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Minutes of meeting of the Training Working Group of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Meeting commenced at 1900hrs Monday 10th Aprl 2017 using the Mumble server, but IRC monitored.


Blake Girardot, Laura O'Grady, Melanie Eckle, Michael Heißmeier, Nick Allen, Ralph Aytoun & Russell Deffner


Trello board for Agenda <>

Default Project Instructions

Blake mentioned that his list is still open for suggestions.

iD CSS Style Sheet, learnOSM Layout for larger images

We feel that substantial work is required to achieve progress on these items. As this is unlikely to happen in the near future these items have been put on hold.

Training WG and Social Media

Rachel VanNice is now the owner ot the learnOSM twitter account. Laura made a couple of suggestions how to handle this account:

  1. We need to define an interval for regular tweets, something like weekly so that people get accustomed to hearing from us
  2. Let us create a number of tweets before we start this so that we do not easily run out of ideas what to tweet. If everyone here makes 3-5 suggestions then we should be done for the first months. Blake created a Google document for collecting the ideas.
  3. If a tweet should link to a website then we should get shortcuts for that. This will not only shorten the link for use with twitter but also give us analytics about its use
  4. Suggestions for software to handle the account include Buffer and TweetDeck.

Russell added that it will be imperative to monitor the account because people likely will use it to ask questions

Other Business

Nick mentioned that iD is about to release a new version with modifications to its user interface. This will require updating the respective learnOSM pages. In order to be prepared for this move we might already start making screenshots from the available beta version. The best procedure is to fork the github repository for learnOSM and create pull requests with updated imagery making it clear in the request that this is for the upcoming release. In order not to interfere with each other's work use the Trello card for coordination.

Minutes of previous meeting

Date of Next Meeting

24th April 2017, 19.00hrs UTC