Humanitarian OSM Team/Meetings/TrainingWG/2016-03-28

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Meeting Summary

Meeting started by Tallguy-Nick at 20:01:48 UTC. The full logs are available at

Review/approval of agenda

Review/approval of previous meeting minutes

Quick start guide on LearnOSM for HOT TM

  • Blake Girardot has not done much on this, liked what Suzan Reed had done in the November draft. Blake will follow up.

Set Up LearnOSM staging site

HOT Training Centre

  • Brief discussion of the purpose of this agenda item: to keep the TrWG informed of progress on that project, to avoid duplication of effort
  • Blake noted that Russell Deffner was the lead, Blake did a lot of the initial work. Now it has to catch on with volunteers to maintain and improve.
  • Nick noted it would be good to keep on the agenda, and to have a team or individual actively promoting it

Backup for Nick - LearnOSM & Transifex processes

  • Steve Bower has made good progress on this, has drafted an outline for revising the documentation for "contributing to LearnOSM", updating and expanding on the existing documentation
  • Steve will create a GitHub issue for this, where it can be discussed

Mapathon / Event Management - LearnOSM "How To" Module

  • Ralph Aytoun has not had time to work on this, due to his recent move

Tasking Manager Admin module on LearnOSM

LearnOSM updates (Tallguy-Nick)

Any Other Business

  • No other business

Date of Next Meeting

  • 11 April 2016, 19:00 UTC - we will shift to 19:00 UTC for the next few months, during Daylight Saving/Summer Time
  • On IRC #hot channel

Meeting ended at 21:46:45 UTC

Full meeting logs

Action items, by person

  • Steven Johnson helping review the TM Admin module to be added
  • Tallguy-Nick to help with documentation of Transifex for "Contributing to LearnOSM"
  • SteveBower lead on updating documentation for "Contributing to LearnOSM"
  • SteveBower to create GitHub issue on revising "Contibuting to LearnOSM" documentation
  • Tallguy-Nick to finish 'getting osm data' module and place on Transifex
  • SteveBower & michael63 to work on content updates to

People present (lines said)

  • Tallguy-Nick (96)
  • SteveBower (38)
  • BlakeGirardot_ (33)
  • althio (26)
  • Steven (8)
  • michael63 (7)
  • RAytoun (5)

Minutes prepared by Steve Bower, using full logs and hot_meetbot minutes: