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Mar 02 18:58:04 russdeffner: Hello clairedelune - I am here for the training wg meeting but need to step away for a minute, be back as soon as able
Mar 02 18:58:32 clairedelune: ok, no worries, thanks russdeffner
Mar 02 18:58:37 emirhartato: hello russell et all
Mar 02 18:58:45 clairedelune: Hi Emir
Mar 02 19:02:06 Cristiano: Hello everyone!
Mar 02 19:02:10 BlakeGirardot: Hi all
Mar 02 19:02:22 clairedelune: Hi, the Training Working Group meeting is starting, welcome!
Mar 02 19:02:38 clairedelune: Agenda to be completed is here:
Mar 02 19:04:45 Cristiano: Do we have any open item from the previous meeting?
Mar 02 19:05:16 althio: outreachy projects!
Mar 02 19:05:23 althio: hi all
Mar 02 19:05:35 clairedelune: Hello althio!
Mar 02 19:05:38 Tallguy: Hi all
Mar 02 19:06:39 clairedelune: If you have items to add, agenda is here:
Mar 02 19:06:56 clairedelune: Is RAytoun going to be around? Any news?
Mar 02 19:08:28 clairedelune: emirhartato, is this time more convenient for you?
Mar 02 19:08:53 emirhartato: it's 7am here
Mar 02 19:09:10 emirhartato: if dst ends... it will be 6am here
Mar 02 19:09:18 emirhartato: but I'll be fine
Mar 02 19:09:41 clairedelune: cool
Mar 02 19:09:48 clairedelune: Shall we start?
Mar 02 19:10:13 clairedelune: RAytoun, are you joining the meeting? Do you want to discuss your point later or now?
Mar 02 19:10:36 Jorieke: Hi all!
Mar 02 19:10:46 BlakeGirardot: Hi Jorieke :)
Mar 02 19:10:58 clairedelune: Welcome Jorieke, BlakeGirardot and Tallguy
Mar 02 19:10:58 Tallguy: Hi
Mar 02 19:11:24 RAytoun: Hi all. Yes I can discuss my point now
Mar 02 19:11:40 clairedelune: Great, please go on.
Mar 02 19:13:48 RAytoun: I was approached by Portsmouth University to do a Maathon there and was then also invited to give a talk at the "Digital Media Network 6" meeting the night before. The idea is to get a group of mappers together outside London
Mar 02 19:14:55 RAytoun: I have also been approached to do a talk on Cartography at the Unoversity of the 3rd Age in Luton where I will also try and start up a mapping group.
Mar 02 19:15:17 russdeffner: side note: in case you missed it, agenda/notes are here:
Mar 02 19:17:49 RAytoun: Sorry, I lost the connection there
Mar 02 19:19:34 Cristiano: Raytoun: did you have specific questions about those two initiatives?
Mar 02 19:19:59 RAytoun: Since the last meeting Nick and I had a meeting with Pete Masters, Ivan Gayton of MSF and the discussion took a turn to getting people to take ownership of tasks.
Mar 02 19:22:09 RAytoun: My original thought has changed and I believe that instead of the core trainers running Mapathons around the country we should be training up teams from those areas to send them back to take ownership of running those mapathons
Mar 02 19:22:42 Cristiano: That makes sense :)
Mar 02 19:23:35 clairedelune: Sure, it's good to have people all around taking part and getting some editing and organization on them
Mar 02 19:23:48 Jorieke: In my eyes we have two things we have to work on. People getting so far that they run mapathons themself like you say, but also that they keep on mapping 'at home'. After attending a mapathon.
Mar 02 19:24:18 RAytoun: So my new thought is now to discuss with Nick about putting together some kind of training event and invite certain prolific mappers from specific areas and get them to run these Mapathons
Mar 02 19:24:48 BlakeGirardot: Some of training the trainers can be done remotely as well. I am not sure everyone has to travel to get training.
Mar 02 19:25:27 clairedelune: I would suggest prolific mappers to join the hot list as well, and I don't think the training needs to require presence as well
Mar 02 19:25:45 RAytoun: Set up a new membership level... something like Team Leaders.
Mar 02 19:25:53 Cristiano: Do we have or can we make guidelines for "training the trainers"?
Mar 02 19:26:14 Cristiano: Or just have resources ready somewhere to point them to?
Mar 02 19:26:37 Cristiano: (like slides, printouts, materials)
Mar 02 19:26:49 Tallguy: I think having resources is something I would support
Mar 02 19:27:03 BlakeGirardot: In theory, TeachOSM might have some of that.
Mar 02 19:27:04 clairedelune: there have already been many training for trainers in OSM
Mar 02 19:27:47 clairedelune: I'm not sure about the added value of having "team leaders" as an added membership level
Mar 02 19:28:48 RAytoun: I agree that the resources must be there to be referred to at any stage, but I also believe that some kind of personal contact with these people gives them the "authority" factor and confidence that they have permission to do so because there is always an out-of-pocket expense tab that has to be considered.
Mar 02 19:29:13 Jorieke: absolutely agree with that!
Mar 02 19:29:29 clairedelune: "out-of-pocket expense tab"?
Mar 02 19:29:51 russdeffner: yes, I'd agree that adding a 'membership' level is probably not the way to go, but having 'certified trainers' might be a good idea
Mar 02 19:30:37 russdeffner: then it's just setting a curiculum, etc. for how we identify these peope
Mar 02 19:30:40 RAytoun: The "Team Leader" thought was just a prompt to get some kind of discussion going on this
Mar 02 19:30:42 clairedelune: We are trying to get some certified validators (through online material), I think this is the best start
Mar 02 19:31:28 clairedelune: Then of course events with physical presence help a lot too, but they shouldn't be a requirement IMO
Mar 02 19:31:37 emirhartato: @claire how to become certified?
Mar 02 19:32:03 Cristiano: So, LearnOSM is for sure the place to start and to collect material, and I see the link "Organizing a Workshop" there, but it's not obvious what to do exactly from there.
Mar 02 19:32:10 * althio is away, sorry Mar 02 19:32:22 Cristiano: the link actually takes you to the list of all the other guides
Mar 02 19:32:30 clairedelune: @emir, there's a MOOC platform on which we are still working on to try creating this certification. Your inputs would certainly be valuable
Mar 02 19:32:34 Tallguy: I think we need an agreement between learnosm & teachosm
Mar 02 19:33:27 russdeffner: Tallguy - you mean like a Memoradum of Understading between us (HOT) and the teachOSM folks?
Mar 02 19:33:57 Tallguy: Some information in LearnOSM seems to be fairly historic, but useful - some may be better in TeachOSM - yes we should work out what is best where & not overlap
Mar 02 19:34:46 Cristiano: Oh, I did not know about
Mar 02 19:35:18 clairedelune: I agree with Tallguy, but a weakness of TeachOSM is that it seems to be available only in English as far as I know
Mar 02 19:35:38 clairedelune: I don't know how many people are editing it, anyone knows?
Mar 02 19:36:14 Jorieke: Yes, we definitly need to know more about teachosm, it's a little bit strange the training working group knows not that much about it, not?
Mar 02 19:36:17 russdeffner: I don't know much about TeachOSM
Mar 02 19:36:26 BlakeG_m: i think after they get more content they might address translation
Mar 02 19:36:59 russdeffner: I know their target audience is more official school/university teachers looking to use OSM in the classroom
Mar 02 19:37:05 emirhartato: @claire I don't know, but IMO it seems teachOSM only focused on teaching OSM in educational institutions
Mar 02 19:37:26 Cristiano:
Mar 02 19:37:31 emirhartato: yep, I agree with Russell
Mar 02 19:37:54 russdeffner: anyone on their mailing list? ( Cristiano ?)
Mar 02 19:38:36 Tallguy: I'm happy to join it - it makes sense that we work together if posible
Mar 02 19:38:50 emirhartato: @Tallguy nothing is impossible :)
Mar 02 19:38:58 BlakeG_m: i am it is not very active it is a small project so far
Mar 02 19:39:00 Cristiano: We should def join there and have someone join our training WG. There seems to be a lot of overlap that we can make good use of
Mar 02 19:39:03 emirhartato: samr license, public domain
Mar 02 19:39:22 clairedelune: I had met with geoamntic last year, and yes indeed it's more for classrooms
Mar 02 19:39:29 RAytoun: I agree that a presence there is necessary
Mar 02 19:39:58 clairedelune: they are mainly in DC and around there, would be nice if some people from this group want to join
Mar 02 19:40:42 RAytoun: I am happy to join up with them as well
Mar 02 19:41:18 Jorieke: I tought mikel is involved in it
Mar 02 19:41:46 Tallguy: yes mikel is
Mar 02 19:41:51 Cristiano: OK. We should. As for more focused HOT training, do we have a place where we link to existing material for organizing workshops and on site training?
Mar 02 19:42:47 BlakeGirardot: There is a pretty good one page document on how to have a mapping workshop
Mar 02 19:43:08 Tallguy: I'm aware of slideshows in googledocs mainly prepared through Missing Maps, also some on slideshare, and some bits within learnOSM - but there are also bits on utube & other sites
Mar 02 19:43:15 clairedelune: And some people have been sharing lots of presentations on slideshare as well
Mar 02 19:43:21 clairedelune: exactly
Mar 02 19:43:28 BlakeGirardot: and Pete Masters shared a fair amount of handout type materials for mapping parties he uses
Mar 02 19:43:30 Cristiano: I think I saw links from MSF events as well, but I was wondering if there's a central place to collect this material already
Mar 02 19:43:54 Jorieke: no there is not...
Mar 02 19:44:02 Tallguy: The MSF events ar 'missing maps' which I and RAytoun are involved in
Mar 02 19:44:04 Cristiano: it would be useful to have some of this material curated and posted somewhere obvious
Mar 02 19:44:34 clairedelune: What would be the most obvious?
Mar 02 19:44:34 RAytoun: There is a good check list on Trello for things to do before and for a Mapping Party
Mar 02 19:44:53 Tallguy: I'm happy to create something in LearnOSM - temporary that I make prettier later when I have time
Mar 02 19:44:55 clairedelune: Can you share the link?
Mar 02 19:45:00 Cristiano: OK, we should add that link too :-)
Mar 02 19:45:55 clairedelune: Tallguy, are you thinking about a big directory of links? or an additionnal material?
Mar 02 19:46:08 Cristiano: Should we start with a workspace in gdoc/hackpad where we can add links and files?
Mar 02 19:46:17 Tallguy: At the moment just an issue with a list of links & comments - needs more work later
Mar 02 19:46:29 Jorieke: I think it might be bigger, a place where we share documents, promo materials, slides, videos, pictures...
Mar 02 19:46:48 RAytoun: Trello link...
Mar 02 19:46:50 BlakeGirardot: Here are Pete's materials:
Mar 02 19:47:23 clairedelune: Cristiano, I think that hackpad or Gdoc can be a good start for gathering links
Mar 02 19:48:31 BlakeGirardot: And Pete's MM presentation slides, which look great, I had not seen them before:
Mar 02 19:48:47 Cristiano: OK, I just don't want to duplicate efforts, but I can start a shared folder in GD so than we can also upload files if needed. Source files would be really useful too, so that you can extract individual slides if needed
Mar 02 19:49:43 Tallguy: Sorry, what's GD?
Mar 02 19:49:55 emirhartato: google drive
Mar 02 19:50:00 Cristiano: We just have to make sure we respect each material's license
Mar 02 19:50:02 Tallguy: got it - sorry.
Mar 02 19:50:02 clairedelune: I don't think we'll be able or willing to host everything on a HOT website, but redirections are easy to do from LearnOSM or elsewhere.
Mar 02 19:50:46 Cristiano: Once we have enough material, then we should organize it and post/link it on LearnOSM or TeachOSM
Mar 02 19:51:38 Cristiano: With some kind of dedicated guidelines for organizing specific events (maphaton, workshop, trainers training, etc)
Mar 02 19:51:45 russdeffner: just a note: I think I captured RAytoun's thoughts on our agenda, and we seem to have organically moved into item 2
Mar 02 19:51:47 Tallguy: Perhaps the easy way is a google doc which is just a list of links
Mar 02 19:51:58 clairedelune: Shall we start here: ?
Mar 02 19:52:23 Jorieke: Problem is, for exemple my docs and presentations are not online yet...
Mar 02 19:52:37 Cristiano: I'd rather keep in GD, so that we can also upload files (unless you can do that in Hackpad)
Mar 02 19:53:33 Tallguy: <Cristiano> some of my early presentations were created on openoffice - they uploaded to slideshare okay, but didn't do well into google docs
Mar 02 19:53:38 clairedelune: No problem, do you want to start a GD and copy-paste what's on this one?
Mar 02 19:53:51 Cristiano: right, so if I share the whole folder, then we can upload files to it (and organize into subdirs if needed)
Mar 02 19:54:27 Cristiano: (thinking of a subfolder called photos from which we can pick when we need a photo for a presentation)
Mar 02 19:54:49 clairedelune: Tallguy, did they come out ok after download? or were they definitely corrupted?
Mar 02 19:55:18 Tallguy: They just didn't look anywhere near as good - gd attempted to alter them to its own format
Mar 02 19:55:24 Cristiano: Sure I will move it. Tallguy: they don't need to be convereted, they can stay as openoffice files
Mar 02 19:56:00 clairedelune: I haven't faced that kind of issue yet...
Mar 02 19:56:16 Cristiano: (the Trello link does not open here btw)
Mar 02 19:56:44 clairedelune: (that's right)
Mar 02 19:57:27 Tallguy: I think anything mentioned in trello is in some form of shared state in gd - in my case often something I've altered in my folder then shared - gets confusing as to whether it's in mine or somewhere else
Mar 02 19:58:57 russdeffner: quick question, on our agenda hackpad, is the HOT summit point intended as a separate agenda item or part of this materials for events item?
Mar 02 19:59:56 clairedelune: that supposed a separate item, but we've been expending a bit the first item...
Mar 02 20:00:59 clairedelune: Do we agree to start a draft list to gather ideas and links in GD before having it on LearnOSM?
Mar 02 20:01:02 russdeffner: ok, I'll try to separate them
Mar 02 20:01:30 clairedelune: (and/or on TeachOSM)
Mar 02 20:02:13 BlakeGirardot: I agree
Mar 02 20:02:19 Tallguy: sounds googd
Mar 02 20:02:26 Tallguy: good event!
Mar 02 20:02:28 RAytoun: I agree
Mar 02 20:03:03 clairedelune: IMO the Gdrive at the moment should only help to share materials which are not yet online.
Mar 02 20:04:07 Tallguy: I think we need a team of people to go through everything & work out what needs weeding, updating or merging
Mar 02 20:04:08 Jorieke: agree
Mar 02 20:04:36 RAytoun: I thought the idea was to try and get all the links to material in one place so we can organise and make better use of it.
Mar 02 20:05:22 russdeffner: yes, I agree this wg starts a collection of this stuff and then we can work on what to do with it
Mar 02 20:05:30 clairedelune: yes to get all the links and organize them, I think that's the point
Mar 02 20:06:03 Tallguy: <RAytoun> it is, but if it's on learnOSM then perhaps it shouldn't also be a google doc or vice versa
Mar 02 20:07:00 russdeffner: I also think that gdoc/drive is a good solution for the initial inventory
Mar 02 20:07:12 Cristiano: GD is only a temporary workspace to collect and organize materials
Mar 02 20:07:19 jeeltcraft: May some nice soul send a link to TeachOSM on the training mailing list (I know you've already done that but I have a teacher interested now and so...)
Mar 02 20:07:40 jeeltcraft: please :)
Mar 02 20:08:06 clairedelune: Btw, the inventory will be needed in different languages, as not all material can be easily translated
Mar 02 20:08:12 Tallguy:
Mar 02 20:08:24 jeeltcraft: Tallguy thanks
Mar 02 20:10:08 RAytoun: I think we need to decide if it is GD or Hackpad and who is setting it up.
Mar 02 20:10:15 clairedelune: RAytoun, Cristiano, anyone wants to start the GD?
Mar 02 20:10:24 Cristiano: I do
Mar 02 20:10:35 jeeltcraft: bye all have a nice meeting
Mar 02 20:11:58 clairedelune: Cool, please share the link when ready so we can start contributing, thank a lot!
Mar 02 20:12:04 russdeffner: so on this agenda item, someone suggested 'see previous meeting item 7', but I don't see an item 7 on the 16 Feb meeting
Mar 02 20:12:35 clairedelune: (Item 2 starting)
Mar 02 20:13:08 russdeffner: oh, I thought we were basically on item 2 - collection of materials :)
Mar 02 20:13:34 clairedelune: althio, are you still around?
Mar 02 20:15:16 russdeffner: I think he is still logged-in but think he mentioned he had to step away
Mar 02 20:15:35 clairedelune: yep, and I don't know what he wanted to mention
Mar 02 20:17:01 * althio is back Mar 02 20:17:29 althio: nothing to add here
Mar 02 20:17:44 althio: only i messed up a bit the items from previous agendas
Mar 02 20:17:54 russdeffner: thanks althio - so your note about the previous meeting was actually in relation to the HOT Summit?
Mar 02 20:18:18 althio: I think #2 and #3 are pretty close so I got confused
Mar 02 20:18:39 althio: yes HOT summit
Mar 02 20:18:57 Jorieke: -- sorry for the bunch of text i just added in the hackpad, wanted to write it down somewhere --
Mar 02 20:19:01 russdeffner: yes, and now our first item really confused me, cause I thought the collection of materials was already discussed?
Mar 02 20:19:29 russdeffner: I think that is just fine Jorieke
Mar 02 20:21:03 russdeffner: so clairedelune - was there another collection of materials we need to dicuss or did we cover it while on item 1?
Mar 02 20:21:04 althio: so Cristanio? Is that your item? #2 collection of materials?
Mar 02 20:21:46 Cristiano: Here we go:
Mar 02 20:21:48 clairedelune: I don't know, I think Cristiano had added it
Mar 02 20:22:14 clairedelune: if nobody needs to know anything else we can go to the next item
Mar 02 20:22:23 Cristiano: Yes, that was my point, but we already discussed it :-)
Mar 02 20:22:25 russdeffner: ok, I think we can move to item 3
Mar 02 20:23:00 clairedelune: Ok, HOT summit
Mar 02 20:23:55 althio: I added it because I 'd like an update... I don't know much about it
Mar 02 20:24:04 althio: who knows more?
Mar 02 20:24:28 BlakeGirardot: There is not much to know at the moment. We are collecting talk proposals.
Mar 02 20:24:45 BlakeGirardot: Who here is planning on being at the HOT Summit?
Mar 02 20:25:08 Tallguy: sorry, no
Mar 02 20:25:11 russdeffner: I guess I am planning to be there
Mar 02 20:25:16 althio: i would like to
Mar 02 20:25:29 Jorieke: Very small chance for me
Mar 02 20:25:30 clairedelune: I hope I'll be able to join but that's not guaranteed at all
Mar 02 20:25:47 BlakeGirardot: I would like to as well, but same here, probably not.
Mar 02 20:26:16 clairedelune: (Cristiano, I deleted the hackpad to prevent duplication of material collections)
Mar 02 20:26:16 russdeffner: that's more what I meant - I'd love to, scholarship would definitely help
Mar 02 20:27:04 BlakeGirardot: We have a lot of ideas for an "education track"
Mar 02 20:27:24 clairedelune: Would your participation be different if the summit would take place in another part of the world?
Mar 02 20:27:30 BlakeGirardot: Even the potential "technical track" would be educational, just educational about tech stuff like programming and such.
Mar 02 20:28:53 BlakeGirardot: It is so hard to find a good place claire. Sure, if it were in western europe someplace I would be more likely to attend.
Mar 02 20:28:58 Jorieke: @Claire mine yes if in Africa or Europe ;-)
Mar 02 20:29:29 RAytoun: I may even have considered it if it was closer to home.
Mar 02 20:29:47 Tallguy: <clairedelune> probably me too - it's a very long way with lots of jetlag
Mar 02 20:29:54 clairedelune: I hope we'll be able to alternate from one year to another one on different continents
Mar 02 20:30:08 BlakeGirardot: That would be great
Mar 02 20:30:46 RAytoun: Clairedelune....That would be an acceptance that this is a world wide project for everyone
Mar 02 20:31:00 BlakeGirardot: I just want people here to know, if you are going to be there and want to propose a talk/session/training, you very well, so far it is pretty wide open.
Mar 02 20:31:20 BlakeGirardot: you very well should*
Mar 02 20:31:21 clairedelune: Yes, I agree. And thanks Balke for the reminder.
Mar 02 20:31:45 clairedelune: *Blake (sorry)
Mar 02 20:32:31 clairedelune: Can we move on, and maybe see what should be postponed to next meeting? or try to go faster with the next items?
Mar 02 20:33:12 BlakeGirardot: Maybe the Summit WG can send out an update to the HOT email list.
Mar 02 20:33:40 Jorieke: Would be great Blake
Mar 02 20:33:49 BlakeGirardot: I'll follow up on that. But I think the quite has just been because we are still in the planning stage with the formal request for talks just going out last week.
Mar 02 20:34:02 BlakeGirardot: quiet*
Mar 02 20:34:07 clairedelune: Ok, thanks a lot
Mar 02 20:34:39 clairedelune: althio, item 4?
Mar 02 20:34:47 althio: yes
Mar 02 20:35:28 althio: we do not have much time left to propose projects
Mar 02 20:35:47 althio: for the Outreachy/GoSC internships
Mar 02 20:36:20 althio: I made my proposal for LearnOSM at the dedicated repo some time ago
Mar 02 20:36:30 clairedelune: would you have the link?
Mar 02 20:36:31 BlakeGirardot: Here are all the suggested projects:
Mar 02 20:36:58 althio: and we need support for your preferred projects, mentor/co-mentors
Mar 02 20:37:10 Cristiano: GSoC is more for coding, Outreachy also includes writing documentation etc
Mar 02 20:37:19 BlakeGirardot: We need mentors who have a lot of time and expertise in the area.
Mar 02 20:37:32 althio: the deadline is really soon, Cristiano?
Mar 02 20:38:03 BlakeGirardot: Please do not sign up to be a mentor unless you are familiar with the requirements, have the time and the domain skills.
Mar 02 20:38:39 Cristiano: Outreachy is march 24th
Mar 02 20:39:08 clairedelune: how much time is supposedly required?
Mar 02 20:39:54 BlakeGirardot: Depends on the project, but a minimum of scheduled 1-2 hours per week.
Mar 02 20:40:13 clairedelune: ok
Mar 02 20:40:17 BlakeGirardot: With availablity for answering questions in between.
Mar 02 20:40:23 althio: I think we should go for a team of co-mentors as much as possible, with a main official mentor
Mar 02 20:40:26 Tallguy: where are the requirements for a mentor please
Mar 02 20:40:41 BlakeGirardot: Links here:
Mar 02 20:40:41 clairedelune: are there people from Technical WG already mentoring?
Mar 02 20:41:05 BlakeGirardot: Not many people in the TechWG have the time available
Mar 02 20:41:37 BlakeGirardot: As there is a fair amount of q & a and support needed for the technical projects.
Mar 02 20:41:44 Cristiano: Mhairi will send guidelines for mentors and applicants, so that we know how much effort is involved
Mar 02 20:42:34 clairedelune: Good. And mentoring will be expected to be effective from when to when?
Mar 02 20:42:41 BlakeGirardot: I will remind us, we have a dedicated learnosm intern right now.
Mar 02 20:43:27 Cristiano: May 25 - August 25
Mar 02 20:44:41 althio: no mentor in the training wg though for the learnosm intern, and updates are not widely public
Mar 02 20:45:35 clairedelune: Thanks Cristiano.
Mar 02 20:45:58 Cristiano: Before we will start the new Outreachy program we will also collect feedback on the current interns we have, to make sure we intergate any lesson learned
Mar 02 20:46:26 clairedelune: That will be very useful.
Mar 02 20:46:53 clairedelune: Let's not forget to get feedback from all sides involved.
Mar 02 20:46:59 Cristiano: I will solicit that feedback to be discussed here. At least for the LearnOSM intern
Mar 02 20:47:09 clairedelune: Thank you
Mar 02 20:47:57 clairedelune: Item 5: meeting time
Mar 02 20:48:29 clairedelune: should we keep it this way (18:00UTC) or every 2 meetings?
Mar 02 20:48:59 clairedelune: Is there anyone for which the time was not appropriate today?
Mar 02 20:49:00 althio: can we make a full doodle for one day?
Mar 02 20:49:29 althio: to assess more oppurtunities
Mar 02 20:49:46 RAytoun: This time is fine with me...cost me a few favours to get my wife to do dinner a bit earlier but I can handle that
Mar 02 20:50:05 BlakeGirardot: I think we can althio. You mean we pick just one 24 hour period and peolpe are basically voting on which hour of the Monday is best for them? Not the day, just the hour?
Mar 02 20:50:08 althio: everyone fills up with typical constraints and we decide on that ground?
Mar 02 20:50:09 clairedelune: that's good for me. I think we've already done quite some doodling
Mar 02 20:50:29 russdeffner: looks like all our regulars and 3 of the 4 folks we discussed were able to make it; works good for me
Mar 02 20:50:30 althio: I mean that Blake
Mar 02 20:50:31 clairedelune: but another one won't kill us ;)
Mar 02 20:50:33 BlakeGirardot: And then maybe we pick the best two and alternate?
Mar 02 20:51:05 clairedelune: if the difference between the 2 is not big, it might be very confusing
Mar 02 20:51:12 althio: just the hour, alternate the best two is a good idea if need be
Mar 02 20:51:38 BlakeGirardot: Thats true. It will probably be confusing even if they are not close too :)
Mar 02 20:51:45 clairedelune: I think we should choose 2 different times only if if the first chosen time do not allow some people to participate.
Mar 02 20:52:08 clairedelune: (I mean that's the middle of the night for instance)
Mar 02 20:52:30 althio: yes, it has to be worth it, not just for the sake of 2 different times
Mar 02 20:52:37 clairedelune: althio, will you be sending the doodle? is everybody on the training mailing list?
Mar 02 20:53:19 russdeffner: I don't think everyone is on the mailing list
Mar 02 20:53:21 althio: I can launch the doodle and I will find the people interested in a previous email from Russ
Mar 02 20:53:29 RAytoun: I received the reminder for this meeting so I think I am on the list
Mar 02 20:53:49 clairedelune: cool!
Mar 02 20:54:20 clairedelune: About the item 6: Translations of the welcome letter (for TM)
Mar 02 20:55:04 clairedelune: In French, althio and I suggested some presentation modifications
Mar 02 20:56:46 althio:
Mar 02 20:56:58 clairedelune:
Mar 02 20:57:09 clairedelune: (for the open thread)
Mar 02 20:58:01 BlakeGirardot: Which I think looks great. And we can do that with the wiki versions, to keep it plain text for the emails, we would have to do some more simple stuff like just underline the section headings.
Mar 02 20:58:21 clairedelune: And we added our names for some easier "identification" with people speaking the same language
Mar 02 20:58:40 BlakeGirardot: Oh good idea
Mar 02 20:59:57 clairedelune: Blake, do you think we could have 2 versions on the wiki (one "hidden" in plain text and the other one with a nicer display)?
Mar 02 21:00:15 clairedelune: or anyone else involved?
Mar 02 21:02:04 BlakeGirardot: We probably can
Mar 02 21:02:44 clairedelune: Can we try that then?
Mar 02 21:02:55 BlakeGirardot: I guess I should say: "I am sure we can do that" :)
Mar 02 21:03:13 BlakeGirardot: I can do that.
Mar 02 21:03:14 RAytoun: I hope you can. A smarter display always impresses and adding the names is an excellent an identity and a personal touch
Mar 02 21:04:50 clairedelune: We've been going on for 2 hours now, woaw!
Mar 02 21:05:04 clairedelune: Can we wrap up and move item 7 to next meeting?
Mar 02 21:05:16 RAytoun: Time really flies when you are having fun
Mar 02 21:05:39 clairedelune: Is there any hot and HOT subject on the plate which would need to be discussed right now?
Mar 02 21:06:08 althio: yes wrap up
Mar 02 21:06:24 althio: nothing to say right now, just a mention on the agenda is enough
Mar 02 21:06:30 RAytoun: Can I ask for another item for next time ... a certficate of appreciation
Mar 02 21:07:14 clairedelune: RAytoun, maybe you can detail that a bit more on next meeting agenda
Mar 02 21:07:24 clairedelune: I'll send the link as soon as we are done
Mar 02 21:07:42 RAytoun: Sorry. I think that is not a matter for training...more for communication
Mar 02 21:07:46 clairedelune: Thank you very much everyone for your active participation
Mar 02 21:08:11 clairedelune: Have a nice day/evening/night!
Mar 02 21:08:25 clairedelune: Minutes and notes will be shared soon
Mar 02 21:08:28 Tallguy: bye llap
Mar 02 21:08:38 Cristiano: cheers!
Mar 02 21:08:50 russdeffner: bye
Mar 02 21:09:07 BlakeGirardot: Bye all, thank you very much for attending.
Mar 02 21:09:13 BlakeGirardot: I'll get the irc log up
Mar 02 21:09:14 RAytoun: Bye for now
Mar 02 21:09:36 BlakeGirardot: Certs of appeciation might almost be more for the Community WG
Mar 02 21:09:42 Jorieke: Sorry was out for the last part due to a phone call, see you next!
Mar 02 21:09:54 althio: Bye all
Mar 02 21:12:57 clairedelune: Here is the link to the agenda of next meeting:
Mar 02 21:13:11 clairedelune: if you already have items to be added
Mar 02 21:14:11 clairedelune: Thank you BlakeGirardot
Mar 02 21:14:49 BlakeGirardot: Any time :