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Meeting started by TomT5454 at 21:00:17 UTC. The full logs are available at .
Meeting participants are listed below.

Meeting summary

Times are as per the log below (UTC)

Agenda 21:03:36

The proposed agenda was at Agenda 20 July Russell added an item on the Activation
Curriculum to the original proposal. The modified agenda was accepted.

Actions out of previous meeting 21:16:47

Index/site plan for LearnOSM

Steve Bower reported that he and Nick had not collaborated specifically
on a “master index”, but continue to move in that direction. He has incorporated
all of Nick’s ongoing re-organization into the “re-org” spreadsheet
per the email sent before the meeting: LearnOSM re-org spreadsheet revised, and French material

Steve's report provoked a discussion of the relationship between the
French and English versions of certain modules. To begin with, the two versions
are organized differently.
Agreed (21:20:43): that all the LearnOSM material should have the same index
and content in all languages.

The discussion led on to the question of of which language should be
master for a given module. Key points:

  • There must be a single master version for translators to work from.

Translating from language A to language B and then from B to C causes
loss of information.

  • It would be desirable to allow any language to be master, given that

authors of new modules might prefer to write in their own language. That said,
the probability is that English will be the master for most modules.

  • We should consider whether the master language has to change at some

point over the life of a module as a result of someone new taking on
responsibility for maintenance of the module.

  • In the case of the particular modules for which French versions are

in LearnOSM, the corresponding English versions exist as Google docs.
Steve may be able to find out who wrote the French versions from the
Wiki history logs.

JG asked what set of languages we intend to support, with the suggestion
that the six official UN languages might be a starting point. The general
answer was that OSM takes whatever it gets. Left open was any conclusion
on a minimal set of priority languages.

Anwar has been tasked with adding "interim guides" to LearnOSM. These are
incomplete modules in a specific language and are really pointers to which
language versions of the guide are fully available.

Nick has been adding a "last-reviewed date" to the modules he has reviewed.
Agreed: that this will be the practice for all reviewers.

Suzan Reed volunteered to edit the beginner material so it is easier for the user to read.

To coordinate module reviews, Nick has added a tab to his LearnOSM site audit spreadsheet
capturing who is reviewing which module, starting when. It was agreed that
the nominal review period should not exceed a week. After that, unless
otherwise negotiated, it will be released for others to review. Reviewers
will work through Nick to update the tracking sheet.

Progress on experiments with Transifex

Covered by Nick Allen's report (next).

Report on short-term activities (Nick Allen)

Nick sent an E-mail report to the HOT Training list earlier in the day (July 20)
under the title: "LearnOSM progress report for meeting 20/07/15". Highlights:

  • The process for getting modules into Transifex is well in hand. Some translators

have been introduced to the system and find it useful. After Nick gets further
feedback, he will advise the general translation community to use Transifex.
The process for moving documents from Transifex to LearnOSM with appropriate markup
still has to be worked out.

  • Anwar has been working on the Glossary, and has added terms that will be needed

when the activation modules are added later in the year. The Glossary has been moved
to Transifex and Michael63 has already translated it to German.

Report from vision team (Steve Bower)

As mentioned above, Steve put out an E-mail report
earlier in the day (July 20) entitled "LearnOSM re-org spreadsheet revised,
and French material". Steve hopes for convergence between the “re-org” spreadsheet
and Nick's LearnOSM site audit spreadsheet by next meeting, except that the
"re-org" spreadsheet would also list modules that we hope to add in the future.

Report on Activation Training Development (Russell Deffner)

Russell has been working under contract to develop an Activation Curriculum
for the development of Activation Coordinators. He summarized the intention of
this work by presenting a diagram showing the Target Career Path for Activation Coordinators.

Russell's larger news was that they are launching the HOT Training Centre
built on Moodle. As an incentive for advancement, they will present achievement
awards for the various phases of the program, using Geobadges.
More seriously, the course outline is at Module Index.

For now, Russell is looking for subject matter experts to develop and
review the course work.

Suzan volunteered herself and her writing partner to take his modules once they
are done and edit them into one voice, easy to read, etc.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be at 1800 UTC on August 3.

Meeting ended at 22:50:26 UTC.

People present (lines said)

  • russdeffner (75)
  • TomT5454 (67)
  • SteveBower (42)
  • Tallguy-Nick (38)
  • SuzanReed (13)
  • Anwaario (8)
  • RAytoun (5)
  • hot_meetbot` (3)
  • jaygee (2)
  • Tyler_Radford (1)


21:00:17 <TomT5454> #startmeeting HOT Training Working Group
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and is due to finish in 60 minutes. The chair is TomT5454.
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21:00:55 <TomT5454> I see Steve, Ralph, Russell
21:01:00 <russdeffner> hello
21:01:08 <Tallguy-Nick> Hi
21:01:15 <SteveBower> hello
21:01:28 <TomT5454> That's right, I did see you, Nick
21:01:46 <Anwaario> Hi. just the intern.
21:02:13 <TomT5454> Russell, the meetingbot output was definitely helpful in doing the minutes
21:02:28 <TomT5454> Hi Anwaario
21:03:36 <TomT5454> #link Proposed Agenda
21:03:53 <TomT5454> I see you added something, Russell
21:03:54 <RAytoun> Hi all
21:04:16 <russdeffner> yes and yes Tom - meet bot is great
21:04:29 <russdeffner> and I do have some things to discuss with the group
21:04:44 <russdeffner> but should not need a lot of time
21:06:13 <TomT5454> Will Tyler be with us?
21:06:28 <TomT5454> Speaking of whom ...
21:06:34 <Tyler_Radford> Hello all
21:06:39 <Tallguy-Nick> Hi
21:06:50 <TomT5454> Guess we can start. Suzan should be along eventually
21:07:19 <TomT5454> Any further changes to the agenda?
21:08:48 <TomT5454> #topic Actions out of previous meeting
21:09:10 <SteveBower> Nick and I haven’t collaborated specifically
on a “master index”, but continue to move in that direction
21:09:23 <russdeffner> I would just suggest a more simple format
for the minutes no the wiki
21:09:32 <russdeffner> *on
21:10:12 <TomT5454> Russell? didn't catch that thought
21:10:18 <SteveBower> @russ, do you want to elaborate?
21:10:44 <russdeffner> just a sec, grabbing link
21:11:31 <russdeffner> so, last meeting minutes here:
Last Meeting Minutes
21:11:39 <TomT5454> Right
21:11:43 <russdeffner> are a bit hard to quickly catch-up
21:11:57 <russdeffner> with the blocks of formatting, etc.
21:12:35 <russdeffner> maybe just a bullet list?
21:13:10 <TomT5454> OK. The formatting is partly from Meetbot
21:13:34 <TomT5454> But I can delete all the Meetbot stuff after
I've extracted from it.
21:14:00 <SteveBower> I like the layout. And the meetbot output is
useful if you want to go back later.
21:14:10 <russdeffner> ah, yes - when I do the AWG, I just take the
small bit of text from the minutes it gives and delete all the spacing
21:14:22 <russdeffner> anyway, just a suggestion
21:14:57 <TomT5454> You like my previous versions before I met
Meetbot -- I'll look to that.
21:15:01 <russdeffner> might look better for others, on my windows
laptop using Firefox lots of the text runs out of the boxes, etc
21:15:18 <SteveBower> @russ - yes, I have that in Chrome too
21:16:15 <TomT5454> I noticed that. I inserted the odd break
to fix it, but I'll pay more attention
21:16:47 <SteveBower> ready for the "index" update?
21:16:48 <TomT5454> Hi, Jaygee. Just discussing minutes formatting, nothing substantial yet
21:17:13 <TomT5454> GA, Steve
21:17:19 <SteveBower> Nick and I haven’t collaborated specifically on a
“master index”, but continue to move in that direction
21:17:33 <SteveBower> I have incorporated all of Nick’s ongoing re-organization
into the “re-org” spreadsheet, per an email I sent earlier today
21:18:02 <TomT5454> So primary issue at the moment is sorting out the French-English stuff
21:18:49 <TomT5454> I can work between the two languages, though I get rustier every year
21:18:52 <SteveBower> Yes, sorting out the French docs, including those
that don't have English counterparts, is part of developing an overall index
21:19:34 <Tallguy-Nick> The French intermediate & advanced is partially the
google docs from the wiki being incorporated into LearnOSM - still to be
done for English - need to investigate each one though
21:19:38 <SteveBower> My French is pretty good. I reviewed all
of the French modules. Some are outdated, but others have good
material that's not in the English material, which would be good to incorporate.
21:20:06 <SteveBower> @Nick - I'll have to review those, I've only
reviewed the French LearnOSM web pages at this point
21:20:43 <SteveBower> But I think the goal is to have a uniform index
to the LearnOSM material, where one can see the overall structure,
without having it change from module to module.
21:21:11 <Tallguy-Nick> I agree - should be the same view in all languages
21:21:18 <TomT5454> You mean from language to language?
21:21:25 <SteveBower> And an index that shows potential future modules/material
to be added, for our internal use/planning
21:21:28 <TomT5454> And I agree
21:21:52 <Tallguy-Nick> This is an example of an 'interim' document
- goes some way to helping
21:22:19 <SteveBower> Yes, I assume we all want all the LearnOSM material to
have the same index and content in all languages
21:22:37 <SteveBower> @Nick - elaborate?
21:23:16 <Tallguy-Nick> If we create a document for each language where the module is missing
21:24:06 <SteveBower> Ah - as in this case, there's an English Google doc
corresponding to the French-only OSM web page
21:25:05 <Tallguy-Nick> 'editing the wiki' is available in all languages
as a document, pointing to the languages or document that is available
- as per line 45 of Master Spreadsheet
21:25:56 <Anwaario> I had a question about this - what convention is
used to decide which interim guide to use.
21:26:12 <Anwaario> Is French always the "go to" other
21:26:28 <Anwaario> It always - French and English?
21:26:35 <Tallguy-Nick> The 'go to' should point to any language the full module is available in
21:26:54 <Anwaario> ok.
21:27:18 <Tallguy-Nick> glossary is in English & German
21:27:18 <SteveBower> I don't know of any interim guides other than French
ones. Nick, does your tracking sheet identify others that are not available
in English, but in some other language?
21:27:51 <jaygee> What does "all languages" mean-- is there a standard set
in which everything must be translated-- for sake of argument the six UN
languages-- or does every language get the same treatment?
21:28:04 <Tallguy-Nick> Sorry, 'interim guide' is just the short document
that points to the language section where a full module is available
21:28:30 <Tallguy-Nick> Languages have developed according to who was
willing to provide them
21:28:45 <TomT5454> #info MASTER Spreadsheet
21:29:16 <TomT5454> Lots of missing!
21:29:31 <russdeffner> I think it is great if we can have a way that the
'original'/'complete' version can be any language
21:29:32 <Tallguy-Nick> missing is very prevelant!
21:29:56 <russdeffner> i.e. we have people who could write good modules,
but would prefer to do so in their native language
21:30:21 <Tallguy-Nick> The preference is no 'interim' guides, but all
modules translated - in the meantime at least a visitor can choose a language
for reading
21:30:41 <SteveBower> @russ - I agree. We should identify the "master
language" for each doc
21:30:46 <russdeffner> we just need a 'system' to know which is master
21:30:47 <Tallguy-Nick> Transifex can cope with a different 'base
language' for each module if needed
21:31:04 <russdeffner> ok Nick, great
21:31:43 <TomT5454> .. and I guess that depends on the initial author
21:32:14 <TomT5454> May change with maintenance
21:32:29 <SteveBower> So yes, we need to sort out the French material
before we can solidify a target site index
21:32:35 <Tallguy-Nick> Unfortunately I can't easily tell which is the
'master' document - my language skills are good enough to know the guides
are different, but not to translate
21:33:42 <SteveBower> Who are the French speakers we should collaborate on,
to make sure we merge the material appropriately?
21:33:53 <SteveBower> Do we know who developed the French modules?
21:34:26 <Tallguy-Nick> .... I don't
21:34:35 <SteveBower> We could plow ahead, but I'd like to get the right
input on that - it's potentially a big task
21:35:16 <Tallguy-Nick> there is a guide in the wiki on how to transfer
a google doc into LearnOSM -I haven't read it yet but was going to investigate
& try it out
21:36:12 <SteveBower> I could work on a proposal for how to merge the French
& English material. It's very intertwined.
21:36:15 <TomT5454> Welcome, Suzan
21:36:42 <SteveBower> But it would be great to have someone involved who was involved
in the French material.
21:37:01 <TomT5454> Right now we're looking at the spreadsheet,
Master Spreadsheet
21:37:08 <Anwaario> I spend the better part of my weekend in a hackhouse
in oakland "sudo room" and i can be looked at as a programming task.
especially since the majority of the "text" from a full module is only
being copied and pasted to "missing"
21:37:22 <TomT5454> The Wiki should have a history
21:37:32 <SteveBower> My guess is, much of the French material is older,
so the English material can take precedence
21:37:38 <SteveBower> @Tom ok
21:37:48 <Anwaario> I can be wrong...I haven't done this very much.
21:37:54 <Tallguy-Nick> wiki is just a link to google doc - don't know if they have a history
21:38:02 <SteveBower> But there's a lot of French material with
no English counterpart - which needs to be reviewed for accuracy
21:38:25 <SteveBower> Would be great to have "last reviewed <date>"
in all modules - as Nick's started to do
21:38:30 <TomT5454> That's the point - the French part will have a history
21:39:16 <RAytoun> Nick asked me to looked at the iD Editor material
and I found that the images and instructions are out of date
21:39:24 <SteveBower> @Tom - I'll look into that, the Wiki stuff and other available history
21:39:25 <TomT5454> Anwaario: what exactly did you have in mind?
21:42:07 <SuzanReed> checking in
21:42:38 <SteveBower> To wrap up the "index" report, I will continue
collaborating with Nick on that, I think we can have a concrete proposal by next mtg
21:42:39 <RAytoun> A last reviewed date would be a great help in keeping
versions up to date and coordinating with other languages
21:43:15 <SteveBower> Nick - can you add a "source language" or
"master language" column to your tracking sheet?
21:43:33 <SteveBower> Most would be English (I assume), a few French
- I don't know of any others
21:44:00 <Anwaario> Hi Suzan....
21:44:15 <Tallguy-Nick> I can - I think all English - the French ones
I think are derived from the Google docs
21:45:57 <SteveBower> Even if they currently all have source
language = English, I think it would be good to have that
21:46:36 <Tallguy-Nick> no probs.
21:47:24 <Tallguy-Nick> I think there is more than 'source language'
though - we want to work from the most up to date
21:48:05 <russdeffner> would agree, source language is useful
if it's to only one and so people can refer back to that version
21:48:36 <russdeffner> but we could have a 'dynamic' master, i.e. whichever
was the last one to have a content update
21:48:52 <SteveBower> Yes, "most up-to-date" also useful
21:48:59 <TomT5454> Back to master. That would be what the
translators need to know to work from
21:49:28 <SteveBower> I assume some modules would be translated
from language A to B to C to ...
21:49:38 <Tallguy-Nick> MOst translators were mappers - they updated
as they translated - Michael63 translated & updated, but was good enough
to keep German & English parallel
21:51:13 <Tallguy-Nick> If we're not careful we will get tied up in knots
- if we can produce a guide which covers all of the subject in a suitable
language I think we then quickly move on to the next
21:51:53 <Tallguy-Nick> I have a complete copy of the site from a couple of
months ago - if I need to look back I can
21:52:09 <SteveBower> I was tied up in knots after reviewing the French stuff
- but better understand the history now
21:52:46 <TomT5454> Yes, maybe put our priority on English for now, accepting
whatever JG and his people can add
21:53:29 <Tallguy-Nick> I can only really work in English, and am trying to
find experts on some of the subjects
21:54:02 <TomT5454> I should have local experts on QGS, though I misfired on my
first attempt
21:54:06 <SuzanReed> I volunteered to edit the beginner material so it is easier
for the user to read. How does that affect translations? Did I miss that boat?
21:54:08 <jaygee> It is essential to have one master from which all translations
are made-- if you have a master in French which is translated into English and
the English is then used to translate into Spanish--a lot of the meaning will be lost
21:54:36 <Tallguy-Nick> If an expert produces something in another language
I'm happy to update it to LearnOSM and add it to Transifex with the 'master'
being whatever they produced
21:54:53 <Tallguy-Nick> ... master being the original language
21:55:48 <SteveBower> @jaygee - that could happen, but I think less of a problem
with technical material like this. But I assume most translations will be
from English, so any translation to English should be done well.
21:56:22 <Tallguy-Nick> <SuzanReed> we can always update - it will be a continually
evolving site I think
21:58:12 <Tallguy-Nick> iD is being reviewed by RAytoun but I would like to hear
from others on any module they are willing to review
21:59:12 <TomT5454> I looked at Trellis finally today, and it looks very nice, but
with the huge mass of material to review, I suspect we need to track reviewers by spreadsheet
21:59:13 <RAytoun> I can also have a look at the JOSM and Validators modules
21:59:55 <SteveBower> @Tom - Trellis?
22:00:10 <Tallguy-Nick> Trello I suspect
22:00:20 <SuzanReed> If anyone needs review for UI and UX so the material is easy to
read on the web, I can do that to the final material.
22:00:32 <TomT5454> Just wondering if we should set up a derivative (add a sheet to)
the master spreadsheet. people could put their names opposite pages they are reviewing.
22:01:36 <Tallguy-Nick> <TomT5454> I think that's a good idea.
22:01:49 <SteveBower> @tom - good plan
22:03:13 <Tallguy-Nick> I also think that the two spreadsheets should be located
in the LearnOSM folder - so both easy to find
22:04:04 <russdeffner> @Nick - yes, please make sure docs live in the HOT
Drive; is that where the folder is?
22:04:12 <TomT5454> #action Set up reviewer signup spreadsheet - just
has to carry page name, language(?), reviewer
22:04:39 <Tallguy-Nick> @russ - yes, I got Kristen to put a folder there for us
22:05:24 <russdeffner> great
22:05:41 <TomT5454> Your action, Nick?
22:05:47 <Tallguy-Nick> I think we need a time limit on the review - we don't
want to stop all translations because someone's sitting on a review
22:06:11 <TomT5454> So have a date of "checkout" on the reviewer sheet?
22:06:34 <TomT5454> ... on the reviewer sheet
22:06:47 <Tallguy-Nick> I think a week unless there is a reason to think longer
is needed - an update part way through
22:07:04 <TomT5454> Seems reasonable
22:07:37 <Tallguy-Nick> I'll add a sheet to spreadsheet
22:08:14 <TomT5454> Thanks
22:10:04 <TomT5454> Shall we move on to reviewing Nick's report?
That was on E-mail, 3:45 am EDT (7:45 UTC)
22:10:23 <SteveBower> yes
22:10:57 <Tallguy-Nick> Nick's report
22:11:21 <TomT5454> #topic Nick's report
22:12:44 <TomT5454> Any questions?
22:14:28 <TomT5454> I'm thinking it will be a bit challenging to Wiki-format
non-Latin writing
22:15:14 <TomT5454> Good report. I'll capture the key points in the minutes
22:15:50 <Tallguy-Nick> I think that the 'string numbers' that transifex uses
will be helpful!
22:17:47 <TomT5454> Steve, anything to add to your remarks way back at
the beginning?
22:18:00 <SteveBower> nothing to add
22:19:00 <TomT5454> Ok, I haven't been driving things the way I was supposed
to, but not going to my Prague meeting has freed me up if I can just stop reading E-mails
22:19:37 <TomT5454> Russell, can we turn to your item?
22:19:45 <russdeffner> sure
22:19:53 <TomT5454> #topic Activation
22:20:10 <russdeffner> I put this same image link in the agenda...
22:20:13 <russdeffner> Career Path Diagram
22:20:33 <russdeffner> to explain a little bit...
22:20:42 <TomT5454> #link [2]
22:21:04 <russdeffner> as part of the Activation development, we are nearly
complete in drafting the "Activation Protocol"
22:21:37 <russdeffner> this will basically define the HOT Program of
'Disaster Management' as it's shown on our website
22:22:37 <russdeffner> that image is now part of the 'Phase 0: HOT Readiness'
and basically shows conceptually how the training and endorsement of coordinators happens
22:22:59 <russdeffner> What it means for the Training WG...
22:23:31 <russdeffner> I'll be utilizing the existing LearnOSM information,
most of which is in the 'Coordination' section
22:24:02 <russdeffner> and building more 'modules' where it is lacking
22:24:13 <russdeffner> However, the bigger 'news' is...
22:24:39 <russdeffner> We'll also be developing and launching the
'HOT Training Center' (working title)
22:25:10 <russdeffner> built on Moodle, which if all goes well will utilize
the soon to launch GeoBadges
22:25:34 <TomT5454> Like Scout badges?
22:25:52 <russdeffner> you can visit the site here...
22:25:54 <russdeffner> #link [3]
22:26:09 <russdeffner> but it's not 'complete' yet
22:26:31 <russdeffner> it is built on OpenBadges by Mozilla
22:27:21 <russdeffner> So starting today I am basically in the 'prototype' mode
22:27:41 <SuzanReed> Nice looking, Russ.
22:27:44 <TomT5454> Looks like a fun project
22:28:00 <russdeffner> And also looking for 'content experts' for helping build
out the training (both moodle course and new LearnOSM content)
22:28:43 <russdeffner> Everyone should be able to at least view this 'Module Index'...
22:28:47 <russdeffner> #link Module Index
22:28:58 <RAytoun> Is this part of or using the TeachOSM Tasking Manager?
22:29:08 <SuzanReed> Small thing: I’d move the type up so it’s not over the
graphics = easier to read.
22:30:19 <russdeffner> @RAytoun - not at the moment
22:30:44 <russdeffner> we might utilize the TeachOSM Instance for 'activation
simulation'/training workshops
22:31:19 <russdeffner> @SuzanReed - on the career path diagram?
22:32:14 <SuzanReed> Front page. I didn’t see the Learn More button until
just now. “Join a community of …” Good looking, Russ.
22:32:30 <russdeffner> Front page of?
22:32:49 <SuzanReed>
22:33:03 <russdeffner> oh, sorry I was confused there
22:33:17 <russdeffner> I should have stated that we don't have anything to do with geobadges
22:33:27 <SuzanReed> Oh well.
22:33:32 <russdeffner> platform wise
22:33:50 <russdeffner> but the developers are 'in the OSM community'
22:34:26 <russdeffner> and/so we might be a bit of a 'pilot'
22:34:39 <russdeffner> could be a cool/fun partnership
22:35:04 <SuzanReed> All these modules will need to be coordinated, i.e.
consistency in voice, content, graphics.
22:35:22 <russdeffner> but the more important part is setting up the courses
on moodle that act as the 'front door' for being on the "Activation Roster"
22:35:56 <russdeffner> geobadges just seems like a great fit for the 'recognition' piece
22:36:30 <russdeffner> anyway, the 'near-term' is...
22:37:29 <russdeffner> recruit for 'content experts', then turn the 'skeletons'
into both moodle courses and learnOSM content
22:38:05 <SuzanReed> What is a ‘module template’?
22:38:10 <TomT5454> You can't have many experts in some areas --
just the existing coordinators?
22:39:00 <russdeffner> so anyone interested, if you go into one of the
'module script/skeleton' and want to edit/comment, just request access
22:39:22 <russdeffner> I will 'limit' the number of people just so it doesn't
get too crazy for me to keep up with
22:40:08 <russdeffner> @Suzan - it describes the components of each 'role module'
script/skeleton/whatever you want to call it
22:40:12 <TomT5454> What do you expect to cover under Usability?
22:40:32 <russdeffner> Export/OSM Usage/Etc
22:40:44 <russdeffner> That's what I really need feedback/review of
22:41:16 <russdeffner> each module/script/skeleton thing should explain
the 'highest level' of the curriculum
22:41:51 <russdeffner> so I'm looking for people who can make sure those
'guiding questions' etc capture what that role needs to know
22:41:59 <SuzanReed> So you aren’t talking about user experience.
You want to describe how OSM is used, correct?
22:42:12 <SuzanReed> i.e. Usability.
22:42:17 <TomT5454> Like WalkingPapers, etc
22:43:27 <russdeffner> Yes Suzan, the 'final product' (i.e. course and
training material) will be 'the required training' for being on the HOT Activation Roster
22:43:29 <SteveBower> Where do you all see "usability"? not in the Module Index...
22:43:44 <TomT5454> Career path diagram
22:44:03 <russdeffner> Usability is the 'role', the module has a bit more explanatory name
22:44:39 <russdeffner> i.e. to get the Usability geobadge, you must complete the
'Using OSM Data' course
22:44:42 <TomT5454> AFAIK we have only one imagery expert, so it will be good
to get that documented
22:45:05 <russdeffner> we have lots of imagery experts
22:45:30 <TomT5454> OK, just going by what I saw on the HOT list
22:46:29 <russdeffner> yes, also to clarify - I'm not too worried about
finding the experts, have at least one for every role, but always good to get many eyes
22:46:46 <TomT5454> Russell, do you want to define any action?
22:46:57 <russdeffner> hmm...
22:47:10 <russdeffner> I don't think so right now
22:47:40 <TomT5454> Are we done the meeting? Lots to capture.
22:47:57 <russdeffner> but it should probably be 'noted' that there will
probably be some expectation that the Training WG will 'maintain' stuff
after my contract is over
22:47:58 <SuzanReed> My writing partner and I can take your modules once they
are done and edit them into one voice, easy to read, etc. That’s what we do,
besides the visuals. Feel free to call on me/us.
22:48:20 <russdeffner> ok Suzan thanks
22:49:03 <TomT5454> OK, next meeting 1800 UTC on Aug 3
22:49:25 <russdeffner> I don't think it will be a huge amount of work, but just
something new (i.e. having the moodle site)
22:49:46 <russdeffner> thanks Tom
22:50:21 <TomT5454> Thanks everybody
22:50:26 <TomT5454> #endmeeting