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HOT Board Meeting Notes 8-Oct 2010


  • 501(c)3
  • Haiti Mission 5 & next
  • Follow up from GeONG
  • Follow up from ICCM
  • Follow up from Spot
  • HDM: strategy to fund and implement
  • field exercise with MapAction in November
    • Schuyler’s MapAction proposal and coordination
  • Internews conference
  • workplan?

Action points

  • Finalize 501(c)3 budget and concept note (Kate and Robert)
  • Set up Open Atrium for tasking (Robert)
  • Need to figure out if HOT board can be "hired" for work (Kate thinks yes, will check on specifics)
  • Design doc and budget for funding HDM work (Nicolas)
  • Beers: good chance we may all be able to partake in a beverage in DC sometime in nov/dec - if Nicolas comes for WB training, and Mikel and Dane stop in
  • MapAction Event: Followup with MA to get HOT seats and find attendees (Nicolas & Mikel)
  • Need a generic MOU template (Nicolas)
  • Get MapOSMatics all the way there (read: fix mapnik bugs!) for Haiti (Dane)
  • Look into Shapefile export (subtask of HDM) using new GeoFabrik tools (Dane)
  • We need a registry of imagery contacts and a lead to curate and push this forward (HOT as a whole, bring in Fred Moine and Josh Campbell perhaps)

General Notes


Robert did the paper form.

Mission 5
 * Looking good, funding still yet to come through
 * Main target: completion of MapOSMatic work to leave behind self-sustaining tool


* Good relationship forming with reps
* Internal initiatives have overlap with HOT goals
* Politics with data consumers mean we may have a foot in (or a quick boot)
* Have products using OSM data, opportunity to barter for better imagery access
* Also overlap on mobile data collection and education
* a few links:
 * SAFER project:
 * UMAP product:


* Networking with various groups:
  * CartONG:
  * ACAPS:


* Emergency and Non-emerency situations both have distinct needs
* Near term need for tasking tool for key actors to interface with HOT
* Robert will set up Open Atrium for HOT to try out.

 * Notes sent by Kate earlier
 * She will continue to followup with contacts (particularly imagery)

Growing HOT

* focus on training, spreading skills within orgs
* growing numbers
  - allowing for clearer access points
  - guidelines for activation
  - simulation? (yes, longer term)
  • Scarfs are exotic and nice

Mission 6

* Mikel and Erica could go in early-mid 2011
* applying for a planning grant with OSI for ground truth

Haiti Strategy:

* Currently two avenues:

1) IOM and focused on community mapping linked to social media, opening up for a re-application of what was accomplished in Kibera 2) osm with classic GIS actors (UN, National and Development Projects) and linked to Academics

* Shapefile export tools from geofabrik open sources - we might be able to apply for custom HDM exports for GIS actors


* Thinking is to fundraise with either WB (slow movement) or SPOT
* Goal to find outside help/time to do this right
 * software dev
 * services - prototype and long term


* Looking to have HOT participation in Nov 13 event
* Harry Wood, Emeli Laffray, or Tim to attend?
* Need to followup as per Schuylers email