Humanitarian OSM Team/Meetings/Board/17 November 2011

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Board Meeting Notes - Nov 17th, 2011

In attendance: Nicolas Chavent, Kate Chapman, Harry Wood, Dane Springmeyer

Apologies: Mikel Maron


  • Who will run the election? (Mikel offered?)
  • Adding 2 members to the board for more depth (kate)
  • Does the board need to support website creation at all (seems like other things are waiting on it)
  • Need to publish board notes - link from the mailing list and wiki (dane)
  • Geneva followup coming soon

Non profit status

Stamen helping (we love them!), but all before the end of the year we need to:

  1. have a HOT member nomination period
  2. have a board election nomination period
  3. have the voting
  4. get books in order (stamen helping move to online bookkeeping)
  5. pay taxes
  6. Board and membership vote on changed articles of incorporation


In motion, by Robert and Mike MacCaffrey. They will be migrating blog to the new website as well (so WP -> drupal)

Scalability and keeping good, effective communication

The problem is supporting more people to take action and initiative, with less oversight and coordination, because Kate and Nicolas cannot scale more on this (HOT cannot let them get overburdened).

Perhaps working groups - have people with core ability take responsibility to organize groups of volunteers

Projects update

Lots of "potential" projects - we could likely use 3 full time people to do them!

  • Togo
  • St. Vincent
  • OSM-France (applied for funding to help HOT have consistent, general funding)
  • - This would be a fairly big project in preparedness and reconstruction focused on tools within a Framework Package of the EU, called the FP7

Existing or in motion:

  • Indonesia - finishing end of dec, but may continue, and may need full time person
  • Haiti - IOM is still hiring local mappers - now looking for HOT coordination again (Severin is currently on site)
  • Haiti - USAID/OTI - project likely, 3 months, out of Saint Marc, haiti - mapping risk