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Minutes of meeting of the Training Working Group of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Meeting commenced at 1900hrs Monday 27th February 2017 using the Mumble server, but IRC monitored.


Blake Girardot, Laura O'Grady, Michael Heißmeier, Ralph Aytoun & Russell Deffner


Trello board for Agenda <>

Default Project Instructions

Blake explained that there will be another one or two months in order to review these instructions. Anyone is encouraged to edit the gitbook version directly. In the end project managers will be able to compile a base set of such instructions by clicking items in the new TM3 user interface when setting up a project. They will still be able to edit them manually.

Ralph mentioned that we need to care about residential areas. Experience shows that contributors attach place names to residential areas although the latter do not coincide with administrative boundaries. Project instructions should elaborate whether this landuse is required at all when all buildings have to be mapped anyways. The use of this landuse is also questionable in rural areas with a low population density and a sparse grid of buildings over a huge area.

High-Quality Images in learnOSM

Deferred until Nick joins the meeting

iD CSS Style Sheet

Deferred until Nick and Suzan join the meeting.

Training WG and Social Media

Russell still tries to reactivate the Twitter account.

Other Business

Blake mentioned that Missing Maps uses a stylesheet for validation and suggested we have a look at this and comment on the respective github issues page.

LearnOSM updates

Piwik stats <,2017-02-27#/?module=VisitsSummary&action=index&idSite=3&period=range&date=2017-02-13,2017-02-27>

Minutes of previous meeting

Date of Next Meeting

13th March 2017, 19.00hrs UTC