyances - how are things with landslide in Columbia?
16:21:06 *** cristiano has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
16:21:09 <hyances> Is not so easy for grass roots communities; as for knowledge economy worker could be.
16:21:15 <pierzen> More then tools, Nepal + 6,000 people in three weeks, a lot of first day mapping, we need to bettter organize monitoring mapathons, provide clear more structured infos, more fun!
16:21:27 <hyances> 63 deads
16:21:29 <heatherleson> Jorieke - i was thinking that we could match cities partners like they list in wikipedia. What do you think?
16:21:36 <russdeffner> oh no, I'm sorry to hear
16:21:45 <Jorieke> I love it :-)
16:21:46 <heatherleson> hyances - sorry to hear
16:21:56 <hyances> We have Bing coverage; but we need a field partner to work with.
16:21:59 <russdeffner> is there a local osm response/need? can I/we help?
16:22:04 <harry-wood> trying to make "do a Lubumbashi" a phrase :-) I mean doing the field papers trick. Local people write stuff on field papers printouts, and JOSM experts at a mapping party somewhere else input it. It's a bit like a partner cities idea
16:22:11 <sejohnson> Jorieke YES, to the partner matching.
16:22:18 <Tyler_Radford> Jorieke I think the matching idea is wonderful. Any "advanced/experienced" mapping community could share knowledge with a less experienced community - could even be in neighboring city/country
16:22:19 <MisterBass> Yes russdeffner, but all our tools are web based so there is a need of internet access and trust me that's not easy to tackle
16:22:40 <hyances> Maybe a concat with RedCross in Colombia?
16:22:43 <russdeffner> MisterBass - but we are also supporting things like Field Papers
16:22:52 <russdeffner> Mhairi - update on FP?
16:23:04 <hyances> RedCross in on the field right now!
16:23:27 <xamanu_> Publicity material and some give-aways (stickers, whatever) would be goot to have.
16:23:27 *** robertsoden has quit (Quit: robertsoden)
16:23:30 <russdeffner> ok Humberto, keep me in the loop/contact me offline if we need to coordinate
16:23:44 <hyances> Thank you Russ, sure!
16:23:50 <Jorieke> I have contact with a Belgian ngo in Colombia, altough they have nothing to do with mapping, maybe they can help out
16:23:59 <Tyler_Radford> xamanu_ thanks also for that idea
16:24:01 <sejohnson> Jorieke would also like to see us sponsor "mapoffs", mapping contests that pitch universities/schools from different countries
16:24:02 <xamanu_> So maybe a ressources section (if there isn't already??) where communities can exchange these
16:24:25 <heatherleson> I think that guides for people running mapathons might build on Pierre’s statement above.
16:24:34 <hyances> Thanks Jorieke, please add me
16:24:42 <xamanu_> so we'd not have to start over again. good designs could be translated and produced locally.
16:24:46 <heatherleson> i shared the missingmaps guide a few times during the nepal response to mapathon leads
16:24:49 <MisterBass> Yes russdeffner but Its always a pain to get fieldpapers running, for instance to get one paper printed you better lunch the process the day before the schedulded mapping party
16:24:50 <heatherleson> and the main OSM one
16:24:53 <sejohnson> heatherleson we created an event management guide (for teachers) on TeachOSM.
16:25:02 * aude would like some guides and materials
16:25:20 <aude> have to take a look at learnosm again etc
16:25:25 <Tyler_Radford> Yes having more support (whether it's tech support, guidance, training materials, or just coordination) for mapathons is a great idea
16:25:44 <xamanu_> Question: is teachOSM only for school education or is it open for different kindo of mapping events?
16:25:44 <sejohnson> heatherleson we'll be teaching it as part of a Monday workshop at State of the Map US
16:25:52 <heatherleson> yeah, that is great sejohnson. I guess I would like to see this driven by people like MisterBass and others too. Because I am not from Togo. Or Jorieke - because of her local commutniy work
16:25:59 <sejohnson> xamanu_ open!
16:26:01 <heatherleson> I will be there at SOTM US for it
16:26:14 <IknowJoseph> maptime is really popular, would be great to see some more HOT versions
16:26:35 <russdeffner> MisterBass - have you tried the new beta Field Papers site?
16:26:37 <heatherleson> iknowjoseph - i am hatching a maptime plan for Qatar with an OSM twist.
16:26:47 <IknowJoseph> par tof that might just be to say "this is a HOT event" and pitch it to universities and the like
16:26:47 <xamanu_> cool! sejohnson. I have quite some material I will contribute, once it got translated by UNICEF from Spanish into English
16:26:47 *** stellar0645 (9a05ceb5@ has joined #hot
16:27:03 <xamanu_> For schools and university level mapping workshops
16:27:16 <heatherleson> sejohnson - could we have a simulataneous online group for the teachosm session?
16:27:31 <pierzen> MisterBass: would it be a solution to have web base tools available on a key, independant from the network?
16:27:48 *** Ka2iz has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
16:27:57 <xamanu_> I'd like to see different types of documentation on how to run mapathons, mapping parties, remote emergency mapping, etc. on such a central place
16:28:00 <sejohnson> xamanu_ excellent! localization is a TeachOSM priority for 2016
16:28:14 <heatherleson> agreed!
16:28:15 <IknowJoseph> I need to look more at the curiculum work - I'm sure we could be pitching to schools and universities
16:28:23 <russdeffner> xamanu_ there is the LearnOSM section
16:28:35 *** wicope ( has joined #hot
16:28:42 <IknowJoseph> I'd like to see Universities running their own taskmanagers and using tasks as credit earning assignments for geography students, et
16:28:55 <Tyler_Radford> IknowJoseph right now, one of the beautiful things about our community is that anyone can run a mapping event. But, as you suggest, can we better brand things as "HOT" events develop a better system for this?
16:28:56 <hyances> Il propose teachOSM to local universities as material for an OSM subject.
16:28:58 <xamanu_> sejohnson: I write all in Spanish as they offered me to translate from Spanish to English only. Takes more time, but it will be available in two languages at least.
16:29:00 <russdeffner> we are currently working on getting a/some committed 'volunteer lead tech(s)' for LearnOSM
16:29:10 <sejohnson> xamanu_ event/community management is at least half of time & resources
16:29:13 <heatherleson> How about some of the new folks. What would help you in your HOT experiences?
16:29:18 <MisterBass> Yes russdeffner, we've tried it - can you explain your key solution pierzen ?
16:29:29 <sejohnson> xamanu_ that's excellent.
16:29:52 <IknowJoseph> Tyler_Radford, exactly, we need to work on the branding, although it sounds horrible to say such a thing
16:30:40 <Bazo> @Russ good this is an excellent idea
16:30:42 * aude is terrible at designing things like a leaflet
16:31:03 <aude> some template would be nice
16:31:20 <katjaulbert> I had the idea to design an illustrated guide to JOSM/HOT JOSM
16:31:20 <Tyler_Radford> All - just a few minutes left in the meeting today. Many, many great ideas. Anyone that hasn't had a chance to talk yet want to add any ideas or do you have questions that haven't been answered?
16:31:22 <FTA> perhaps a specific webpage we can direct people to that details exactly what a mapathon is, usual necessary resources, what the goal is, and what HOT is. something that an unfamiliar person can read and understand
16:31:43 <pierzen> MisterBass: You are the expert. You should tell me :) Would it be possible to have a web server on a key, to have the various Tutorials + even tools like Fieldpapers. Or on a local disk? An HOT OSM kit to integrate these various data and services?
16:31:51 <russdeffner> also, related - what format do people 'envision' our activator/activation coordination team training being delivered via?
16:32:24 <russdeffner> classroom, self-paced online, combination, etc.?
16:32:41 <stellar0645> For me, look, listen, learn! Thank you all . . .
16:32:50 <Jorieke> @mrBass, pierzen, it would be great to have something like that offline! or to make learnosm/teachOSM downloadable and not only online
16:33:00 <Tyler_Radford> Thank you stellar0645 for participating
16:33:00 <sejohnson> russdeffner all of the above
16:33:15 <pierzen> russdeffner: activator is more a chemical process I think (:
16:33:29 <russdeffner> will there be a printed 'guidebook', website (part of LearnOSM/separate)...?
16:33:34 <sejohnson> pierzen :-)
16:33:52 <stellar0645> Thanks, I'll make a point of reviewing the survey. Looked good at a glance. Good idea . . .
16:33:55 <russdeffner> pierzen - is our activation not more of an organic reaction?
16:34:02 <pierzen> :)
16:34:05 <MisterBass> OK I see what you mean pierzen , that's an awsome idea. Indeed Its possible to have the tools running on a light server and then handle sync
16:34:15 <sejohnson> russdeffner HOT ID put together a nice printed book for Kalimantan.
16:34:17 <Tyler_Radford> FTA thank you: We can definitely find ways to better support and guide mapathons
16:34:17 <hyances> And if we crear a syllabus form actual (and new comming material)?
16:34:24 <hyances> create*
16:34:48 <xamanu_> Jorieke: Good point! I spent three hours making learnOSM looking nice in an PDF. The best way would be to make it possible through the website to just print. But it's not that easy :)
16:35:24 <heatherleson> Folks, we have so much great things to do this year. All your input above is purely awesome.
16:35:32 *** lossyrob has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
16:35:46 <sejohnson> hyances have you created a syllabus? if so, I'd be interested
16:35:53 *** lossyrob (~textual@ has joined #hot
16:35:55 <hyances> OSM Mapping for begginers: 40 hours (1 credit) / 2 hours per week, by example.
16:35:55 <heatherleson> One thing that we wanted to mention is that we are drafting a Community survey. This has had some great community feedback. Can you take a look -
16:36:03 <vtcraghead> Thanks for organizing, Heather
16:36:04 <hyances> No, but I'm moving in that way.
16:36:05 <russdeffner> yes, and of course there will be much more time to consider and discuss activation stuff; just some of the things you now know are still up in the air a bit
16:36:20 <sejohnson> hyances Yes, would you like to post it on TeachOSM?
16:36:31 <heatherleson> Tyler and I are working to incorporate all the feedback. Pierre sent some great points today. Thanks!
16:36:32 <pierzen> An other aspect with Mapathons, If you plan to invite 900 people at a mapathon, advise us. And as it did show last yesterday witth the London Mapathon, our server may blow up!!
16:36:36 <hyances> Ok, catch the task!
16:36:45 <IknowJoseph> hyances: That's the sort of thing I was thinking
16:36:46 <heatherleson> pierzen - yeah, this is key
16:36:50 <sejohnson> 900?!? yikes!
16:37:03 <Tyler_Radford> All since we have to finish up the discussion - we are going to create a space to capture these ideas and continue collaborating on them after the meeting.
16:37:29 <Tyler_Radford> We'll be posting an entry at
16:37:30 <sejohnson> thanks heatherleson Tyler_Radford good stuff
16:37:38 *** sejohnson has parted #hot (None)
16:37:57 <stellar0645> Cheers . . .
16:38:06 *** tquadrat has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
16:38:12 <IknowJoseph> as HarryWood mailed, the old HOT Chats were really good, I'd be happy to help get them up and running again
16:38:15 <hyances> OK a pleasure to chat wit you! Cheers!
16:38:20 <russdeffner> yes, thank you for these calls
16:38:23 <Tyler_Radford> We also have a call scheduled for tomorrow at 13:00 UTC
16:38:25 <vtcraghead> Thanks for hosting, Tyler_Radford et al
16:38:26 <IknowJoseph> most of the time they just need a few people to agree to turn up
16:38:28 <russdeffner> great to chat everyone
16:38:38 <KristenEgermeier> Thanks everyone!
16:38:40 <heatherleson> Thanks so much everyone
16:38:49 <aude> thanks Tyler_Radford and heatherleson
16:38:53 <aude> and everyone
16:38:57 *** KristenEgermeier has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
16:39:00 <heatherleson> and, thanks to all the new folks for dipping your feet in. Welcome!
16:39:01 <Tyler_Radford> Thanks to all for joining today. If there was something you didn't get a chance to say, feel free to email me directly at
16:39:02 <pierzen> bye all
16:39:09 <mataharimhairi> Thank you everyone!
16:39:10 <Bazo> thanks
16:39:13 <heatherleson> And, there is another chat tomorrow.
16:39:14 <heatherleson> :)
16:39:14 <Bazo> bye
16:39:15 <mataharimhairi> And good night :)
16:39:27 *** vtcraghead has parted #hot (None)
16:39:32 <Jorieke> thanks, it was nice, bye!
16:39:34 *** mataharimhairi has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
16:39:36 <xamanu_> Cheers
16:39:39 *** Jorieke has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
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