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Meeting started by TomT5454 at 18:00:02 UTC.

Meeting summary


(TomT5454, 18:00:50)

Proposed agenda was passed in an E-mail message reminding people of the meeting.
1. Agenda bashing
2. Review of previous meeting
3. Report on short-term updates to LearnOSM - Nick Allen?
4. Report on vision team results to date - Steve Bower?
5. Translation work flow
6. Any other business
The proposed agenda was accepted.

      IDEA: it would be great to have the agenda available on the wiki or other editable place for the upcoming meetings maybe one week in advance (russdeffner, 18:05:14)

Last Meeting

(TomT5454, 18:04:47) (TomT5454, 18:03:19)

Tom hadn't created the minutes, although the IRC log is posted. He will follow through. Action from the last meeting: Tom requested advice from the OSM board Communications WG on how to engage the community. He received the suggestion that the HOT list would reach more people than anything else. Tom subsequently sent a note to the HOT list advising people about our efforts in the short and long term with links to ways they could follow the work. He subsequently received a note of thanks for the work the team is doing from Leonardo Gutierrez.

Current Updates to LearnOSM

(TomT5454, 18:15:18)

Nick Allen summarized current work on revision of LearnOSM:
1. Changed some beginner & JOSM modules. This also affected mobile-mapping.
2. Set up downloadable documents for all languages for all sections of beginner.
3. Fixed link on the front page - yellow & blue boxes now work. Also, along with the links from boxes - update (thanks Blake) to HOT disaster mapping doc.

The participants discussed having a site map or index to all of the pages on the opening page of LearnOSM. Various possibilities were considered. The basic information that might be shown would be:

(1) Guides & Modules, hierarchical,
(2) Module descriptions would help,
(3) language availability by module.
       IDEA: Index of Guides and Modules on front page. Revise titles as needed to make this work (TomT5454, 18:24:10)
       [1] (Tallguy-Nick, 18:26:54)
       [2] the two letter code is the language at column header (Tallguy-Nick, 18:36:45)
       ACTION: Nick, Steve to agree on format and process for index table (TomT5454, 18:49:46)

Vision team report: Steve

(TomT5454, 18:50:58)

Steve had little to report on this front. He had put out some ideas to the WG, but had received no reaction. Tom agreed to drive a consensus process going forward. It is important to move the work along so it can guide the short-term improvements. Tyler noted that some interesting feedback would come out of the HOT community survey, once they had figured out how to present it.

Translation workflow

(TomT5454, 19:06:35)
       This document from Adityo and the Indonesia team was created as 'best practice' for InaSAFE: [3] (russdeffner, 19:09:02)

We have currently started or completed 14 languages. JayGee suggested that the official UN languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese - should be available at a minimum. He is currently working with Mapgive to translate their material into 10 languages. He hopes the UN Volunteers can have something going there by the end of July. At that point he could turn his attention to LearnOSM.

The use of Transifex was discussed. A key issue was to keep things simple for non-technical volunteers. Nick will experiment with Transifex and Althio probably has something in hand.

Pending further understanding of Transifex, the startup work flow could simply be that Nick sends the text to be translated to the person doing that work by E-mail, and the translator sends the result back by E-mail. A mapping-experienced reviewer then checks it out for accuracy and provides feedback for go to the translator. Nick formats it and adds it to the site. Moving beyond that, Transifex could be the depository for oriiginal and translated text pending integration into the site. "Transifex Live" may offer an editor which could be useful to translators.

       IDEA: Long term strategy for LearnOSM should include translation workflow, preferably using Transifex donation (russdeffner, 19:18:47)

Other Business

There was no other business.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 20. As agreed in the June 22 meeting, the time will be the subject of a poll of would-be attendees. Tom will be operating on Central European Time that week. Nick might be unable to attend due to family commitments.

Meeting ended at 19:29:11 UTC (full logs).

Action items

   Look further into creating an index or site map for the site as a whole - Blake
   Nick, Steve to agree on format and process for index table

People present (lines said)

   TomT5454 (67)
   russdeffner (41)
   Tallguy-Nick (37)
   SteveBower (32)
   BlakeGirardot (31)
   Tyler_Radford (14)
   JayGee (5)
   RAytoun (4)
   hot_meetbot` (3)

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18:00:02 <TomT5454> #startmeeting HOT Training WG
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18:00:23 <russdeffner> Hi, I'm here
18:00:31 <TomT5454> Hi, folks. Discovered the meetbot reading the logs for the Tech WG
18:00:42 <Tallguy-Nick> Hi

18:00:50 <TomT5454> #topic agenda
18:00:53 <BlakeGirardot> Hi
18:01:16 <SteveBower> Hello
18:01:24 <TomT5454> I put out a proposed agenda in my reminder E-mail. Any additions or changes?
18:01:28 <russdeffner> yes, thanks for using the bot - and when you close the meeting it will spit out minutes for you
18:01:57 <TomT5454> Beautiful
18:02:54 <russdeffner> sorry can you post the link
18:02:58 <Tyler_Radford> Hi all
18:03:12 <russdeffner> email already buried in the inbox :)
18:03:19 <TomT5454> [5]
18:03:39 <TomT5454> Proposed agenda:
18:03:39 <TomT5454> 1. Agenda bashing
18:03:39 <TomT5454> 2. Review of previous meeting
18:03:39 <TomT5454> 3. Report on short-term updates to LearnOSM - Nick Allen?
18:03:39 <TomT5454> 4. Report on vision team results to date - Steve Bower?
18:03:40 <TomT5454> 5. Translation work flow
18:03:40 <TomT5454> 6. Any other business
18:04:20 <russdeffner> thanks
18:04:36 <SteveBower> looks good

18:04:47 <TomT5454> #topic Last meeting
18:05:14 <russdeffner> #idea it would be great to have the agenda available on the wiki or other editable place for the upcoming meetings maybe one week in advance
18:06:18 <TomT5454> OK. It's doing the minutes that is the mental barrier. If the meetbot performs, I'll be much more responsive
18:06:37 <russdeffner> i.e. what I've been doing (trying to do) for the AWG is when I post the summary I go ahead and create the next wiki-page and agenda [hackpad]
18:07:50 <TomT5454> Out of the last meeting: I did send a note to the Comm WG (Board level) asking for advice on how to get the word out re our work.
18:07:56 <BlakeGirardot> Hackpad for pre-meeting agenda setting is really easy for people to contribute to.
18:08:41 <BlakeGirardot> The OSM Communications WG, not the HOT Communications WG, is that right?
18:09:04 <TomT5454> Mikel said the best route would be the HOT list, so that's what I used.
18:09:12 <russdeffner> Is there a meeting summary/minutes from last time?
18:09:37 <TomT5454> No, Russell
18:09:51 <TomT5454> I guess I'd better do one
18:10:09 <russdeffner> that would be great
18:10:31 <russdeffner> I try to keep myself informed on what all the wgs are doing, I just don't have time to read every log
18:10:56 <TomT5454> I got one letter of thanks to you people for your work from Leonardo Gutierrez
18:11:47 <TomT5454> I think the problem in my mind with last meeting minutes is that it was more of a working meeting and just one main topic (with side-trip re translation)
18:12:29 <russdeffner> understood - then it should be a quick 'one-liner' :)
18:13:15 <russdeffner> anyway, just generally trying to improve our communication flow, did not mean to derail
18:13:27 <TomT5454> Hi, Ralph
18:14:26 <TomT5454> Anything else anyone wants to comment on out of last meeting before we go on to the reports?
18:14:31 <RAytoun> Hi Tom

18:15:18 <TomT5454> #topic Current updates to LearnOSM
18:15:48 <Tallguy-Nick> That would be me?
18:15:49 <TomT5454> Nick, for the record, do you want to summarize what you and company have been doing?
18:15:59 <Tallguy-Nick> Yes, three main bits
18:16:03 <Tallguy-Nick> implemented the change of some modules beginner & JOSM also affected mobile-mapping
18:16:16 <Tallguy-Nick> downloadable documents for all languages all sections of beginner.
18:16:28 <Tallguy-Nick> Fixed link front page - yellow & blue boxes now work
18:16:47 <Tallguy-Nick> also, along with the links from boxes - update (thanks Blake) to HOT disaster mapping doc.
18:17:50 <TomT5454> Comments, anyone?
18:17:57 <SteveBower> @Nick,. are there any short-term plans for revising the front page? Would be great if it showed the full index of Guides and Modules.
18:18:36 <Tallguy-Nick> I think there are too many, and the list is constantly growing
18:19:11 <Tallguy-Nick> The wiki contains all the 'intermediate & advanced sections that only appear in the French language section so far
18:19:23 <TomT5454> That was worrying me too. All very nice to talk about a flat structure, but it has to be manageable
18:20:08 <Tallguy-Nick> just a quick check - if all were translated, about 100 guides per language
18:20:32 <BlakeGirardot> We might be able to create an "index" page, or "site map" that would be a listing of all the sections.
18:20:53 <BlakeGirardot> I have seen those and they are some what effective
18:20:54 <Tallguy-Nick> I've looked into a site map - could be implemented using a plugin
18:21:00 <BlakeGirardot> Interesting.
18:22:07 <BlakeGirardot> If no objections, I can look into an index or site map further.
18:22:09 <russdeffner> how does the search on the front page work, seems it does some sort of indexing?
18:22:20 <SteveBower> I think it would be great to have the index of Guides and Modules on the front page (the current link is "More Guides")
18:22:33 <BlakeGirardot> I actually think it only searches the document titles
18:22:56 <Tallguy-Nick> yes - searches on titles only - worth updating some titles
18:23:53 <BlakeGirardot> #action Look further into creating an index or site map for the site as a whole - Blake
18:24:07 <Tallguy-Nick> there are two links - blue box goes to the wiki for intermediate & advanced, other is only available when you have gone beyond the front page, and then the other guides chapter headings becomes visible
18:24:10 <TomT5454> #idea Index of Guides and Modules on front page. Revise titles as needed to make this work
18:24:22 <RAytoun> Still too many changes going on for any flat structure index to be developed at this stage.
18:24:50 <russdeffner> yes, and I think LearnOSM will always be dynamic/i.e. new tools, updates, etc.
18:24:53 <SteveBower> @ralph - but perhaps as soon as the current set of revisions is complete
18:25:42 <SteveBower> But I think a reliable index is essential to helping people find what their looking for, and get oriented
18:25:55 <RAytoun> Definitely, we have to make a start somewhere. I have been following the flow from the front page and there are a few duplicated links there.
18:26:41 <Tallguy-Nick> Front page was updated earlier today - could you take a moment to check
18:26:54 <Tallguy-Nick> [6]
18:27:07 <russdeffner> It would be great if there was just an 'auto-populated' list of all Titles, i.e. if both the search and site index were scripted?
18:27:51 <TomT5454> Presumably that would be the plugin Nick referred to
18:27:58 <russdeffner> ok, great
18:28:12 <Tallguy-Nick> the search is also language dependent - you won't find a module if it is not available in the language you are currently in, if only available in another
18:28:24 <russdeffner> oh
18:28:33 <russdeffner> maybe we should change that?
18:28:54 <Tallguy-Nick> the site map automatically updates with new pull requests - would best be implemented on staging site, then pushed to main site from what I read
18:30:17 <Tallguy-Nick> we could create a document for each missing document, and it contains a link to the language available
18:30:42 <Tallguy-Nick> but..... about 500 new documents might be needed!
18:30:42 <BlakeGirardot> I'll look into the site map, and some of the site map plug ins are more for generating sitemap.xml for google and other search engines, we need a human readable one.
18:31:12 <Tallguy-Nick> sitemap - [7]
18:31:46 <russdeffner> ouch, well maybe it is best that users can only find the training that is available in their language via the search, but maybe the site map can show which languages each Title has available?
18:32:32 <SteveBower> How many potential languages are there, roughly?
18:32:38 <TomT5454> I'd be willing to create the 500 pages.
18:33:19 <Tallguy-Nick> we have 14 languages started, but a couple have hardly any content
18:33:25 <TomT5454> It would scope out the translation work when we get around to a steady workflow
18:34:39 <SteveBower> So an index table of Guides & Modules, with a column for each language, with links to each module in each language?
18:35:05 <TomT5454> That's a thought too
18:35:13 <Tallguy-Nick> gh-pages is apparently bad at tables from what I've read - worse than a wiki
18:35:26 <JayGee> I'm working with MapGive at the moment to set up a project to translate their three videos into 10 languages-- but I think it is important that the material should at least be available in the six UN languages--English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chines.
18:35:45 <TomT5454> Mandarin?
18:35:50 <russdeffner> @Steve, yep - basically what I was thinking, could just be a list of language abbreviations next to the Title (in English)
18:36:03 <JayGee> Mandarin with modern characters
18:36:06 <SteveBower> @Russ - yes, like Nick's tracking spreadsheet
18:36:09 <TomT5454> Right
18:36:42 <RAytoun> LearnOSM has a banner across the top that takes you to the available languages already.
18:36:45 <Tallguy-Nick> [8] the two letter code is the language at column header
18:38:30 <russdeffner> actually Nick, maybe this is a bit far down the road, but it'd be great maybe to get some of our TechWG friends to code us something that could 'self-maintain' pretty much exactly what you have in he sheet
18:38:46 <TomT5454> Can a plugin do this or do we need new development?
18:39:14 <russdeffner> */ looks around for any hackers in the room
18:39:32 <TomT5454> dodobas is here
18:39:33 <russdeffner> I am not a techy by any means, so don't know
18:40:23 <TomT5454> Take that off-line?
18:40:55 <TomT5454> Nick, would you want to chat with dodobas or should I?
18:40:58 <russdeffner> i.e., just a suggestion for 'future sight-plans' could even be a good internship/small development grant work, etc. (next GSoC?), yes, let's 'table for now'
18:41:25 <SteveBower> @Russ - Are you thinking we show translation status, link Nick's sheet? Or just the link if the translation exists?
18:41:27 <Tallguy-Nick> I'm not sure I fully understand what we're asking for
18:41:37 <TomT5454> OK, anything else for Nick?
18:42:25 <TomT5454> If I understand it, the ability to replicate your tracking sheet automatically
18:43:12 <Tallguy-Nick> I think a site map would do that - I use the sheet to work out what needs doing & prioritise it - not sure that could be automated
18:43:14 <SteveBower> Or just include a read-only link to the tracking sheet, for those wanting translation status?
18:44:18 <SteveBower> Given the translation process, it would be nice to show if a translation exists as part of the index. But I don't think we need to show the full tracking status.
18:44:27 <russdeffner> Sorry, I was just thinking out loud, this is more 'strategy' talk, not necessarily relevant for the meeting topic
18:44:28 <Tallguy-Nick> I think we need to create a better spreadsheet - mine was only intended as a 'note' when I was tidying - for major thoughts Steve's sheet is better, but does it need a tab per language or ?...
18:45:11 <SteveBower> The index could show (1) Guides & Modules, hierarchical, (2) Module descriptions would help, (3) language availability by module.
18:45:41 <SteveBower> That's a big table, but feasible
18:47:05 <TomT5454> That sounds like a manually-maintained database
18:47:42 <SteveBower> @Tom - yes
18:49:11 <TomT5454> Let's think about it and move on.
18:49:24 <SteveBower> yep
18:49:46 <TomT5454> #action Nick, Steve to agree on format and process for index table
18:49:56 <SteveBower> ok
18:50:00 <TomT5454> Consult with Suzan?
18:50:20 <Tallguy-Nick> I've been in contact with Suzan and she has agreed to review some modules with a view to improving them
18:50:45 <SteveBower> We'll share with full Training WG

18:50:58 <TomT5454> #topic Vision team report: Steve
18:51:23 <SteveBower> Not much to report. I put some thoughts out to the Training mail list, but didn’t see any specific responses. Not sure the best way to get input from others on longer-term vision.
18:52:02 <SteveBower> I think some discussion & agreement on long-term top-level organization would help guide shorter-term revisions
18:52:21 <TomT5454> I still have to contribute to the topic sheet. I have a bunch of specific items in my head, but they may all be covered in logical order already
18:53:03 <SteveBower> @Tom or just throw them out on the mail list, like I did. I will continue to compile any thoughts on the mail list for the topic sheet.
18:55:02 <SteveBower> We agreed to discuss by mail list, then move to the "re-organization" spreadsheet. However, email easily gets buried.
18:55:56 <TomT5454> Maybe we need timeouts -- silence means acceptance. I agreed with your ideas, should have commented?
18:56:26 <Tyler_Radford> SteveBower we have some interesting comments/feedback coming out from the HOT Community Survey
18:56:56 <Tyler_Radford> we are having a chat later this week to determine how to compile results in a useful way, and act on them. So am thinking this may feed into the longer term vision
18:57:05 <SteveBower> Hard for me to interpret silence. I could continue to plow ahead if people want, putting specific proposals into the “re-organization” spreadsheet I developed.
18:57:26 <SteveBower> @Tyler - excellent, I'm looking forward to seeing the survey results
18:57:53 <TomT5454> OK, Steve, I'll run a consensus process if that's ok
18:57:55 <Tyler_Radford> I think all of you including Steve have already identified a lot of what the community says needs improvement. But hopefully those results should back up what we're already doing, and add a few new ideas
18:59:20 <Tallguy-Nick> The individual modules are being reviewed by SuzanR - I'd like to implement them on staging site & I can then send out a message for their review by this team, or just implement them.
18:59:35 <russdeffner> from experience with some 'large' issue things in HOT (Code of Conduct, Activation Protocol) any major change kind of things take a long time to get buy-in from the community
19:00:05 <russdeffner> and it does take 'more than expected' nudging to get the feedback
19:00:11 <SteveBower> @Tom - ok to a consensus process, but not sure on which material. Do you mean the email I sent out? here's the thread: [9]
19:00:21 <TomT5454> Yes
19:00:40 <russdeffner> but if we don't, you can be certain that 'after the fact' you will get a 'rain of disapproval'
19:01:16 <SteveBower> @russel - not surprising, to be expected ;-)
19:01:22 <TomT5454> Yes, I've seen that a few times for map rendering, for instance
19:01:54 <Tyler_Radford> For the short-term "quick" fixes, I think Tallguy-Nick you should feel able to move ahead, and ask for feedback if you need it, but hold us to a time limit and then implement
19:02:01 <SteveBower> @Nick - would be good to have an opportunity to review changes
19:02:02 <russdeffner> so, I'll help spread the word; especially among the HOT voting members; but another 'lesson learned' they don't like to review/comment on 'initial draft' stuff
19:02:15 <Tyler_Radford> For the longer-term vision, SteveBower I think we need to have wider input, as russdeffner mentions
19:02:27 <SteveBower> absolutely, planning on that
19:02:41 <Tallguy-Nick> Okay, thanks for that
19:02:54 <SteveBower> If we could agree to longer-term structural changes, then we'd put that in a vision doc for broader review
19:03:37 <russdeffner> @Steve, sounds like a good plan - once we're at that stage, reach out if I'm 'elsewhere'
19:03:50 <SteveBower> @russell for sure
19:04:00 <Tyler_Radford> Also SteveBower there are lots of visual mockup tools out there. InVision and others. I would suggest we start creating visuals as soon as possible. Suzan and Katja are probably familiar with this or others
19:04:08 <TomT5454> I did promise that in my note to the HOT list
19:04:15 <Tyler_Radford> Gives the ability to create "clickable" mockups as opposed to static documents
19:04:29 <SteveBower> yep
19:04:38 <Tyler_Radford> Visuals are easier for the community to work with and comment on
19:06:17 <TomT5454> Do we want to move on to translation workflow?
19:06:22 <SteveBower> sure

19:06:35 <TomT5454> #topic Translation workflow
19:08:02 <TomT5454> Althio isn't here. Blake, you've had an interest. The basic question is whether there is an action we can take out of this meeting to establish that workflow
19:08:50 <BlakeGirardot> There is not a great answer at the moment I don't think.
19:08:58 <BlakeGirardot> We wanted to test the enhanced
19:09:01 <BlakeGirardot> transifex
19:09:02 <russdeffner> #info this document Adityo from the Indonesia team created as 'best practice' for InaSAFE: [10] 19:09:18 <BlakeGirardot> but that takes someone implementing it on a test basis
19:09:19 <russdeffner> it is transifex specific
19:09:41 <BlakeGirardot> Nick has made the most progress with the staging site that people can have write access too I think.
19:09:43 <russdeffner> and was developed as a 'side-project' for activation curriculum
19:09:46 <JayGee> I'm currently testing the feasibility of using UNV using the Mapgive videos-- hope to have something working by the end of July after which I could hopefully start with some OSM samples.
19:10:37 <TomT5454> That sounds like a good time frame. What do people think?
19:10:41 <BlakeGirardot> I personally am happy with the someone translates a document and asks a github user to get it on the site and it gets coordinated out of band
19:11:04 <Tyler_Radford> BlakeGirardot thanks - was about to mention that. For coordinating with UNV, I am not sure Transifex is easiest
19:11:24 <Tyler_Radford> We need something simple so non techie volunteers can contribute their diverse language skills but technology doesnt slow them down
19:11:25 <BlakeGirardot> I don't know what UNV is
19:11:49 <russdeffner> I would say that we want a bit more 'commitment' from translators
19:12:04 <Tyler_Radford> JayGee is here helping connect us with United Nations Volunteers (UNVs)
19:12:11 <BlakeGirardot> Ah, I see.
19:12:14 <Tallguy-Nick> I'm happy to send an email containing the text, and the translator replies with the text in the email translated - as long as I can work out where it goes I'll do the formatting
19:12:17 <Tyler_Radford> They have diverse language skills from a variety of countries
19:12:23 <JayGee> UNV is United Nations Volunteers who do translations online -- many languages-- I'm not sure what Transifex is.
19:12:25 <russdeffner> we discussed above how there are currently a few languages without much content
19:12:42 <BlakeGirardot> ya, so I think it comes back to what I
19:12:46 <BlakeGirardot> think Nick suggested
19:12:47 <TomT5454> As mentioned earlier, 500 pages!
19:12:53 <BlakeGirardot> review the english, confirm it is correct
19:13:04 <BlakeGirardot> ask someone to translate it and then nick or myself formats it for the site.
19:13:13 <russdeffner> so, as the practice with InaSAFE, they get a 'lead' to commit to maintainence
19:13:39 <TomT5454> French is master, in some of the content, Nick(?) said earlier
19:14:01 <Tallguy-Nick> I've now realised the English version of the French section is in the wiki
19:14:03 <russdeffner> don't need a 'lead' for each page in each language, just someone who generally maintains and supports translation into a particular language
19:14:03 <BlakeGirardot> French is most advanced in documents translated, master, I do not know.
19:14:48 <BlakeGirardot> I see, if I understand that correctly, someone manually puts it in transifex, and manually withdraws it to put it in the final location/format.
19:16:16 <BlakeGirardot> that sounds more doable with transifex than integrating it into the site itself.
19:16:46 <BlakeGirardot> but it would be good to test the integration as that is one of large benefits of transifex's "in place" translations.
19:16:52 <russdeffner> sorry, don't know the details; have only looked a bit at transifex myself (since I'm ignorant to any other language)
19:17:33 <BlakeGirardot> So no good workflow at the moment, but Nick's which I support. Just asking people to translate individual documents and then one of us gets it on the site.
19:17:53 <russdeffner> I do know however, that HOT has the 'professional'/full package from Transifex, and I think they donated it, so would be nice to use
19:18:01 <BlakeGirardot> russdeffner: correct
19:18:47 <russdeffner> #idea Long term strategy for LearnOSM should include translation workflow, preferably using Transifex donation
19:18:53 <Tallguy-Nick> Does someone have some kind of login or ? for Transifex?
19:19:04 <BlakeGirardot> I can dig it up for you Tallguy-Nick
19:19:09 <TomT5454> OK, so the problem is finding a resource to experiment with Transifex
19:19:19 <russdeffner> Althio does I believe - think he was involved with soliciting that donation :)
19:19:41 <Tallguy-Nick> I'm happy to check it out if I get the chance
19:19:50 <TomT5454> Yes, with Claire's help
19:21:08 <Tyler_Radford> There is something called Transifex Live, and it looks like a web-based editor. I wonder if that would be an option for us, and make it easier on the volunteers [11]
19:21:12 <TomT5454> JG, guess we have a temporary workflow for when the time is right, with potential for a Transifex-mediated one if Nick gets the time
19:21:21 <BlakeGirardot> Tallguy-Nick: I think you register on the transifex site and then get added to the HOT account.
19:21:39 <Tallguy-Nick> Ok - will look at it
19:21:59 <JayGee> There is a free trial on transifex-- I will have a look at it
19:22:14 <TomT5454> Great
19:22:49 <TomT5454> Shall we move on? Any other business?
19:22:56 <Tallguy-Nick> I have a preference for using someone who knows a little of what we do as a translator - another mapper is always going to be better
19:24:24 <TomT5454> Next meeting: we agreed to poll. Acvtually, I'll be in Prague on the 20th, so I'm pretty easy with time.
19:24:54 <TomT5454> I'm attending meetings, but can duck out if necessary
19:25:13 <BlakeGirardot> Tallguy-Nick: I think a fair compramise is anyone can translate it, then a mapper can review it. There are 2 roles, translators and reviewers.
19:25:53 <Tallguy-Nick> <BlakeGirardot> no problem - if we start it, we're more likely to get feedback we can improve on
19:26:24 <TomT5454> Yes, a translator always has to build up a set of terms of art
19:26:29 <Tallguy-Nick> I'm not sure of my availability on 20th - something in diary from my wife?
19:28:52 <TomT5454> OK, we've moved things a bit forward. Thanks, everyone.
19:29:11 <TomT5454> #endmeeting