Humanitarian OSM Team/Meetings/Board/20 December 2011

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HOT Board Meeting Notes - Dec 20th, 2011

In attendance:

  • Nicolas Chavent
  • Kate Chapman
  • Dane Springmeyer
  • Harry Wood
  • John Crowley
  • Schuyler Earl
  • Mikel Maron

Apologies: null


  • Sign, scan, return "Consent of Directors AOI and Bylaws Amendment.doc" to Kate
  • Mikel will create an atrium task for this
  • Check on responsibility for filing (and notarizations) after doc signed (Kate)
  • Need an overall statement of financial position in the very near-term future.
  • Post-election blog post to encourage membership (Harry)
  • MOU with OSM-Fr (Nicolas) - longer term: Research incorporation in EU (HOT EU)
  • Post in Atrium on OSM-FR and OTI (Nicolas)


Welcome New Board members for 2012

John Crowley and Schuyler Earl

Roles and Positions

  • President: Mikel (remains)
  • Vice President: Nico (remains)
  • Treasurer: Kate (remains)
  • Secretary: John (new role, was Dane)
  • Tech Strategist: Dane (New role)
  • At Large: Harry and Schuyler

Bylaws and Amendments

Need to officially accept and hand sign, all of the board.

Document is "Consent of Directors AOI and Bylaws Amendment.doc"

501©3 Status

We'll file in the new year, Stamen is okay with donation (proceeds from PrettyMaps) coming in 2012.

Bookkeeping and CPA

Stamen (we love stamen!) offering their bookkeeper who will be based on SF.

Project budgets vs Core Funds

We are completely project based with regard to funding now. This needs to change. Indonesian Project will have, do to active savings on lodging during project, a small amount of excess funds that can be used to pay Kate $1600 for 40 hrs of work to draft an HR policy. Bookkeeper will also serve role of managing core funds.

Expenditure is ~ 2000, less than 10% of remaining funds. Passed by all members with the realization that we need a top level budget going forward.

HR Policy

Goal is to define specific positions, legal aspects like non-discrimination, liability, insurance.


Need to encourage discussion of the roles of membership - through initial blog post.

Project updates

  • OTI Haiti starting in January ()
  • Indonesia work extended through end of March
  • Discussions with OSM-France on funding (may require incorporation in France)