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Meeting Summary

Meeting started by by SteveBower at 19:59:40 UTC. The full logs are available at

Review/approval of agenda

Review/approval of previous meeting minutes

Quick start guide on LearnOSM for HOT TM

  • No update

HOT Training Centre

  • No update

Set Up LearnOSM staging site

Backup for Nick - LearnOSM & Transifex processes

  • SteveBower made some progress learning the processes, nothing else to report

Mapathon / Event Management - LearnOSM "How To" Module

  • Draft was posted by Ralph Aytoun before the last meeting, he believes Nick has moved it onto a staging site for more work
  • Ralph planning to add some pictures for more detail
  • Steven Johnson has been reviewing, would like to strengthen links between LearnOSM and TeachOSM. Noted that TeachOSM has been asked to produce a'Mapathon-in-a-box' - Steven will coordinate on that.
  • Material from MapGive :
  • Ralph planning to add material on dealing with local projects, not just Tasking Manager projects

Tasking Manager Admin module on LearnOSM

  • No update

Update a LearnOSM module - develop workflow template/checklist

  • Nick added a card to the Trello board for this, under Active Projects, with a process description:
  • Ralph distributed a draft template but the odt file was apparently corrupted
  • ACTION ITEM: Ralph will fix and re-distribute the draft

Any Other Business

New LearnOSM Markdown Engine

  • Nick sent emails about LearnOSM revisions needed for the new markdown engine (kramdown). Those who can help should contact Nick.
  • Michael is assisting with revisions for German versions, is coordinating with Nick.

TrWG Twitter Account

  • Steven asked about the TrWG twitter account - last tweet was 3 years ago. No on knows who the owner is - we will revisit in a future meeting.

TeachOSM Validation Sprint

  • Steven noted that TeachOSM is planning to sponsor a validation sprint sometime in March (maybe the 15th)
  • Purpose: consolidate validation processes and procedures around validation both for data quality as well as for educational assessment (i.e. grading)
  • Discussion on potential complexity/awkwardness of grading
  • Steven will keep the TrWG informed

Date of Next Meeting

Scheduled for 29 February 2016, 20:00 UTC, but may be rescheduled to March 1 or 2 due to a conflict (in which case this page will be updated).

Meeting ended at 20:55:29 UTC

Full meeting logs

Action items, by person

  • RAytoun to re-distribute the draft Trello board checklist template

People present (lines said)

  • SteveBower (72)
  • StevenJohnson (39)
  • RAytoun (23)
  • michael63 (11)
  • althio (1)

Minutes prepared by Steve Bower, using full logs and hot_meetbot minutes: