Humanitarian OSM Team/Meetings/TrainingWG/10 November 2014

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Link towards the meeting agenda

15:58 BlakeGirardot: Hi Tallguy
15:58 Tallguy: Hi BlakeGirardot
16:04 clairedelune: Hi guys
16:05 Tallguy: hi
16:05 clairedelune: Who else is there for the Training WG meeting?
16:05 BlakeGirardot: Hi clairedelune
16:05 althio: hi
16:05 russdeffner: hello
16:06 clairedelune: Meeting agenda is here:
16:06 satoshi: Hello
16:07 althio: I ma here for the Training WG meeting, watch and learn
16:07 clairedelune: Hello satoshi and althio
16:08 clairedelune: Neither Emir, nor Mikel are currently connected to give an update on the first point (OSM data extracting tools)
16:09 clairedelune: A list of tools was started at the last meeting:
16:11 Tallguy: clairedelune - should Osmand maps be included somewhere?
16:12 clairedelune: Tallguy, I hadn't thought about Osmand, but actually yes, I think so.
16:13 Tallguy: okay, I can add something later on that
16:13 clairedelune: cool
16:13 althio: Validation, sanity, error-check tools
like KeepRight, Osmose, ...]: are they 'data extraction tools' or do they rely on others like overpass API?
16:13 clairedelune: The purpose of that list was to identify the tools, before improving documentation
16:14 clairedelune: althio, I personnally don't see them as "data extraction tools", but maybe someone else?
16:15 sanderd17: They're error-checking tools
16:15 clairedelune: (slightly out of the subject) It would be interesting to have another list with those error-checking tools, is there any already?
16:16 sanderd17: how they do it is only a detail. But yes, keep right and osmose both download and analyse the raw data.
16:16 sanderd17:
16:16 althio: alright, I am trying to catch up with the common objectives and tools and jargon :)
16:16 Tallguy: there are a couple listed on the validating section of the wiki - not exhaustive though, and doesn't contain some mentioned above
16:19 sanderd17: clairedelune, planet.osm is weekly, but has minutly diffs (so you download the entire planet once, and then stay up to date by downloading a diff every minute)
16:22 clairedelune: I guess most of you who were interested in improving/creating new tutorials about those extraction tools mentionned it to Mikel already. there was an open thread on the list for that.
16:22 clairedelune: no news yet on my side on the follow-up.
16:22 clairedelune: thanks sanderd17, made the correction
16:23 sanderd17: If someone needs help understanding the Overpass QL syntax, I can be of help
16:24 sanderd17: But I'm not a good documentation writer.
16:25 BlakeGirardot: Does what the tool generates work with the striaght overpass api?
16:25 sanderd17: Yes, you can choose the server
16:25 sanderd17: (German, French and Russian one)
16:26 satoshi: wow great. I and friends needs QL syntax (doc).
16:26 BlakeGirardot: I see, ty
16:26 sanderd17: but note that there are differences between the servers. The German is the default one, with the latest software running, and able to handle the most requests, the French always replies with zipped files, and the Russian is a bit older WRT implemented features
16:27 clairedelune: Good to know! I added a field in the list so people can volunteer to improve the doc for specific tools
16:30 clairedelune: Everybody's got commenting rights on the doc, feel free to add anything useful.
16:31 clairedelune: And I guess we can continue with our second point about LearnOSM translation workflow (if nobody has anything still to add on the first)
16:32 BlakeGirardot: I did have just a little bit of luck with the red cross process, but did not get very far
16:32 BlakeGirardot: One sticking point was that the osmlearn-coord list was not very active and the moderation was on hold
16:33 BlakeGirardot: So we worked that out, but I still didn't find out how to actually do the red cross process
16:33 Tallguy: there may be an even simpler system now - see - thanks to CloCKWeRX
16:33 CloCkWeRX: only for tiny edits :P
16:34 Tallguy: could we provide a translator a link to a file 'marked' draft, and they translate a line / paragraph at a time - may be easier?
16:34 BlakeGirardot: That does seem pretty straight forward
16:34 BlakeGirardot: I should have tried that with the edits I sent you tallguy
16:36 Tallguy: credit to ClocCKWeRX who provided info in the last couple of days
16:36 clairedelune: Great!
16:38 clairedelune: I feel like a good bunch of us are on the learnosm-coord mailing list. If we all knew how to do those kind of things (and be supportive "githubbers"), the list would be more reactive and there could be more people participating in the translations/updates
16:39 Tallguy: I agree
16:39 BlakeGirardot: I agree, I was just thinking that. We just need to get a few githubbbers
16:40 clairedelune: We could add another coordination guide (as Tallguy just did about irc support and so on), but with explanations for githubbers, translators and so on.
16:40 BlakeGirardot: Then I think between the ClocCKWeRX provided method and the method, people who don't have time to figure out github could contribute more easlity.
16:40 Tallguy: I'm happy to do that
16:41 clairedelune: Yes BlakeGirardot, but we'll need to explain which method is more appropriate to do what, and what are the requirements for each. Thanks Tallguy.
16:42 Tallguy: I think we need to get a opinion from Jeff Haack as he seems to be managing the github LearnOSM section
16:43 clairedelune: Yes sure, but I think he'll be happy if he's not anymore the only one doing that...
16:44 clairedelune: Tallguy, is it ok for you to contact him directly?
16:44 Tallguy: Yes, happy with that
16:44 clairedelune: cool, thank you
16:44 Tallguy: back in a moment
16:45 clairedelune: Ok, anything else on LEarnOSM subject?
16:47 Tallguy: Are we okay adding links, for instancre to Mapgive guides?
16:47 clairedelune: Why not?
16:48 Tallguy: Great, I'll try adding some - would also like to add internal links once I figure out how - there is a very good iD guide, but it's more or less hidden
16:49 clairedelune: If some documentation is not (yet) available internally, I don't see any issue adding external links. Yes they have a good iD tutorial.
16:52 clairedelune: Last week I started thinking about having a MOOC on how to contribute/learn/use OSM. It could simply be some video tutorials (like Blake had done), with subtitles which could be easily translated.
16:52 Tallguy: sorry, what's a MOOC?
16:52 clairedelune: sorry, a MOOC is an online course
16:53 clairedelune: usually gathering thousands of students
16:53 clairedelune: But then yesterday, FredM sent an email on hot-francophone list because there's currently a course starting (in French) on how to create a MOOC.
16:54 jeeltcraft: I'm working on moodle right now
16:54 jeeltcraft: creating some slides in italian
16:54 clairedelune: He joined it and met people from Wikimedia foundation, but he wanted to start an OSM group and prepare something about OSM.
16:54 jeeltcraft: about moodle
16:54 jeeltcraft: (learning management system)
16:55 jeeltcraft: we could have a try with the videos we already have
16:55 clairedelune: yes!
16:56 jeeltcraft: but I need a serve to run moodle mine one doesn't fit
16:56 clairedelune: I think we don't need to recreate much, but maybe to reorganize some of our material in a consistent way
16:56 jeeltcraft: server*
16:56 clairedelune: what are the requirements?
16:56 jeeltcraft: php 5.4 mainly
16:56 jeeltcraft: for the last version
16:56 jeeltcraft: and soem disk space
16:56 clairedelune: we could check this with the technical working group
16:56 jeeltcraft: some*
16:57 jeeltcraft: shouldn't be a great trouble
16:57 jeeltcraft: are you in contact with them?
16:57 clairedelune: yes, I do
16:58 clairedelune: But there is a large variety of platform, I was wondering how to choose one. Why did you start with moodle?
16:58 jeeltcraft: could you ask them for these requirements?
16:58 jeeltcraft: it's open source
16:58 jeeltcraft: mainly
16:59 CloCkWeRX: : We just need to get a few githubbbers
16:59 CloCkWeRX: happy to join up, didn't realise there was a list
16:59 jeeltcraft: you're right on that moodle is very heavy it's used by universities
17:00 CloCkWeRX: probably good cross section of folks who contribute to osm-carto stylesheets that would/could also contribute re learnosm
17:00 jeeltcraft: there may be some lighter platform
17:00 clairedelune: Should we investigate a bit more before choosing a platform?
17:01 clairedelune: jeeltcraft, I can send a message to the TWG and asking them for advice too.
17:01 jeeltcraft: why not :)
17:01 jeeltcraft: may get us some more ideas
17:02 clairedelune: Ok.
17:03 clairedelune: By the way, meeting started an hour ago and it seems we've gone through all the points on the agenda.
17:04 clairedelune: Does anyone still want to add anything on those subjects or any other?
17:04 BlakeGirardot: I got your feedback on the welcome letter, I'll get another draft done this week.
17:05 Tallguy: I think we should take CloCKWeRX up on the offer of other contributors
17:05 clairedelune: Thanks BlakeGirardot!
17:06 BlakeGirardot: Sorry, that was directed at clarie, I think we talked about that in the last meeting and I said I would give a first draft a try, which I did and sent to claire, I'll take her feedback and the 2nd draft can run by everyone.
17:06 clairedelune: Agreed with you, Tallguy, and CloCKWeRX
17:06 BlakeGirardot: Do we think the learnos-coord email list will work for getting things going again?
17:06 BlakeGirardot: learnosm*
17:07 Tallguy: Are we happy the learnosm-coord email list is working okay?
17:07 BlakeGirardot: I think it is, i am an admin for it so if it is not I will either know it or please let me know it is not working
17:07 clairedelune: if we become able to answer the request for support, and if Jeff is ok with that, I'm confident it could work
17:08 BlakeGirardot: that is partly why I ask, i can't tell if it is working if we don't give it a try
17:08 clairedelune: Yes, let's tr it again
17:08 Tallguy: I'm happy to use it, but I also intend to send messages to HOT generally as I think it's good to keep it active with everyone
17:09 BlakeGirardot: For some reason, a lot of linkedin email related to tallguy was getting sent to it as spam i guess.
17:09 Tallguy: was it something I did?
17:10 sanderd17: Tallguy, did you give your mail password to LinkedIn, then yes
17:10 BlakeGirardot: I don't know how that happens tallguy, I do not htink it is anything you did
17:10 sanderd17: LinkedIn has that strange phishing behaviour
17:10 Tallguy: I'm not aware that I gave anyone my email password
17:11 sanderd17: Some of my friends had it, and it only stopped when they changed their mail password.
17:11 jeeltcraft: omg
17:11 BlakeGirardot: Ya, I know linkedin is well known for either being used for phishing, phishing, or spamming contacts or being used by 3rd parites.
17:11 clairedelune: I don't think I got those from Tallguy...
17:12 Tallguy: Ok, I can change mine if that will stop problems - I know I got confusing messages on my phone where I couldn't view the whole message.
17:12 BlakeGirardot: I don't know if they were from tallguy, but were to tallguy, which makes no sense.
17:12 BlakeGirardot: Anyway, all the linked in related mail gets auto bin'ed now, I was sort of just double checking, even though I was pretty sure they didn't belong on the list
17:13 clairedelune: By the way, do we agree on meeting again on November 24th?
17:13 russdeffner: This schedule works for me
17:14 Tallguy: 24th is good for me
17:14 BlakeGirardot: this time is good with me
17:14 BlakeGirardot: just about any day
17:14 russdeffner: but I see the calendar invite from Kristen has google hangout as the location
17:14 clairedelune: really?
17:15 Tallguy: I couldn't answer the calendar invite - think you have to be a member of a group
17:15 russdeffner: yeah, want me to send her a note?
17:15 russdeffner: it's also .ics format, so that may not work for everyone
17:15 clairedelune: Yes please
17:16 clairedelune: I could answer one of the links but not the other one. But I didn't notice the hangout mention.
17:16 russdeffner: might be the only option from the google group though, I'll send a note and we'll see what happens
17:17 clairedelune: Thanks everybody! Have a nice evening / night / day!
17:17 clairedelune: Ok, thanks russdeffner
17:17 BlakeGirardot: g'night claire
17:17 BlakeGirardot: tallguy you have a second to chat about learnosm/w. africa mapping tips?
17:17 Tallguy: Thankks Bey!