Humanitarian OSM Team/Meetings/TrainingWG/4th January 2016

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Meeting summary

Meeting started by Tallguy-Nick at 20:05:08 UTC.

  • minutes of last meeting (Tallguy-Nick, 20:08:11) - approved without modification
  • Tom Taylor - Thanks given for his commitment & dedication. No further actions suggested. (Tallguy-Nick, 20:18:06)
  • Committee format discussed, several members offered to help Nick (chair) with Working Group activities.
 * ACTION: BlakeGirardot setup LearnOSM staging site
 * ACTION: SteveBower & StevenJohnson to investigate and setup a Trello board for the Training WG
 * LINK:  (RAytoun, 20:51:09)
 * LINK: Claire made this a public site so we could all actively add to it  (RAytoun, 20:58:24)
  • Mapathon Instructions / checklist, for how to organize a mapathon: RAytoun sent the draft checklist to the Training WG maillist.
 * Link for ideas:  (mkl, 21:18:11)
  • Quickstart Guide
 * ACTION: Blake & Suzan to provide Quickstart Guide update for next meeting
  • Backup for Tallguy-Nick in site maintenance & dealing with translations from Transifex: SteveBower continuing to learn the process as backup
  • LearnOSM progress (Tallguy-Nick, 21:24:37)
 * LINK:    (BlakeGirardot, 21:51:31)
 * LINK:
   covers the Transifex process  (Tallguy-Nick, 21:54:37)
  • LearnOSM module on Task Manager Admin - sorry no progress since last meeting (Tallguy-Nick, 21:58:04)
  • Training Centre (Tallguy-Nick, 21:58:22)
 * The Activation WG has yet to meet and discuss training center workflow  (russdeffner, 21:58:53)
  • Any Other Business (Tallguy-Nick, 22:00:21)
 * No other business
  • Date of Next meeting (18th January) (Tallguy-Nick, 22:02:19)

Meeting ended at 22:04:03 UTC.

Full meeting logs

The full logs are available at

Action items, by person

  • BlakeGirardot
 * BlakeGirardot setup staging site
  • SteveBower & StevenJohnson investigate / setup Trello

People present (lines said)

  • Tallguy-Nick (76)
  • BlakeGirardot (70)
  • russdeffner (37)
  • SteveBower (29)
  • SuzanReed (21)
  • RAytoun (18)
  • StevenJohnson (14)
  • mkl (3)

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Tallguy-Nick - meeting report submitted prior to meeting

LearnOSM updates nl, Dutch, translations have been going ahead at speed & most of the modules available for translation have now been done.

zh, Simplified Chinese, translation has started & is on site. Have received feedback & a number of amendments will be needed. The translation process is inserting gaps, where there should not be gaps.

Language bar at top of page has been extended so more languages displayed on each line.

fa, Persian - awaiting an update on where I've created some 'right to left' HTML documents so that right to left languages should display better. Jut needs checking before passing to main site - I have quickly checked it with a translation site & think it is okay. The display is not perfect, and we could do with further work on the rtl layouts in the future.

cz Czech - couple of modules have been translated - chapter headings only at this stage.

RTL languages In the future, for next iteration of the complete building of the front page & layout grids, will require a rewording of the .css layouts as they currently divide the 'page' according to the words 'left' & 'right' which makes adapting for 'right to left' languages difficult. From what I've seen the recommendation is 'forwards' and 'backwards', or something similar (I'm a complete amateur in this field, but this is what my research has revealed so far - if an expert comes forward, that would be terrific).

Tasking Manager Admin - Guide on LearnOSM.

I have not had time to develop this any further - hopefully in the next week or so.

Staging Site

A new home for the staging site has been created at - will be updated when time is available.