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Feb 02 16:03:51 clairedelune: Hello!
Feb 02 16:03:54 clairedelune: Are some people there for the Training WG meeting? BlakeGirardot?
Feb 02 16:04:09 Cristiano: Good morning Claire!
Feb 02 16:04:26 clairedelune: Hi Christiano!
Feb 02 16:04:33 BlakeGirardot: Is it now. Oy, sorry
Feb 02 16:04:43 Nick_Tallguy: Hi Claire, yes, just trying to read up on the previous notes & agenda
Feb 02 16:04:56 BlakeGirardot: I guess I confused with with the communications wg meeting time.
Feb 02 16:05:33 BlakeGirardot: But the good news (for me) is: I am here :)
Feb 02 16:05:48 clairedelune: Great!
Feb 02 16:06:56 sanderd17 satoshi sev_hotosm2 severin SpikeUK_ Supaplex Feb 02 16:06:58 BlakeGirardot: sev_hotosm2: ping
Feb 02 16:07:07 BlakeGirardot: severin: ping
Feb 02 16:07:31 BlakeGirardot: (sorry to interrupt, I'll make a private conversation if I can get a hold of Severin.
Feb 02 16:07:54 clairedelune: no problem
Feb 02 16:08:35 clairedelune: Was a poll already settled for changing the meeting time in order to keep our Asian-Ocenian participants involved?
Feb 02 16:09:30 BlakeGirardot: No, I don't think it was. Russ was going to speak with Emir to see what time was good for him and then we were going to bracket the poll around Emir's availablility.
Feb 02 16:09:38 BlakeGirardot: I'll follow up with Russ
Feb 02 16:09:39 clairedelune: And does anyone knows if RAytoun is around (maybe under another user name)?
Feb 02 16:10:00 clairedelune: Ok, thanks Blake
Feb 02 16:10:50 BlakeGirardot: I don't see RAytoun around either, again, my fault because I had the meeting time confused and didn't send out the notice to the main HOT list
Feb 02 16:12:31 Nick_Tallguy: I've just sent a quick email to Ralph - RAytoun
Feb 02 16:12:56 clairedelune: Thanks Nick!
Feb 02 16:13:32 Cristiano: Is there an agenda or should we refer to last meeting's notes?
Feb 02 16:14:02 BlakeGirardot:
Feb 02 16:14:47 russdeffner: sorry I am late, is Training WG meeting happening now?
Feb 02 16:14:54 Cristiano: Blake: thanks!
Feb 02 16:15:05 Nick_Tallguy: Hi russdeffner - yes just starting
Feb 02 16:15:15 Nick_Tallguy:
Feb 02 16:15:21 BlakeGirardot: Hi Russ, hi Cristiano and Nick and Claire :)
Feb 02 16:15:31 russdeffner: ok great, will be lurking - have another HOT obligation going at the same time here
Feb 02 16:16:01 BlakeGirardot: russdeffner: Just quick, did you email Emir about when he might be able to meet?
Feb 02 16:16:09 BlakeGirardot: I mean for the TWG meetings
Feb 02 16:16:24 russdeffner: yes, but never heard back
Feb 02 16:16:39 BlakeGirardot: Ok, cool. tyvm
Feb 02 16:16:55 BlakeGirardot: I guess we'll sit tight for now then on the 2nd meeting of the month time change
Feb 02 16:17:10 BlakeGirardot: Or we could sit tight on that until we hear I should say
Feb 02 16:17:37 russdeffner: sure, if we have coordinator training/certificiation on the agenda I'll try harder to get him here (or pick his brain beforehand)
Feb 02 16:18:18 russdeffner: but think we have other stuff prior to creating a ciriculum
Feb 02 16:18:50 BlakeGirardot: Ya, but I still think it is a good idea, if we can all work with it to maybe have 2 different meeting times in general if we are meeting 2 times a month
Feb 02 16:19:54 BlakeGirardot: Which I am going to ask about in the Communication WG meeting as well since the current meeting time is a bit late for me.
Feb 02 16:20:09 BlakeGirardot: (the current CWG meeting time I mean to say)
Feb 02 16:20:12 clairedelune: That's not a bad idea, but we'll need to find a way to not get messed up by the different times
Feb 02 16:20:34 russdeffner: I think it's a good idea - would first make sure that the leaders can make it
Feb 02 16:20:53 BlakeGirardot: Oh I agree
Feb 02 16:22:35 clairedelune: If one of you get Emir's answer, we can set up a doodle which times would be best. Would one of you be willing to set it up then?
Feb 02 16:23:30 BlakeGirardot: Oh for sure I can do the doodle poll
Feb 02 16:25:41 clairedelune: Thanks Blake
Feb 02 16:26:19 clairedelune: Should we adjourn Rayton's point until he shows up?
Feb 02 16:26:41 BlakeGirardot: I think that sounds like a good idea.
Feb 02 16:26:55 Nick_Tallguy: I agree
Feb 02 16:27:46 BlakeGirardot: We can also invite him to share his thoughts via the Training WG email list
Feb 02 16:27:58 BlakeGirardot: so we can get a better idea what he has in mind.
Feb 02 16:28:11 clairedelune: Sure
Feb 02 16:30:01 clairedelune: And I would suggest Cristiano to join the training list as well if he's interested.
Feb 02 16:30:37 russdeffner: I half expected Cristiano to be here, maybe it's also a bad time for him
Feb 02 16:31:16 BlakeGirardot: Cristiano: Here is the link to the Training WG "email list"
Feb 02 16:31:19 BlakeGirardot:!forum/training
Feb 02 16:31:37 russdeffner: oh, duh - you are here :)
Feb 02 16:31:39 Cristiano: OK, thank you
Feb 02 16:31:41 Cristiano: :)
Feb 02 16:31:47 BlakeGirardot: I am not sure if it is open for anyone to join or not, please let us know if it is not
Feb 02 16:32:27 russdeffner: that's what I get for only being half here myself
Feb 02 16:33:59 Cristiano: It looks like I was able to join. But one thing which is weird about groups inside the HOTOSM domain is that they don't show up in searches
Feb 02 16:34:05 clairedelune: That group is open for anyone to join, no need to get any kind of confirmation from someone else, you can subscribe/unsubscribe at any time.
Feb 02 16:34:26 clairedelune: what kind of searches?
Feb 02 16:34:36 Cristiano: Like, if I did not have the link and was just searching in the Google Groups search box
Feb 02 16:35:37 Cristiano: something like this:!search/HOT$20Training$20Working$20Group
Feb 02 16:36:22 Cristiano: Oh well, not a big deal if we post the link to the group :)
Feb 02 16:37:41 clairedelune: Yes, I had not noticed that yet. If someone thinks it is an issue, we could investigate. But as long as the information is made available from the main TrWG pages, I don't think it it a problem.
Feb 02 16:38:45 BlakeGirardot: I just looked, we have a really nice wiki page, but I don't see a link to our email group/list thing. I'll add it.
Feb 02 16:38:47 clairedelune: I should add the link here too:
Feb 02 16:39:00 clairedelune: exactly ;)
Feb 02 16:39:11 BlakeGirardot: I'll get it on there claire when I add the logs from this meeting
Feb 02 16:39:12 Cristiano: Right, a link should work. We rely too much on googling stuff anyway :-)
Feb 02 16:39:44 clairedelune: Great!
Feb 02 16:40:05 BlakeGirardot: (I am also testing Pete's Bangladesh Field Notes workflow so I am a bit slow at the moment)
Feb 02 16:40:29 clairedelune: Maybe we can continue with the third point? "Feedback from githubbers learnosm"
Feb 02 16:42:44 BlakeGirardot: I have just been a passive observer for the github action related to LearnOSM
Feb 02 16:43:49 BlakeGirardot: Nick, I know you have been out of the country for the past weeks, but you and althio have done the bulk of the 'githubbing'
Feb 02 16:43:50 clairedelune: Who put this point to the agenda? althio was supporting it. Nick_Tallguy, any news to share on this?
Feb 02 16:44:18 Nick_Tallguy: sorry, which bit are we on now?
Feb 02 16:44:28 BlakeGirardot: LearnOSM githubber feedback
Feb 02 16:44:29 clairedelune: Feedback from githubbers learnosm
Feb 02 16:44:34 Nick_Tallguy: Hi RAyroun
Feb 02 16:45:00 clairedelune: Hello RAytoun!
Feb 02 16:45:05 russdeffner RAytoun reidab rorym rup3rt russss_ Feb 02 16:45:24 RAytoun: Hi all, just getting up to speed on the flow
Feb 02 16:45:26 BlakeGirardot: Hi RAytoun, here is our agenda document with notes:
Feb 02 16:45:42 Nick_Tallguy: As althio said - the main contributors are already github aware - Michael63 has been using option 2, not sure about the others
Feb 02 16:49:48 BlakeGirardot: And so the process of them making pull requests is working out ok from your perspective nick?
Feb 02 16:49:59 BlakeGirardot: I think you do most of the merging
Feb 02 16:50:39 Nick_Tallguy: Yes, but we need to organise the 'need' more. There is a translation required label, and need to add a lable for each language.
Feb 02 16:51:26 BlakeGirardot: Interesting, so this is the "header" issue
Feb 02 16:51:27 BlakeGirardot: ?
Feb 02 16:53:16 Cristiano: Just to confirm, each translation issue in GitHub is the reference for coordinating translation in that language, right?
Feb 02 16:54:34 Nick_Tallguy: At present there is an issue created to show someone is translating something - lists exactly which section and language. Any updates on that process should refer to it.
Feb 02 16:54:54 BlakeGirardot: There is also an LearnOSM-coord email list invovled in theory :)
Feb 02 16:55:28 BlakeGirardot: But that might just be for initial contact (?) I am not sure what role it plays
Feb 02 16:55:41 Nick_Tallguy: I feel as if we have so many different things we are working towards, we are making little progress on any - have to ignore a few sometimes in order to actually make progress
Feb 02 16:57:12 BlakeGirardot: I agree it is a challenge Nick, but the progress is relative, for example, there was no action on the translations for while and we have gotten translations going again
Feb 02 16:57:35 BlakeGirardot: Which is helping us see and identify some workflow issues
Feb 02 16:58:22 Nick_Tallguy: Progress is good at the moment & I would be keen to see it continue
Feb 02 17:01:17 clairedelune: Next point?
Feb 02 17:01:56 BlakeGirardot: Do we want to circle back to RAytoun's point?
Feb 02 17:01:57 clairedelune: Do we postpone effectively until more detailed opinions are exchanged on list?
Feb 02 17:02:05 clairedelune: yes, sure, if he's available
Feb 02 17:02:27 RAytoun: I am available
Feb 02 17:02:31 BlakeGirardot: Ya, I think we should get some sort of something down about where we are with LearnOSM, especially from Nick and Althio
Feb 02 17:02:44 BlakeGirardot: That came out wrong
Feb 02 17:02:57 BlakeGirardot: I mean I am really eager to hear what Nick has to say
Feb 02 17:03:07 BlakeGirardot: and althio
Feb 02 17:04:02 BlakeGirardot: there are no two more recently experienced people with it than Nick and althio at the moment so their feedback is really important
Feb 02 17:04:06 Nick_Tallguy: I have more I would like to prepare & add to LearnOSM. Need to add more about buildings, and clarify something about landuse
Feb 02 17:04:12 russdeffner: Althio did let me know he won't be much available for I think he said 10 days
Feb 02 17:05:35 russdeffner: but he put thoughts down somewhere, hackpad?
Feb 02 17:05:55 russdeffner: oh, yep, down the page a bit
Feb 02 17:06:13 Nick_Tallguy: I think most of althio's thoughts are here
Feb 02 17:08:04 Nick_Tallguy: I think we're jumping about a bit now - are we going to return to item 1 on agenda - from <RAytoun>
Feb 02 17:08:50 RAytoun: Am I on now?
Feb 02 17:09:10 clairedelune: Yes please, I think you can start
Feb 02 17:11:21 RAytoun: Hi all, First I think Mapathons are great and useful and so far only for 'newbies' on iD and a bit for JOSM. Our pre-training has evolved and is improving all the time. But we are still assuming that people have an instant knowledge about what to do
Feb 02 17:13:23 Nick_Tallguy: I've been adding links to the section in the hope that attendees read this before coming along
Feb 02 17:13:53 RAytoun: We expect 'newbies' to be able to validate after only a few sessions and then we have varying levels of expertise so there is not a consistency in standard. I know expected in this situation but my thought is to help to raise standards of mapping all round
Feb 02 17:15:15 RAytoun: I have suggested Mapathons with prior tutoring for JOSM and I also believe we can get better consistency if we can do the same for Validators
Feb 02 17:16:18 Nick_Tallguy: I've been thinking that fewer attendees for a much longer session would be better. An all day session for only 6 people per expert, perhaps
Feb 02 17:16:50 RAytoun: I am not the one to suggest this for coordinators but if passing on knowledge helps towards the smooth flow of things then I think it also a good move
Feb 02 17:16:51 clairedelune: By the way, it depends a bit where, who and how the mapathon is organized, for instance in DRC, all OSM events so far where mainly built on JOSM first. Regarding validators, I think the Moodle currently being set up will help getting the validators to some minimum expected standards I think.
Feb 02 17:18:14 clairedelune: Nick_Tallguy and RAytoun, are you talking about Mapathons with participants gathered in a same place (usual ones) or entirely remote ones?
Feb 02 17:18:36 Nick_Tallguy: I'm talking about the attendees at mapathons
Feb 02 17:18:50 clairedelune: and the expert attending too or remote?
Feb 02 17:19:28 Nick_Tallguy: in attendance
Feb 02 17:19:42 clairedelune: ok thanks
Feb 02 17:20:03 clairedelune: availability is the key...
Feb 02 17:21:00 RAytoun: Our mapathons have been concentrated in London but there is a talk of trying to spread it further afield. I have one set up for 25th March at Portsmouth University
Feb 02 17:22:12 RAytoun: It was also suggested that we film an in troductory tutorial for other mapathons where "in attendance" is not possible
Feb 02 17:22:23 russdeffner: of course we also want to train local mappers, so remote sessions could be useful, but hard to teach GPS/field papers/etc remotely
Feb 02 17:23:16 clairedelune: Are there differences/sepcificity between your mapathons and all the other HOT/EOF/OSM mapathons ?
Feb 02 17:24:29 RAytoun: Through Missing Maps we send people out to the target areas to do the field work, could we not have a few
Feb 02 17:24:39 Nick_Tallguy: As far as I know they are the same
Feb 02 17:25:39 clairedelune: Yes thanks, that's just in the MM context then. (I was wondering who was the "we")
Feb 02 17:27:06 RAytoun: Sorry I lost connection there and have lost the thread.
Feb 02 17:28:13 BlakeGirardot: Here are the last few comments:
Feb 02 17:28:24 BlakeGirardot: RAytoun: if that helps you pick back up the thread
Feb 02 17:28:25 RAytoun: The Mapathons Nick and I have been at are Missing Maps projects concentrated in London and not purely HOT projects
Feb 02 17:29:52 RAytoun: Thanks Blake
Feb 02 17:30:20 clairedelune: I agree that longer mapathons with less newbies per expert seem to be most effective. But do you think there should be separate events just for validators? like a mapathons level 2? or just thinking about improving the usual ones?
Feb 02 17:30:41 Nick_Tallguy: RAytoun - I would like to try having prints of the available on some tables to see if that helps
Feb 02 17:31:30 clairedelune: Nick_Tallguy, wasn't your link not shared during the events?
Feb 02 17:31:46 clairedelune: or do you think printouts work best?
Feb 02 17:32:13 Nick_Tallguy: It was shared, but some people seem to prefer paper instead of extra tabs on the web browser. Also wifi goes slow with so many users
Feb 02 17:32:39 BlakeGirardot: (getting video of well done training sessions could really help "spread" the training)
Feb 02 17:33:20 RAytoun: "on table material" is certainly a help for mappers to refer to as they get more up to speed and need guidance
Feb 02 17:33:36 Nick_Tallguy: I believe our basic problem throughout has been so many brand new newbies each time
Feb 02 17:34:11 Nick_Tallguy: Encouraging that the newbies are there, but more expertiese would help a lot
Feb 02 17:34:38 Nick_Tallguy: sorry - more experts in the room - the ones we have are good, just need more of therm!
Feb 02 17:35:44 RAytoun: The other problem is the urgency factor. A lot of the Tasking Manager work has been taken over by Missing Maps and the glamour of mapping for a disaster that is in the news is lost.
Feb 02 17:37:12 clairedelune: In my opinion Missing Maps jobs shouldn't appear first in the list, as they are usually neither urgent or high priority but often "medium" type
Feb 02 17:38:52 clairedelune: do you think that there are not enough experts because the experts are not aware of the event, or because there are simply not enough experts and that effort should be on newbies to encourage them to get more engaged so they join the expert group
Feb 02 17:39:10 RAytoun: The number of newbies joining mapathons has not diminished so we have a constant flow of new people wanting to get involved... a longer mapathon will mean we can get them up to a standard where they will feel comfortable with what they are doing and continue it at home
Feb 02 17:39:33 clairedelune: (by the way, I'll need to be leaving soon, sorry, still not easy to access internet from Kinshasa at the moment)
Feb 02 17:39:50 BlakeGirardot: ( The redesigned TM front page and addition of tags or project groups should help with your point (which I agree with) Claire )
Feb 02 17:40:18 Cristiano: What about experts joining remotely with video/call/chat support one-to-one with newbies?
Feb 02 17:41:27 Nick_Tallguy: There have been attempts with mixed success regarding remote activities, but I think that wifi limitations are encountered when you are talking about 60+ people at once
Feb 02 17:41:32 clairedelune: (anyone knows pedrito1414?)
Feb 02 17:41:43 BlakeGirardot: That is Pete from Missing maps
Feb 02 17:42:07 BlakeGirardot: pedritio1414 = Pete from Red Cross UK/Missing mpas
Feb 02 17:42:29 Nick_Tallguy: I've been talking with pedritto1414
Feb 02 17:43:07 BlakeGirardot: Nick, I think remote can be done via 1 laptop and a projector
Feb 02 17:43:19 BlakeGirardot: if we are talking about a remote person doing some training
Feb 02 17:43:25 clairedelune: ok, thanks Blake, I know him and will invite him to join a discussion on tasking priorities
Feb 02 17:43:43 BlakeGirardot: or a central person doing training for multiple people attending remotely, same set up, 1 laptop
Feb 02 17:44:59 Cristiano: I was thinking more like one-to-one coaching. Let's say a newbie needs help with JOSM or just to validate his/her work
Feb 02 17:45:23 BlakeGirardot: That works well too, I have done it a number of times.
Feb 02 17:45:39 Nick_Tallguy: As I said, I would like to try smaller groups for longer
Feb 02 17:46:22 Cristiano: OK, so if more experts are needed, mapathon coordinators can just ask for remote experts availability during the event?
Feb 02 17:46:28 RAytoun: That kind of post mapathon help would could prove very useful.
Feb 02 17:47:55 BlakeGirardot: Ya that is a good idea Cristiano, let people at mapping parties know
Feb 02 17:48:04 BlakeGirardot: they can get one-on-one follow up help
Feb 02 17:48:08 BlakeGirardot: remotely
Feb 02 17:48:08 RAytoun: I am with Nick. The problem is not the expertise with the editor but being able to query whether their interpretation of the background image is correct or not and how to tag it.
Feb 02 17:48:55 BlakeGirardot: RAytoun: some of that can be done via 'pre-recorded' screen cast type videos
Feb 02 17:49:19 BlakeGirardot: which I would if I was an activation coordinator, create them for people working on projects in my activation
Feb 02 17:49:34 RAytoun: I have done that and it was very useful
Feb 02 17:49:47 BlakeGirardot: I did a few of those type videos as well for slum area mapping and got good feedback, people seemed to feel it helped them a lot
Feb 02 17:49:59 BlakeGirardot: what was a building and not to map if they couldn't be sure
Feb 02 17:51:12 clairedelune: yes I confirm that helps a lot!
Feb 02 17:51:59 BlakeGirardot: But some of it is sort of area/city specific
Feb 02 17:52:10 RAytoun: The problem with remote is the newbies, they will need to know how to get you to the visual problem so you can answer their question.
Feb 02 17:52:56 BlakeGirardot: With google hangouts, they just share their screen so they show me what they are looking at
Feb 02 17:53:17 BlakeGirardot: which you can also do with skype
Feb 02 17:53:19 Cristiano: Maybe they screenshare as they map and the expert just observes the process and provides comments as needed?
Feb 02 17:53:40 Nick_Tallguy: The main problem seems to be that they don't realise they need help - they think they are doing it okay
Feb 02 17:53:52 BlakeGirardot: Thats what we did Cristiano, switched back and forth, but a lot of watching them map and answering their questions as it went along
Feb 02 17:54:11 RAytoun: So we would have to introduce newbies to that side of things as well at a mapathon so they know how to communicate with the expert
Feb 02 17:54:13 russdeffner: that sounds like a great way to train
Feb 02 17:54:16 Nick_Tallguy: Were you working with groups of about 80?
Feb 02 17:54:29 russdeffner: *one-on-one
Feb 02 17:54:42 russdeffner: large groups, doesn't work
Feb 02 17:54:48 clairedelune: (out of the subject: if anyone knows how to get imagery loading in JOSM in an Internet restricted environment, please get in touch with me by mail. In Kinshasa, Internet has been cut off for 2 weeks now and is quite limited in the scarce spots where some data still pass)
Feb 02 17:55:08 Cristiano: OK. Well, you can just ask some, not everyone to volunteers for coached sessions
Feb 02 17:55:21 clairedelune: And I'm very sorry I can"t stay connected longer, have a nice rest of meeting!
Feb 02 17:55:21 BlakeGirardot: Nick_Tallguy: You bring up a very good point about many people not knowing, but for the few that do, making sure they have an option is important.
Feb 02 17:55:38 Cristiano: it doesn't have to be everyone
Feb 02 17:55:40 BlakeGirardot: Thank you very much clairedelune, I will make the minutes, notes and irc log
Feb 02 17:55:58 clairedelune: I will open some new threads by email asap regarding some additionnal points
Feb 02 17:56:03 clairedelune: thanks Blake
Feb 02 17:56:07 clairedelune: cheers all!
Feb 02 17:56:33 Cristiano: Thanks Claire, I will follow up with you about the imagery in JOSM
Feb 02 17:56:35 Nick_Tallguy: I think that a personal meeting between the experts who have been delivering the mapathons in London is needed
Feb 02 17:56:44 Cristiano: (in disconnected environments)
Feb 02 17:57:40 BlakeGirardot: Cristiano: Right, it doesn't have to be everyone. For me, identifying people who really want to map well is key, then making sure they get _all_ the help they can handle :)
Feb 02 17:58:02 clairedelune: thank you Cristiano
Feb 02 17:58:27 BlakeGirardot: Nick_Tallguy: Please find a way to include people who don't live in the greater London area, even just a laptop with a mic so we can "sit in" and listen would be helpful.
Feb 02 17:58:41 BlakeGirardot: Or video or audio tape it so I could listen to it later
Feb 02 17:58:46 RAytoun: That is why I suggested a separate mapathon on JOSM so that we can progress the ones who want to get more involved
Feb 02 17:58:53 Nick_Tallguy: I'll see what I can do
Feb 02 17:59:34 BlakeGirardot: I think Mikel might do a laptop logged in to the Mumble server (easy client software) for the HOT Summit meeting in DC soon
Feb 02 17:59:51 RAytoun: I have a mapathon on 25 March at Portsmouth University
Feb 02 18:01:35 Nick_Tallguy: RAytoun - will contact by email
Feb 02 18:01:54 BlakeGirardot: RAytoun: Do you think you are going to try and do anything special there? Video tape or sub groups or anything?
Feb 02 18:03:35 harry-wood: That reminds I need to post some photos from our last London mapping session
Feb 02 18:03:36 RAytoun: At present I am awaiting futher details. I have been invited to give a talk the evening before so will be at the mapathon and leading it in person but can try to get it video taped for future use.
Feb 02 18:04:30 BlakeGirardot: Ya, I mean some of the process is just working out logistics of how to make a decent video recording of a meeting or presentation with limited equipment.
Feb 02 18:05:08 RAytoun: True but I assume that the IT guys at the university should be able to set something up
Feb 02 18:05:12 BlakeGirardot: The first few might not be pretty, I know I spent a fair amount of time working out how to do decent Google Hangouts and still its rough :)
Feb 02 18:05:26 BlakeGirardot: Oh ya, thats a nice resource
Feb 02 18:06:54 Nick_Tallguy: RAytoun - are you looking for any help in person?
Feb 02 18:08:18 RAytoun: Some extra help is always welcome. I was going to ask, only got the dates this afternoon
Feb 02 18:08:46 Nick_Tallguy: OK - may be able to help
Feb 02 18:10:20 Nick_Tallguy: I have to go now - bye
Feb 02 18:12:19 BlakeGirardot: It was nice to see you agian Nick :) Even if I did miss your log off :)
Feb 02 18:12:43 russdeffner: I also need to step away, thanks all!
Feb 02 18:12:51 BlakeGirardot: Thank you russdeffner
Feb 02 18:13:15 BlakeGirardot: I think we are going to have to wrap up officially here
Feb 02 18:13:25 BlakeGirardot: And move the remaining agenda items to next meeting.
Feb 02 18:13:40 BlakeGirardot: RAytoun: Did you get the training email list/google group url?
Feb 02 18:13:40 Cristiano: Sounds good
Feb 02 18:13:43 CGI780: hi. did I make the tech working group meeting?
Feb 02 18:14:14 BlakeGirardot: CGI I missed it if you changed your nickname
Feb 02 18:14:23 BlakeGirardot: or you logged out, but this was the training wg meeting
Feb 02 18:14:40 mkl: oh ok
Feb 02 18:14:46 mkl: this is Mikel
Feb 02 18:14:46 BlakeGirardot: Oh, hi mkl
Feb 02 18:15:08 BlakeGirardot: Thats right, these are supposed to bump up against one another aren't they
Feb 02 18:15:14 mkl: you all went long for 2 hours?
Feb 02 18:15:21 RAytoun: We can have a trial run for a mapathon for validators in London and see if we can clear some of the backlog of validations on the Task Manager and give feedback from that
Feb 02 18:15:30 BlakeGirardot: Yes, we did
Feb 02 18:15:31 mkl: i have tech working group recurring in my calendar. have not heard if it's actually happening today
Feb 02 18:15:40 BlakeGirardot: I haven't heard if it was or not either
Feb 02 18:15:50 BlakeGirardot: I do have something to ask you mkl, one moment
Feb 02 18:15:57 mkl: one qeustion fro you all. has there been any discussion of the Activators Training in April?
Feb 02 18:16:04 BlakeGirardot: RAytoun: Can you join the training wg email list?
Feb 02 18:16:15 BlakeGirardot: I am digging up the address
Feb 02 18:16:30 mkl: We're having a planning meeting for the HOT Summit, and the Activation training is supposed to immediately precede it
Feb 02 18:16:52 BlakeGirardot: RAytoun:!forum/training
Feb 02 18:17:35 BlakeGirardot: mkl: I haven't see any mention of it, but I was hoping to "attend" the HOT summit planning meeting remotely somehow
Feb 02 18:17:40 RAytoun: Thanks Blake, have got that now
Feb 02 18:18:31 BlakeGirardot: RAytoun: I would like to get down on a hackpad or email list, your ideas for improving/building on the mapathons
Feb 02 18:19:00 mkl: great Blake. drop me an email, I'll make sure you get the call in details, we'll have a conf call line
Feb 02 18:19:14 Cristiano: mkl: I see the TWG scheduled for Sunday, but I feel that calendar is not updated...
Feb 02 18:20:07 mkl: Cristiano: the Tech WG on Sunday? I don't know if we've ever had a meeting on a Sunday :)
Feb 02 18:20:10 BlakeGirardot: Now that I think about it, didn't the tech wg switch to tuesdays?
Feb 02 18:20:44 BlakeGirardot: I don't remember where we had the discussion, but I'll ping dodobas and see what his understanding is
Feb 02 18:20:45 RAytoun: Blake will try to put something together and get it posted
Feb 02 18:20:57 Cristiano: I added an item to the agenda for today about the HOT Summit:
Feb 02 18:21:09 BlakeGirardot: Cristiano: Oh good idea
Feb 02 18:21:33 mkl: oh dear. i'll try to get to the next one whenever it is. need to raise a topic about project management of OSMTM. Blake, we talked about this on email a little.
Feb 02 18:21:09 BlakeGirardot: nods agreeably
Feb 02 18:22:25 mkl: great Cristiano, that's exactly what I think it's about
Feb 02 18:25:19 Cristiano: Blake: anything else you want to discuss or should we wrap up?
Feb 02 18:25:50 BlakeGirardot: I think we can wrap up. I'll make a new training agenda for next meeting
Feb 02 18:26:09 BlakeGirardot: Unless someone else has something they would like to bring up so we can get some discussion of it going
Feb 02 18:26:40 Cristiano: cool, thanks Blake! I think we are good for today :)
Feb 02 18:26:50 BlakeGirardot: discussion going via email for the next meeting I mean to say.
Feb 02 18:27:20 BlakeGirardot: Thank you Cristiano for coming and RAytoun too, thank you very much for showing u