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Minutes of meeting of the Training Working Group of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Meeting commenced at 19:00 UTC Monday 4th December 2017 using the Mumble server, but IRC monitored.


Melanie Eckle, Michael Heißmeier, Nick Allen & Ralph Aytoun


Trello board for Agenda <>

Other Business

Ralph mentioned that iD got an update as far as adjusting the imagery background is concerned. Michael will have a look at it and update learnOSM as needed.

Asked by Ralph he also mentioned that learnOSM offers documentation on both the previous and the current version of the Tasking Manager. According to the wiki there are about 20 instances in use and we cannot expect them all to change to version 3 any time soon. Fortunately the versions differ distinctly in their user interface thus confusion should be limited.

Nick announced that he will be able to get the semi-automated process of pulling translations from Transifex to the learnOSM staging site running again. He will share his knowledge with Michael so that we should not experience periods without updates in the future. Last updates include a document on the current version of HOT Exports supplied by Mhairi O'Hara. Michael will take care of updating the sources on Transifex with its contents.

Minutes of previous meeting

Date of Next Meeting

18th December 2017, 19:00 UTC