Humanitarian OSM Team/Meetings/TrainingWG/2016-03-14

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Meeting Summary

Meeting started by Tallguy-Nick at 19:07:26 UTC. The full logs are available at

Review/approval of agenda

Review/approval of previous meeting minutes

HOT Training Centre

  • No update

Set Up LearnOSM staging site

Backup for Nick - LearnOSM & Transifex processes

  • Steve Bower had no progress in last 2 weeks

Mapathon / Event Management - LearnOSM "How To" Module

  • Ralph Aytoun has not had time to work on this

Tasking Manager Admin module on LearnOSM

LearnOSM updates (Tallguy-Nick)

iD display of highway tags

  • email thread :!msg/training/mOn3hLdllfg/EPRpZAL_BwAJ
  • In iD, the label for highway=unclassified changed to "Minor Road", to reduce confusion with the "unclassified" term (used for a road classification). The change could be confusing to new iD mappers, since LearnOSM documentation and HOT Tasking Manager instructions refer to "unclassified" roads.
  • The "unclassified" tag is commonly used in HOT mapping, for rural roads linking villages and settlements.
  • Lively discussion of the potential confusion, particularly for new mappers (see full logs).
  • Bryan (from iD team) will revise the iD label to "Minor/Unclassified Road", which is expected to minimize any confusion. He will expedite the revision, so as to minimize potential confusion.

Quick start guide on LearnOSM for HOT TM

  • No update

Any Other Business

  • No other pressing business

Date of Next Meeting

  • 28 March 2016, 20:00 UTC
  • On IRC #hot channel

Meeting ended at 21:08:35 UTC

Full meeting logs

Action items, by person

  • No action items

People present (lines said)

  • Tallguy-Nick (79)
  • SteveBower (73)
  • BlakeGirardot (69)
  • SuzanReed (36)
  • mkl_ (35)
  • althio (28)
  • bhousel (28)
  • Steven (27)
  • RAytoun (25)

Minutes prepared by Steve Bower, using full logs and hot_meetbot minutes: