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hot board meeting 13-Dec

Budget for 501c3 app

  • field receipts from mission 5 : Guensmork to email-
  • NC emailed transportation fees for Geong attendance
  • IOM payments (mission 5 & 6): are on their ways, hard to get reliable time estimates though; NC to keep following up on this-

Next steps

  • RS to finalize taking into account only missions 4 and 5 sinece HOT is incorporated-
  • use Fred's donnation to hire an accountant
    • RS to suggest one accountant
  • allow for KC and RS to do wire transfer from HOT account over the net

Haiti work

  • NC & RS to plan trip and revert to all
  • Fred's deployment within IOM
    • Fred is defining his TOR & workload
    • Fred's contract can be formalized as "HOT" at the condition that the HOT Mission 6 and the associated 6 months support proposal got approved by IOM
  • Insurance
    • NC to share set of deals proposed by HMT after final reply by HMT

Fundings & projects-


  • IOM
    • Haiti IOM money ($ 150,000)
      • 3 missions
      • hardware
      • NC & RS for 6 months
        • some of NC time can be used for coordination work on broader HOT-
    • Clarification Jan 2011 on needs and volume of work for HOT

Crisis Commons/Mappers funding

  • HOT/OSM as a CM partner (KC to follow-up)
    • Calls for defining the relation CM & HOT on OSM mapping
    • Main cooperation on capacity building


  • Support server and budget ($ 10,000) to support HDM - ETL work
    • NC & RS to come up with workload estimates and budget


  • GT/HOT on Haiti - Knight Foundation
  • GT & HOT on research project focused on Haiti; DFID bid


  • Hypothetic: WB GEO Lead Terms of Reference to fund NC time on HOT; unlikely (NC not techy enough, settled in France and busy with HOT; NC 2 follow up with Stu-


  • Capacity building
    • Debrief Map Action (NC)
    • French OSM/ HOT lectures (NC)
    • Spanish IGN training in Haiti and in the Carribean (NC)
      • Get ad hoc support from IGN to Haitian mappers
      • Expose Spanish IGN trainees to HOT materials and trainings + get
  • Preparedness/ capacity building
    • joint interest Spot Image (YouMaps & SAFER) imagery (Nepal and/ or Bengladesh), Map Action/ UNDAC-OCHA (capacity building)
    • NC emailed mapper and SOTM scholar from Bengladesh and an HOT trainee from Nepal (now head of Nepal National Mapping Agency and Geo Department at Katmandu's University) to check interest and feasibility

Features to have

  • HOT infrastructures
    • HOT services and extracts ....
  • HOT website
    • logo (Harry)
    • RS/ NC to devote some time on this in Jan; check HW availability on this


  • Cash
    • FR
  • In Kind
    • GC camera


  • Elaborate rules for compensation of on the ground stipends and costs of living
  • Reporting
    • use HOT Open Atrium for broader than just development
  • Communication rules
    • Wiki = public coordination
    • Hot Open Atrium = internal
    • Blog & Web site (when developed) = general communication; minutes-
    • Make more use of the HOT mailing list
  • Contact Email to be set to our emails and be referenced in blog, hot mailing-list; KC

Lessons learned

  • Purchases
    • HOT kit = spot on-
      • Laptop = ok
      • GPS = ok
      • Data logger = no good

Next Actions

  • Set up a talk with Mikel and Erica a Xmas
  • OSMF to recognize COSMAH; KC to follow up through simlar work on OSM-US
  • Communication : reporting, wiki, mailing list etc